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God Bless Twila – Survivor: Vanuatu Reunion

[i]by atarus[/i]

Once the family hugs and Survivors patting Chris on the back are over with, Jeff starts off the questions with Chris. Chris says that the turning point in the game was when Chad was voted out, he played the sympathy card with the women. Jeff chimes in and says that “you told people what they wanted to hear” and Chris agrees. He said that Sarge and Chad were anti-women, and Julie caught a lot of wrath from both of them, Chris decided to keep his mouth shut and just sit back and watch. Julie answers the next question by saying yes, she voted for Chris despite the fact that he betrayed her. Eliza is asked about Twila, and she says that she was pretty upset with Twila in the final 2, she felt like she got no respect from her during the game, but she doesn’t harbor animosity towards Twila. She says her vote was partly for Chris and partly against Twila.

Chris, when asked about Twila, says “God bless Twila” and that she was very outspoken. Twila interrupts him and says that most of the time she told the truth, but Chris lied like a dog and won the game! This bring a chorus of laughs from the Survivors and the audience. Good ol’ Twila. Leann is asked about the women’s alliance, and she says that in her plans there was no way a man would make the final 4, much less the final 2. Alas, she still voted for Chris, mostly because she was hurt by Twila, and she pulls an Alicia from last season and says “I promised Twila I’d never write her name down.”

Ami, when asked about her voting for Twila, said that “I didn’t think I could be played” and she deserved it because Twila outplayed her. Scout says that Twila and her had a strong alliance since day one, and she couldn’t reward a million dollars for all that bullshit. Sarge talks about his vote, saying that he lives his life with honor and discipline. When Jeff asks about how he based his vote on hearsay, Sarge says that it was not primarily based on that, it was based on what Twila did to him, and that it was the anger talking at the TC. Chad says that he looked at the big picture, and in all the seasons he’d seen, he thought Chris was the best player. The women’s alliance is brought up to Ami, and she says that she was all for the women sticking together, but it was hard for the women to support each other. Leann says the plan was a final 4 of all women, but it was screwed up when she was voted out.

After a commercial break, we are treated to footage of Twila’s lie. Twila says that she had regrets from the get go when she said it, and at the time she saw Ami and Leann as 1 and 2 and her and Julie as 3 and 4, and at the time it was the honest truth, I didn’t see the game changing until they gave me an opening. The point that Chris lied as much as Twila did was brought up to Ami, and she said that she didn’t expect anything from Chris, but she expected honesty from Twila. Scout is included, and she says she was shocked at all the self-righteousness that came out, and that if the people on the Jury were so harmonious, why didn’t they just forgive Twila? This got more cheers from the audience. Scout, the wise sage. Good for her. Jeff then goes to James in the audience about Twila’s lie, and he says he knows she was playing a game and he loves her to death whether she won or lost. Awwwwwww.

We then go to Julie (who still looks good, how does she do that?) who says that she tried to get Twila out three or four times, but she realized when watching it that Twila came straight every time, and she was completely disillusioned by…guess who? Chris. But now she liked Twila. Eliza, on the other hand, said that it was hard watching the moments from the island and she was definitely not endeared to Twila. Leann said she was ready to get over it, and Sarge says that he had a change of heart at the end of the game, I forgive her, because “who am I to judge anybody?” This gets a rousing cheer from the audience, as well as a rousing cheer from me. (I’m glad Sarge wasn’t Lex.) He says that Twila is a true friend of his now, and she’s a good person.

After more commercials, we are shown a clip of Chris yelling at his fiancee in the family challenge, then her holding her and saying “I’m going home tonight.” Jeff, interviewing Chris’ fiancee, asks him what he told her when he got back from the island, and she says that Chris told her that he was voted out that night on the island. (This just proves Chris can lie to anyone!) So Chris’ fiancee was extremely worried and needed therapy sessions from Survivor, because she didn’t even know he was in the final 2 until tonight. (Bad Chris, bad!)

Julie says that people may watch Survivor, you may know the outline, but there’s no parallel world and human nature takes over once you get on the island. She says it’s hard and you can’t explain the emotional part to people. Ami is asked what she learned, but before she adds a note that Lori’s tears at the challenge saved Chris’ butt because they all went “Awwwwwww” and felt bad that Lori felt so bad. She then says that the quicker you learn to forgive, the quicker you feel better. Rory says that he learned that he needed to hold his tongue more, and that the more you try to create a facade, the quicker the truth comes out. Leann says that the game was during a transitional part of her life, and she came out feeling empowered. Finally, Sarge says that he has a new look on civilians. He says that he’s been in the army for eighteen and a half years, and he’s used to people doing what they’re told, and he realized on Survivor that people can say no. He realizes that people live day-to-day, and relates the story that John K came into the game flat broke. He says he now has a more diversified view of people.

The last commercial break is had, and we return to talk to Chad, the one-legged wonder. He says that he wanted to demonstrate what he was capable of when he went on the island, but once his leg became an everyday thing and a non-issue, he said he “wanted to backtrack and say, hey! This is pretty impressive!” (The audience laughs here.) Chad says he wanted to do Survivor for years, and after the surgery, he realized he had a way to get himself noticed and it’d also be a great platform for people with disabilities. Speaking of disabilities, Probst goes to Scout, who talks about how the entire time on the island she had the wrong-sized artificial knee, which was what was giving her problems, and she had to prop herself up and keep herself in good spirits. When Jeff asks her about her coming out as a lesbian in rural Oklahoma, she says that people have been fabulous about it and thanks everybody for their support.

Finally, we are treated to talking to the people in the back row. Brook is first, and he says that he wanted the full 39 days, but the Fat Five robbed him of it, but he says that nobody can take away the three days that he was there, and he yells something unintelligible at Mark Burnett. (Man, I’m glad he was out first, imagine him spazzing on the island?) Bubba counters Brook mentioning of the “Fat Five” by saying that they are fat-free, sweet, and delicious, and the ladies love them. Probst remarks that Bubba has kept the weight off, and Bubba nods and says that he has more energy to play with his kids, and nobody’s a loser up there because they all have the experience of Survivor. Dolly tells us about her 38 baby lambs who are going off to slaughter tomorrow. (And she looks good doing it….mmmm, Dolly! I love you!) John P says that life has been great, he went on a campaign for Home Depot and he’s been helping kids with motivational leadership. Mia says that she’s back in Boston and she’s glad that the Red Sox won. Brady is short and soft-spoken, saying that he went to Australia and got married. Lisa (the mom with six kids) says that Survivor was the best time of her life, and she didn’t want to leave the island at the end. John K says he’s still modeling and is going back to school in the fall. We end with Rory, who says that the only regret he has from Survivor is that he “didn’t burn down that damn camp.”

We are then given a preview of the next Survivor, in the islands of Palau which are considered by some to be the eighth natural wonder of the world. Wreckages of war haunt the jungles and the waters of Palau, and soon twenty castaways will be having the experience of their life, and plus in the first ten minutes the game will be changed completely somehow.

Well, Vanuatu is over, and I must say that my streak of my favorites winning whenever I do columns has continuing. I’m now 2 for 3 with having my favorites win the season I columnize, and the third I got second place in. This is also proved by the fact that in TAR6, my two favorite teams have already been eliminated. This doesn’t bode well for Lori and Bolo now. *frown* Anyway, congrats to Chris for winning the million, congrats to Twila for getting second, and I know she’ll be getting help with her life now, maybe not from the Survivor prize money, but probably from her Survivor friends and her Survivor fans. I’m out for now, e-mail me at atarus33@yahoo.com if you have any questions. Maybe I’ll be back for Palau….if you ask nicely. Oh, and bring chocolate too. That’ll help.


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