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American Idol, Mar. 28 – 5 Standing O’s on the Night!

It’s Hollie, Skylar, and Jessica on a Madonna medley, and they start it off with Like a Prayer. Jessica sounds amazing on the beginning notes of it, and blows away what Skylar and Hollie do. This launches into Borderline, with Hollie singing flat, and Skylar picks up Express Yourself. It’s just not a great girl group with these three. The best group of the night was definitely the first three.

Randy tells the girls it was very fun. He loves the throwback medleys and loved hearing Skylar with twang singing Madonna.

Elise is taking on Led Zeppelin, singing Whole Lotta Love, which she has sung before with her band. JImmy says she murdered it, in a good way of course, and Stevie thinks they were all surprised by that because it’s not easy to sing Zeppelin. She knows Robert Plant would be very proud. Jimmy hears in Elise a little of Stevie’s spirit when she first started. They combine on some Fleetwood Mac, Dreams. Stevie feels a kindred spirit with her, because she doesn’t like to sing with others, but she would hire this girl if she needed a singer.

Elise ends the night completely rocking it out. I’m a big Zeppelin fan too, and I cannot believe this girl is completely pulling it off. She’s not screaming it like people tend to do, but just singing it the way Zeppelin did it. It’s freaking amazing. If she ends up in the bottom three then fans aren’t looking for an awesome female rocker. And the ending bit completely gives me chills. Wow. The judges are not standing, but should be. Oops, there they go.

Jennifer didn’t want to stand up, but said Elise made her. Steven wasn’t sure she could pull it off, as nobody can pull that song off. She made Robert Plant proud tonight. Jennifer says it was some real rock star … “stuff.” We know what you wanted to say, J-Lo. “some real rock star shit.” Because it was. She made her get up and everyone else.

Randy doesn’t know what’s in the air tonight, but everyone wants to do this ting. It’s the hardest song in the world to sing. She and everyone else want to win this thing. All the flavor Robert put into it, and Steven knows. She did an amazing job. Ryan points out in true rock star fashion she has Steven Tyler pants on, and sure enough, they match his tonight. It proves this girl is a rock star.

Being asked who’s in danger, Randy can’t even thinks of any names to call out. Steven calls it a magical Mystery Tour of talent and emotion. He doesn’t think any of them have sang as good as they did tonight, even though it wasn’t the best night for some. He encourages them to keep it up and knock the country for a loop. Jessica couldn’t sit in her chair it was such a crazy night, and she stands up again and applauds them again.

I have no idea who the bottom three should be tonight. I think Heejun will end up there again based on past weeks, but he totally doesn’t belong there tonight. Hollie didn’t completely pull off Carrie Underwood, so could end up there tonight. I don’t have a third person though. It really was an amazing night. I think I might have to take the option to download the whole week’s album on iTunes tonight. Although the problem with that is I won’t get the emotional performances that were given tonight. I guarantee you Elise will be rocking it out though.

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