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Gotti – Season 1 Recap

Following a A Very Gotti Christmas was this end of season recap and highlights reel with commentary by Victoria and her brother, Peter. This was done like the end of one of the seasons of the Osbornes in which Ozzy shows highlights and bloopers in an elegant setting while being conversational. (Ozzy and conversation — now that’s a mix which is truly frightening!)

Victoria toasts her brother and says, “here’s to chaos.” Truer words were never spoken.

Peter tells his sis that the family didn’t like the idea of this show at first. Victoria said that, although the world was expecting a ‘real-life’ Sopranos, she hopes that they’re over that now. Peter agrees that the show, despite his misgivings has been a good forum to eradicate some misconceptions about their family.

Victoria also believes that it has shown other single moms how difficult it is to raise kids alone. They show clips of her disciplining the boys with the ‘infamous’ quote — “Monday through Friday, 24/7. I am the man of the house.” She says that she gets letters from other single moms who applaud her for showing the real side of single parenthood.

Peter hates the subtitles. He feels that it makes the boys seem unintelligent. Victoria reminds him that when she was a kid, even though she was always an honors student, she talked fast and didn’t know how to express herself. She needed speech therapy.

Peter laughs and says, “I have a 140 IQ, but that and $2.00 will get me a ride on the subway.”

Then, they talk about Botox. They show Victoria getting the injections. He just thinks it’s an ‘enhancement’ that people can do without. Victoria tries to liken the Botox to hair plugs or hair replacement, which Peter has gotten. He says, “it’s different.” She laughs.

Peter’s admittedly “old school”. Victoria agrees that he’s very old-fashioned. He doesn’t like the fact that she’s dating. Victoria reminds him that she’s been divorced for 4 years and she has not had one serious prospect in that time. He mentions the “model” she met at the Star offices. We find out he was an exotic dancer. Victoria says she’s never seriously date anyone like him, but she can look and is entitled to a little fun. You go, Victoria. Take one for the team!

They then talk about Ed. Remember Ed? He was the guy that the matchmaker set her up with. Oh God! Victoria tells Peter how mean he was and she wishes he was there with her so she could’ve “knocked him into next week.”

They then show the “sushi” incident. Remember when John got so mad that someone ate his California rolls? Peter wanted to know if John really took it so seriously. Vicky said he did. He explained that he just wanted the sushi that day so bad. He had gone to finish up his school work and was looking forward to eating it and relaxing. He could’ve killed. He was so mad.

Then, Peter reminds his sis about her asparagus meltdown. She got so upset when she threw the dinner party for her bosses and most of the asparagus was missing. She told him she was so upset because the asparagus was more than just asparagus. She felt that her whole dinner was ruined and, with so much emphasis being placed on her cooking, that she really wanted it to be perfect.

They then talk about how the family is just very vocal, animated and emotional. They love and play hard. That’s the Italian way. I know from my own upbringing. Italians can yell at you and be standing right next to you. It means nothing….it’s just the way we communicate. To yell is to “be heard” and to “be heard” is to be understood. Capisce?

They cut to the “hair gel” summit. John was so angry about that. They yelled. They talked and they resolve things. Sometimes, they have to resort to “tough love”, but there ain’t nothing wrong with it.

Next they talk about Luigi, Victoria’s not-so-handy handyman. Everyone wants to know why she keeps him around. She said that “mommy” beleives that she doesn’t let him go because he amuses her. Yes, but does she think he’s funny? (Obscure Goodfellas reference here!)

Peter says Lui is a throwback to old Roman days where you “eat, drink and be merry.” (That was the Epicurean philosophy and it was Greek, not Roman, Peter…my IQ’s over 140!!!)

It’s actually just a nice way of saying Luigi’s a procrastinator. Mt. Vesuvius will erupt again before he finishes one project.

Now, for Quack Quack. Nobody seems to like Quack Quack. Why do they keep him around and let him chaperone the children? He “irks” them. In Miami, Victoria said she wished that Peter could’ve been there. He laughs, “I was in spirit, right?”

They remember the prank that Victoria played on Brian “Quack Quack” Orsini. He thought that Peter was gonna kill him for spreading rumors ’bout Carmine.

Speaking of Carmine, they get on the subject of fashion. “Daddy” — deceased mob-boss John Gotti — had an eye for it. “He coulda worn a pink jumpsuit and made it work.” (Despite what you may think of Mr. Gotti’s line of work, he must’ve been a devoted family man to inspire such love and respect from his family even now.)

Anyway, they relive Carmine’s walk down the runway. Victoria tells us that she knew Carmine really wanted to do it and was so scared. She was proud of him as he walked down the runway.

Before they put the cap on this season, the Gottis gave us a sneak peek into next season. Let’s just say it’s more of the same, but it’s oh-so fun to watch.

The new season of Growing Up Gotti begins in January. I’ll be covering it for you! (I hope!)

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