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Monster Man, Mar. 28 – Demonic Ants, Roaches and Bio-Bugs

On tonight’s episode of Syfy’s Monster Man, Cleve finds himself surrounded by bugs – giant, gross bugs. Cleve and Constance are on their way to a client meeting to meet Roy and Director Tony Randel (Hellraiser II), and they have a new project called Subject 7. Tony has a very specific idea of what he wants done and the film sounds amazing, but the creature that Tony wants is “biomechanical,” which Cleve finds to be a challenge.

Tony’s creature reminds him of a cockroach (gross, but okay). He does not have a design for the creature and starts shooting in two weeks. As usual, Roy is panicking, and Cleve is excited because Tony has no design, but Cleve has plenty of ideas. He heads to the “mold garden” with his team to find pieces to start putting the creature together. The mold garden is compiled of pieces of creature molds that Cleve has created over the years. They are planning on casting pieces for Tony Randel’s Bio-Mechanical Bug.

Johnnie, Hill and Constance begin working on the creature, and Cleve is planning on piecing the parts together. The next meeting finds Roy meeting with Indy director Petro Papahadjopoulos, who has directed music videos and is now directing a feature film. He has an insane imagination. The film involves demonic giant ants that blow up. That is right up Cleve’s ally.

Cleve already has an idea to create the ants and have them explode. He is going to create them out of foam and hollow out the insides and fill them with all sorts of gooey exploding goodness for Petro.

Back to the bio bug, Cleve is taking all the pieces that they created and placing them together with fourteen days left until Tony begins shooting. Cleve starts to build a thorax, while Hill’s idea is to build a crest. Constance has no idea what they are talking about. Everyone is hard at work with the bug, and Cleve is not one-hundred percent sure about Hill’s crest. Everything Cleve created is too big for Cleve’s giant bio bug he had in mind.

Hill is not stoked that Cleve does not like his crest, and they have limited time to work on the bug. Cleve thought everyone would just be on the same level he was on with the bio-bug. Cleve needs Hill to continue working on the bug.

Roy comes in now to begin working on the demonic ant and Cindy is also working on the ants. Elora, Cleve’s daughter, begins assembling the ant legs that are filled with some cyanide, which leads Cindy to believe that the ants may be the death of her. They are back to the bio-bug, and the team starts over and comes up with a few sketches of how they see the bug coming together.

Cleve wants everyone to be a part of the bug. Roy calls Tony to find out what he thinks of the sketches that Cleve and the team came up with. Tony does not like the sketches, so Cleve decides that the team needs a field trip and some inspiration, so he heads to see Mike Masterson, exterminator extraordinaire. They will be looking for infestations of bugs and how bugs scare people. Cleve brought his whole family along because if you want to learn how bugs scare people, bring people who are scared of bugs (shudders and hides).

Mike takes Cleve, Sonia, Constance and Elora on the roach tour (sounds like fun). This is what Mike deals with every day. One thing about cockroaches is they give people an immediate reaction. Mike is picking these bugs up as Sonia screams, “Cleve is inspired.”

Cleve has learned two things – his eardrums can only take so much screaming as the bugs scatter around, and his monster needs a serious dose of the “creepy crawlys” and it must have more of an organic feel. Cleve has eight days until Tony is ready to shoot, but he is ready to create a bug that will destroy four unsuspecting victims onscreen, and just when they thought everything was moving forward, Tony sends a few changes.

Tony wants tentacles added, and Cleve loves the idea because you “can strangle people with tentacles.” He doesn’t understand what Roy is so stressed out about. Cleve is excited now that he has the script and can create the monster, but Roy is freaking out.

Constance is in charge of building the bio-mechanical bugs legs and has a great idea, but after a while her idea is not working so well. Constance fills Hill in on her idea, and he doesn’t think it’s going to work. He advises her to use piping instead of her erector set. After Constance and Hill finish the legs, Cleve tells her he likes the idea.



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