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The Voice, Apr. 3rd – Eliminations Night for Teams Blake & Christina Edition

Tonight’s the night that The Voice sends those artists home that didn’t make the cut. Three from each team go on; three get the boot.  But there’s a twist. (Isn’t there always!) The bottom singers can a chance to sing for a chance to stay on the show for another performance.  But we’re promised at least 2 goodbyes per team!

Of course, this is about a half hour show that they have to stretch into an entire hour, so bring on the filler.  We start with recaps.  Who needs them to do recaps?  That’s what Reality Shack hired me for!

When Carson asks Blake how tough it is, Blake shows his poetic side by lamenting, “It’s not tough; it sucks! It’s sucky.”

Alrighty then.

Before we start breaking hearts, we get Gym Class Heroes performing Ass Back Home. Towards the end of their performance, Adam’s team gets in on the act.

Team Blake is up first.  We get a look at Blake taking his team into a radio station and getting interviewed.  He also announces an acoustic performance that he wants to set up.

Shift to live TV, and we have Blake giving his team one last speech about how great they are.  And it’s time for the reveal.

Carson makes sure everyone hears him say that the names he gives are in no particular order, so America can’t know who got the most votes.  But the top 3 are Erin Willett, followed by Jermaine Paul and finally Rae Lynn.

That leaves Charlotte Sometimes, Naia Kete and Jordis Unga who are told to prepare to sing for their lives.

Christina’s team is up on the chopping block next.  Christina took them all to meet and perform on Jay Leno.

The safe ones are Jesse Campbell, Lindsey Pavao (Who at one point looked like she was going to faint) and last, but not least, Chris Mann!

That leaves Sera Hill, Ashley De La Rosa and Moses Stone.

I’ve got my favorites, do you?

Naia Kete sings If I Were A Boy by Beyonce and Reba and maybe someone with 2 names.

I’m hearing a few bad and pitchy notes.  It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great.

Blake: You did a great job on the song.  He wanted a reggae song.

Charlotte Sometimes sings .

She’s hitting a lot of bad notes.  I don’t think that went well.  We don’t get any feedback.

Jordis Unga comes on to sing Wild Horses.

She’s sounding really good here.  A nicely delivered vocal.

The other coaches are asked to weigh in.

Christina: Jordis

Cee Lo: Jordis

Adam: Jordis

Me: Jordis.  (Not that I count.)

And Blake saves … Jordis Unga.

Christina’s team is up.

Ashley de La Rona launches into Ooh La La.  She comes out rocking it!  Love the song, love the performance, hate the dress.

Sera Hill sings Vision of Love.  A much different song than Ashley’s, but she’s doing really well.  However, it’s hard to go up against Mariah Carey.  She does great, but you can’t help but compare.  Still, this isn’t going to be an easy choice.

Moses Stone sings Falling to Pieces.  Singing not rapping.  Well, I’ll say that he’s trying to.

I’m going to guess it comes down to Ashley or Sera.

Cee Lo: Sera

Adam: (Big Speech) then Ashley

Blake: Ashley.

Me: Ashley.

Christina picks Ashley!!!  (Hey, I’m 2 for 2!!)

So, we have 2 saves, 2 teams set with 4 members and next week we get to team Cee Lo and Team Adam.  I’ll see you then.

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