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Survivor: One World – Ep 8 – A Survivor Star Is Born

To quote Saruman, a new power is rising, it’s victory is at hand. And her name is Kim. To be honest, it looked like the Evil Queen was going to be the one person from this season to go down in the Survivor Hall of Fame. Not only was he a schemer, but he was batsh*t crazy. That’s Hantz-level Hall of Fame. But he was consumed from the inside by evil. So, what happened? Very quietly, Kim snuck up on us. While all of the insanity was going on around her – Evil Queen, Tarzan, Alicia, Kitten, etc – Kim had a plan.

She built up a power alliance of women right from the start with Chelsea, Sabrina and Kitten. And then they shuffled and she got a stroke of luck – her alliance remained intact. Only now it was supplemented not by other women, but by three men. She had two alliances both dominated by her Core Four, which she controlled. The question would be for her – which one would be her alliance to the end? And when would she decide?

The answer is this week. And the show did not even attempt to hide it – the previouslies were all about the women’s alliance and would it reform. Well, of course it will! And I love how it did. During the reward, Kim and Sabrina were so full of meat and 7-Up that they were lying on the deck of the Oasis. Guys were right there – and they were clueless to their demise taking place right there on the floor. The plan was to target Mike – no machetes for him to steal this time. They would lie to Troyzan and say that Mike was gunning for him, playing on Troyzan’s dislike of Mike and his comfort in the alliance.

Kim would later approach Troyzan and unfurl her plan. And he bought it. He was even ordered not to tell Mike about his anger on being targeted – all the better to blindside him. To paraphrase Danny DeVito’s Penguin, she played him like a fiddle from hell. Troyzan mocked Mike as being an idiot in a confessional. Well, that is true, but, um, pot and kettle, my friend. The bottom line is that the boys are like a bad rom com plot. All they need to do is talk to each other and there would be no problems. But from the start they were splintered and fell for the oldest warfare trick in the book – divide and conquer.

Kim even does damage control as well as some of the all-time power players in show history. While she was hatching her plan with Sabrina on reward, Kitten was busy floating the same plan to Troyzan. But he didn’t really listen. However, that wasn’t the worst part. Chelsea took it upon herself to sell Jay on the Mike plan – except she did it right in front of Alicia and Cha. To the guys, these ladies were the enemy, so why would a plan be hatched in front of them. Kim got wind of it and sprung to action, reining in Jay before he could ruin things.
My only question for Kim – and I tip my hat to her strategy so far – but why make the move now? I get wanting to take out the physical threat when you can, but if you wanted to keep playing both sides, they could have targeted Tarzan. Enough of the guys can’t stand him, and everyone knows that Chelsea can’t stand him. Just take him out – he was a Manamana member anyway – and you have the 6-4 gender advantage, the 7-3 tribal advantage, and a couple of more days without having to choose.

Kim got herself a 6-4 gender advantage – and now the boys face annihilation. Their only hope lies with a model.

Jay is a smart one – but not smart enough so far. When Chelsea slipped with the strategy, Jay made it clear the guys are worried that if Mike goes, that Jay would be next. Chelsea said “that’s not necessarily true.” Jay responded “that’s not really promising.” Nice. Then he says to Chelsea, Alicia and Cha – “anyone got any input, or are we gonna scramble one on one now?” Props to Jay – he has game too, but he’s gotten beaten so far by someone who is better. He’s late to the game, but Jay has now viewed the game board properly. Except he is rapidly approaching checkmate already. Better start scrambling, Jay.

Early on, Troyzan hoped that no mistake was made with the Sushi vote, and how they have to take out a girl. Jay worried the women “could hook up and do some damage.” No kidding. I’ll repeat from last week – the men’s best chance was to reform and bring Cha along. The smart play would have been for Jay and Mike to approach her with a Final Three promise if she’s come along. Instead, the men targeted Cha this week. Oh well.