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American Idol, Mar. 28 – 5 Standing O’s on the Night!

Heejun Han is on the line this week getting crap from almost everyone last week, then appearing in the bottom three. He is rethinking everything and is singing Donny Hathaway’s A Song for You. Stevie calls it beautiful and effortless. Jimmy thinks Heejun was putting up a front before, but says this is the sensitive side to him, and he’s letting everyone into his world. Stevie thinks he just doesn’t want to be hurt if he doesn’t win, so he acts like he doesn’t care. I do believe she is nailing him.

It’s the sensitive side of Heejun tonight with no tricks. And he’s wearing Phillip’s gray. It’s absolutely beautiful and so heartfelt. It’s bringing me to tears. This is 100% the real Heejun. Joking is fine and good, but to be able to come out with this a week later is amazing. Alrighty then. It’s another download for me.

Proving a point, it’s a judges’ standing O. Steven tells Heejun he did it; he turned it around. He thinks someone like Heejun is so natural from birth, that he doesn’t even realize how good he can sing. That’s why he wasn’t taking it so seriously, but just now he let the song sing him. When you have a voice as good as his and sing a song as deep and beautiful as that, he just makes it come alive in such a way no one else can. He wants him to just keep believing in himself and the person he pointed to (pointing up, so presumably God), and he’ll do great.

Jennifer asks, “C’mon, what are you doing up there?” She wants people to realize you don’t make it this far in the show by mistake. He is here because they know he can sing that way. It was just the most beautiful tone and most beautiful vibrato. When he goes there and believes and lets go of all the other stuff, which she loves too, he moves people. He needs to know that. Randy points out the others said it all. There were a few notes that weren’t perfect, but Jennifer hit it on the head. He has that buttery tone, and finally the Heejun they selected came back to them.

Ryan asks which Heejun will show up the rest of the season, and Heejun indicates it will be this one, as he realized last week he was letting those kids back home down, and was especially letting himself down, so he’s going to step up. However, he let out a little knock knock joke about a commercial break when allowed to.

Perhaps Heejun needs to help Jason Derulo finish his song about not letting anything beat you, Undefeated. The song is being opened up to fans to help him finish writing it.

Hollie Cavanagh is singing Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Take the Wheel, and I’m already sighing. She keeps singing these big songs that she is too young to understand. And the best versions of this song are always done by parents. You just can’t imagine the feeling in it unless you can imagine putting the most precious thing in your life in someone else’s hands.

Jimmy asks her if she loves Carrie Underwood, and she says she does. Stevie tells her she needs to look out at the crowd and make everyone go, “I’m taking the wheel.” Stevie’s mom just died a few months ago, and now she has no more problems, as her mom is gone. She wants to hear her heart come out of her, because if it doesn’t, it won’t transfer. Hollie thinks this makes it personal for her and is honored Stevie shared that story with her. Stevie gets emotional, and Hollie then realizes what she needs.

Singing it tonight, I just don’t believe it. I think Hollie is thinking too hard again and trying to find emotion. She has no clue what it is to have something so dear like that and worry about losing it.

Randy remarks that he didn’t know Hollie was such a Carrie fan. It’s always dangerous to take on a song from an Idol winner, and they often say not to do it, but he thinks she did a good job with it, although he did hear a few pitchy moments, mostly in her lower range. Yet, he thought it was a pretty good job. J-Lo has to disagree, because to her it was one of her best. It was the first time she ever felt her connecting. It’s like Stevie explaining to her the notes don’t matter; they need to feel her heart.

Steven gets between Jennifer and Randy, which he jokes he’s been trying to do for a long time. He’s not going to mess with Jesus and/or Carrie. He heard and felt the emotion, but he wishes she would have sung a different song. It was just okay for him. He thinks she picked up on the passion from what Stevie was talking about, but he didn’t hear the whole range of her voice in the song.

Jimmy jokes to Deandre Brackensick that he has Stevie’s old hairstyle, but hers wasn’t real and was a perm. Deandre is singing Eric Benet’s Sometimes I Cry, and explains Eric is a “pure R&B singer” and “exactly what I want to be.” Stevie thinks it’s a really pretty song, but questions why it’s not doing it for her. She realizes it’s too fast. Once Deandre slows it down, she calls it amazing. She knows he’s trying to have a big effect on people, but needs to adjust a little, as the camera is like another person.

Tonight, Deandre keeps it slower and more relaxed, and sings quite well. I’m not sure I feel a ton of emotion, but his tone is beautiful slowed down like that. He sings the whole song in falsetto and earns a judges’ standing O.

Steven tells Deandre he heard 100% passion, and that it was what his voice was made to do. They’ve heard him try to do that before, but couldn’t quite put it in that perspective. He gave Prince a run for his money with the passion it took for him to do the runs. Jennifer still believes Deandre has one of the most special voices in the competition. It is hands-down something you don’t hear every day. She begs everyone to vote for Deandre, as she needs to hear a few more weeks of this voice.

What Randy loves is that you get every flavor under the rainbow on American Idol. It’s an R&B old-school throwback kind of thing. He’s happy to hear him say he wants to be an R&B star like Eric Benet, because when they first saw Deandre, they thought he had the whole Maxwell/Prince thing going on, and he’s happy to see him get back to it. It’s beautiful, who he is, and what he should be doing. Heejun is back, and Deandre is back in the house as well.