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Syfy’s Seattle Superstorm, Q&A with Esai Morales, MacKenzie Porter & Jared Abrahamson

Syfy presents a brand new Saturday Original Movie Seattle Superstorm. The film is about a NASA scientist who thought everything would be fine when he moved to Seattle to find peace with his fiancée, Navy Lieutenant Emma Peterson, but when his son Wyatt can’t stop fighting with her daughter Chloe, they realize that their new family may not make it at all. Things are stormy on the homefront when an unidentified object is shot down by the military and it crashes into Puget Sound. It sets off a series of chaotic and strange weather events including earthquakes, tornadoes, and lightning storms These storms spread rapidly and the new family must find a way to work together and save their city and each other before it is too late and the all mighty Mother Nature destroys everything and everyone in sight.

Esai Morales, MacKenzie Porter, and Jared Abrahamson, the stars of the Syfy Saturday Original Movie, took part in a Q&A to discuss this force of nature film and the challenges they faced.

The characters each bring an interesting personality to the film. MacKenzie was immediately drawn to Chloe because she had never filmed an action movie before and was really excited to take part in all the “cool stunts and action sequences,” and it was a new challenge for her. Jarod had just finished a Hallmark film, so he had found filming Seattle Superstorm to be completely “polar opposite” to his previously filmed sappy, heavy drama. He jumped at the chance to read the script and be involved.

Esai was incredibly excited to be involved, because he could imagine all of these crazy events happening and Syfy found a way to make it work perfectly. He also enjoyed playing “the hero.” He had a lot of fun, and it was a rare chance to take on an entirely different character with strong abilities and characteristics.

The toughest part of the film was all the visual effects and the fact that the actors had to completely rely on their imaginations versus dealing with actual things they could see. MacKenzie said a lot “was done in post-production because in reality it is impossible to get chased by a tornado that doesn’t exist.”

Esai said it was also a chance to learn how to protect your family, learn about science and how the weather works scientifically, and how everything is connected and the cause and effects which can cause quite the conundrums in life. He values what it is to be a human being and everything that is at stake for this family and the survival of his onscreen family.

As always, the Syfy stars have developed huge followings among the social networks, and the stars are incredibly grateful to the viewers who interact with them. Jared admits he would like to be more active on the social networks, but he admitted it is new to him. Yet, he thinks it is great because it allows everyone to voice their opinion and connect with each other around the world.

MacKenzie feels it is the most intimate connection you have with the fans and viewers and admits she likes responding to the questions, seeing the feedback and being more involved. Esai admits he also was a bit resistant for a while because of sharing his life online, but he likes the idea of being to connect with the viewers and fans on a personal level. He feels it is a “combination of the mundane and a worldly connection.” They all agree that they do enjoy some privacy in their lives.

The cast admits the film has some crazy intense scenes. Jared is looking forward to seeing his driving skills onscreen and is hoping for a call to “be in the next Fast and Furious after they see this film.” Mackenzie loves going back and watching all the stunts and the exciting scenes; she feels they bring back special memories for each cast member. Esai’s take is slightly different. He uses humor to get through it, saying he believes his head looks big onscreen, and he goes through a slight cringefest. He is looking forward to the moments when he doesn’t cringe while watching himself onscreen.

The cast got along great, and Esai enjoyed working with MacKenzie and Jared. They are both very charismatic, and Esai had thought he better stay on top of his game “before they push me off the ledge.” He said they are great people and the feelings are mutual for Esai. The two actors enjoyed working with the veteran actor.

The cast loves Science-Fiction and the Syfy Channel. MacKenzie feels the film will grab Syfy viewers’ attention and that they will love the Sci-Fi elements of the film. Esai identifies with Syfy a great deal, identifying closely with Mister Fighter Man. Jared thinks the viewers will truly enjoy watching this family try and figure each other out at the same time they are figuring out how to deal with this massive disaster.

Esai said part of the fun is playing the characters and living in this insane fantasy land and thinking what if this would really occur. He believes this film will touch a nerve with human beings because there have been several global disasters that have affected everyone worldwide. To lighten the mood, he wants to give “Sharktopus a run for their money.”

Esai knows the film is over the top, but in reality you will find people stockpiling and buying water, bread and eggs for the possibility of what could happen in life whether it be aliens, storms, the end of world, or just the conspiracy theorists who have all the what if questions. This film goes above and beyond and adds a more scientific special Syfy touch that viewers love.

Each actor loves science in a different way, and they each enjoy natural disaster films. They send a special shoutout to the Helen Hunt film Twister, and Esai’s character is trying to figure out what is causing all this chaos by using science. He knows what his forte is and how he can properly use it.

On that note, Esai jokes his initials are E=MC2 and he would like to take credit for the film because of his interest in science, jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles and if he can help someone he will definitely try. He believes in random acts of kindness and his cast members agree.

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