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Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ep. 19 – “All Pomp but No Circumstance”

L.A.,  a “pomp” event, and engagement announcement.

The Smalls and the Talls are trying to bury the hatchet, well one of them. Repping the Smalls we have Kim, and from the Talls we have Cynthia. The two ladies get together for lunch, because apparently there’s still some beef, and I doubt either of them ordered that off the menu.

I believe this is the first time Cynthia and Kim are actually meeting up one-on-one like this. Under casual circumstance, that is.  They clear the air. Cynthia makes it clear she DOES NOT think Kim is racist. Kim makes it clear that she feels Cynthia  is a totally different person in NeNe’s presence. Everybody’s mentioned that. Nothing new.

Los Angeles is NeNe’s destination. She’s seeing stars and ready for bigger opportunities.

“I could possibly be a Hollywood actress.” Dreams can come true, I’ve heard. “Moving to L.A. is definitely an option. I’m aiming for that Oscar.”

Wow, let’s not leave reality altogether. I mean, this is reality TV. Sort of. She’s meeting with the creators of GLEE, that awesomely awesome show on FOX, in case you haven’t heard of it. And having seen NeNe’s grand appearance, I was fairly entertained.

And as we’ve anticipated, Kroy is going to pop the question. He asks for Joe’s (Kim’s father) blessing like the gentleman he is. He is psyched to be with Kim.

Kandi’s in acquisition of more adult toys for her “Bedroom Kandi” line, or “Happiness and joy.”

What do you know—Cynthia and Peter have another event in the works. The Bailey Agency is about to “blow up,” and for that, a modeling show has to take place. Cynthia would like about twenty girls and fifteen guys for the show. Good luck with that.

Phaedra’s funeral business is going along. She meets with a “family” to plan the burial arrangements, only to learn it was just another test. I think she passed. Played the sympathetic role well, presented fine caskets for the mock family to choose from, and made sure they were able to pay up. Quite the salesman, that Phaedra. Jeez, when is she going to get her hands dirty?

While in L.A. at a restaurant, NeNe sees comedian Steve Harvey and his wife. They’re friends in Atlanta, and she’s their favorite “wife.” He gives NeNe some quick advice on the Hollywood industry and heads to his table with his wife, and that 25-karat ring. Whoa! Next star who greets NeNe is actress Keshia Knight-Pulliam.

Since Willie Watkins is being honored, Phaedra feels it’s the perfect opportunity to announce her business venture. They will be partners. Both the Talls and the Smalls are invited and shockingly, everyone shows up. Though most of the ladies believe Phaedra is the one being honored, so as the City Hall event drags on and on, they get antsy. Snore. Bore.

“Waste of an outfit and a wig,” Cynthia feels.

“It’s long and boring,” NeNe admits in confession.

“I’m gonna die in this seat if this continues,” Kim says. “This is the most boring *bleep* I’ve been to in my life.”

So instead of sitting there to die of boredom, Kim takes Sheree outside and quietly announces her engagement.

Sheree screams and hugs are exchanged. The ring is the big thing—like literally. Kroy designed the rock and did very good. Man, I really wish we could have actually seen this proposal. There was candy and flowers, c’mon!

“I’d be honored to have you as one of my bridesmaids,” Kim tells Sheree. It makes sense. They’re besties and Kim did meet Kroy through Sheree. She indirectly brought them together.

By the time Kim and Sheree return to the “boring” event, Phaedra finally gets on stage and makes her little announcements.

“Yes, it’s over. We can go home,” Sheree rejoices as the rest of us do.

On the next episode: It’s the season finale! NeNe gets more gifts from her Italian business partner. She makes a decision about her separation or divorce. Kandi hosts a sexy party.

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