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Monster Man, Mar. 28 – Demonic Ants, Roaches and Bio-Bugs

Petro comes in to check on his demonic ants, and the ants are having a hard time standing up, but Hill is using hot glue to fix them. Petro examines the ant likes it, but he has one problem. He needs to see some blood, ooze and slime so they prepare the exploding demon ant. They take the ant outside and prep it to blow it up.

The demonic ant is slimy, gross and has horns. They blow it up and Roy hopes to land the contract so they get to work on the entire movie with Petro. Roy is proud of Cleve and his team because now they get the contract.

Cleve works on tentacles for Tony’s bio-mechanical bug. Normally the last minute changes Tony added would be problematic but Cleve accepts the challenge and finds inspiration from nature and “junk lying around.” He has another problem, how does he attach the legs to the body?

Tony arrives, and Cleve and Hill are working on his bug and the monster is still in a bunch of pieces. Tony does not look happy, but Cleve knows what he is doing. Cleve presents some of the monster and shows him different parts. Cleve has a process to building the monster and as he shows him the pieces, he hopes that Tony will see the monster the way he does.

Roy is scared and wants Cleve to pull any tricks he has out of his sleeve. Tony is impressed as Cleve brings everything together with passion and begins to envision the bio-mechanical bug. Tony is shooting in two days but Cleve and his team will bring Tony’s bio-bug together.

Cleve arrives the next morning at the shop and preps everyone to finish the bio-bug. Rhey need to finish the monster by the next day. Roy is positive that Tony will never work with them again. Cleve is full on Monster Man mode making a fresh monster. The team is helping him create Tony’s dream monster. Sonia is helping make a skin mold for the bio-bug and Cleve is happy when he sees it.

The bio-bug shoot is tonight; Tony is prepping the set, and Roy is panicking as Cleve is finishing the bug. They are finishing up the last leg and adding some paint as Roy is having a coronary and Cleve is a little tired, but the bug is nearly finished. The last steps involve adding some extra color and finishing the tentacles, and Cleve is happy that the bio-bug is coming together.

Now they have to get to the set and prep the bio-mechanical bug for Tony’s film, and as they are filming, Cleve walks in with his team and the bio-mechanical bug. Tony looks a bit shocked as he is excited to finally see the bug. Cleve unveils the bug, and Tony loves it. What a sigh of relief. Cleve preps the bug, and Tony wants to see the tentacles. Cleve has them in his hurst, so he preps the bug, brings the tentacles up, and Cleve is finishing up.

The bio-mechanical bug is now ready for its closeup and the bug is in place. It looks crazy awesome onscreen. Cleve now has to set up for the attack scene, and Tony is impatient as they prep the bug to attack. Tony is happy now that he sees the mad genius at work with his bug and everyone is operating it because of the size. Tony got his dream bug. Cleve is happy and gives credit to his team, and while no one else saw it, Cleve always sees the monsters and how they come to life.

Make sure to check out next week’s episode of Monster Man, Wednesday at 10/9c on the Syfy channel and check under the bed before you go sleep because one Cleve’s monsters might be there.

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