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The Voice, Apr. 2 – Beefcakes and Cee Lo’s Hair on Parade Edition

Jordis Unga: Alone by Heart.

Jordis looks really different tonight. The arrangement is a little fancier. This is an amazing song which can make or break you.  I was waiting and we didn’t get the fireworks (Literal) that she seemed to want.  But she doesn’t seem to need them.  However, she seemed a little off right before that last chorus. Big song, big performance, but not as big as it could’ve been.

Cee Lo: Thought it was overall good.

Blake: “That’s the opposite of playing it safe.” Blake was really pleased and happy everyone has a chance to find out who she is.

Me: I adore this song. Always have.  I’ve heard some amazing versions, and some that I thought made me want to cry.  This wasn’t one of the best, but it was far from the worst.  Probably safe.

Sera Hill: Find Your Love by Drake.

Surrounded by shirtless beefcakes, Sera comes out singing and doing her diva thing in a white suit with two women in black suits flanking her.  She sounds good, but stage presence-wise, the beefcakes are doing a better job.

Blake: “I was waiting for Christina to start stuffing some ones there.” Blake seems to have a problem getting past the beefcakes.

Christina: “You look like a diva in training.”  “You looked like you owned it.”

Me: Sera didn’t look bad, she had some moves to be sure, but she didn’t cover much ground on the stage.  Vocal-wise, she didn’t sound bad, but it wasn’t always amazing.  I heard more strain on the breakdown parts.

Erin Willett: Living for the City by Stevie Wonder.

Before we even get to the performance, we learn that her father has passed.

Erin sits at a piano while belting out the song, while dancers seem to be acting out something around her.  Erin then moves away from the piano.  Her voice is roaring through this song.  Stevie Wonder is really hard to do, but her voice is filling the song.  She’s also covering that stage well and holding her own and not being swallowed up by the dancers who are no longer sitting at their tables where they started.

Cee Lo: “You were a champion and we celebrate. ” He enjoyed it.

Blake: “That was the best technically and emotionally performance of the night so far.”

Me: I don’t know if it was the best technically compared to say Chris Mann or even Jermaine Paul, but it was right up there with them.  It was one of my favorites.  She’d better be safe.

Ashley De La Rosa: Right Through You by Alanis Morissette.

We get a laser show as the song starts.  I do love the way her personality shows through.  Ashley plays with the band members on the stage and looks pretty seasoned on stage.  We’re also getting plenty of money notes.

Adam: “By far you’re the most improved”  “We could see the 17-year-old before; tonight we can see the woman.”

Christina: “You really brought it up there.”  “You got to shine on a song that you love.”

Adam then cheers because Ashley brought him and Christina together.

Me: I think it was a highlight of the night and I’m wondering if I’ll have time to download it from ITunes before I go to bed.

Charlotte Sometimes: Misery Business by Paramore.

Coming out from blinding lights, Charlotte appears.  Her lower range seems a little off.  As she breaks into the upper register, she sounds better. The arrangement is really cool.  She’s enjoying herself and has great stage presence.

Adam: “That was great.”  He loves her unique voice and mentions the pitch stuff, but thinks that’s being hyper-critical.

Christina: “It was quiet when it needed to be quiet and big when it needed to be big.”

Blake: Gives Charlotte the credit for the amazing arrangements. He didn’t hear the pitch problems.

Me: I did hear them, but for the most part it was really good and it was an impressive arrangement. I think she’ll be safe.

Jesse Campbell: What a Wonderful World by Louie Armstrong.

It’s a nice arrangement for a classic song.  Jesse stands mid-stage and delivers a perfect vocal.  It’s seems almost magical. Christina seems lost. He scores at the very end with some impressive money notes.

Cee Lo: “Your voice is almost as beautiful as my hair.” (Was that a compliment or an insult?) However, Cee Lo says that if someone on his team doesn’t win, he wants Jesse to win.

Adam: “You’re the dude to beat.”

Christina: “Absolutely wonderful; you can sing the alphabet. Aren’t you glad you have the only sober coach up here?”

Me: I think it was a really impressive vocal of a very old, but classic song. I’m not sure how it will resonate with the younger viewers.  It was magical, as I said above.  I don’t see Jesse winning with this kind of song, but he should be safe.  Still, with only 3 slots per coach available, nothing is for sure.

The wrap up: I don’t think anyone crashed and burned.  There wer some really nice moments, but nobody ran away with the title either.  A couple of early standouts in Chris Mann and Jermaine Paul might suffer from being so early.  Jesse Campbell got the closing spot.  I’m thinking Jordis, Moses, Sera,  Naia and even Lindsey are the most vulnerable.  Possibly Rae Lynn too, but she may be saved because she was the only country tonight and that’s a huge voting block.

However, if the battle rounds taught us anything, it’s that I’m pretty clueless.  Let me know what you think and tune in tomorrow to see how clueless I am.

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