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American Idol, Mar. 28 – 5 Standing O’s on the Night!

I’m still not really over losing Erika Van Pelt last week on American Idol. I just don’t understand why she left. She was always a favorite of mine, but it seems I must have been in the minority. It will be interesting to see what happens with Elise Testone, as she was often in the bottom three as well. It’s possible that the two older gals were splitting votes. If that’s the case, maybe Elise will be set for a few weeks.

The theme this week is the Idols taking on their own idols. Additionally, they’ll be performing in trios. And Jimmy Iovine has brought in Stevie Nicks as a mentor this week. Ryan Seacrest shows a picture of Jimmy and Stevie together circa 1981, and Jennifer Lopez laughs, thinking it’s funny to see Jimmy with hair.

The Idols also met again with Tommy Hilfiger for more style advice. He tells them fashion is for now, but style is forever. If you create your own style, it’s a look and an attitude. He shows them a bunch of clothes they can choose from, encouraging them to mix and match. He even points out the gray shirts to Phil Phillips. He hopes their style will evolve with time.

Colton Dixon is up first, and Stevie shakes his hand and tells him she’s been watching him for weeks. She tells him to not ever cut his hair off. When he said last week it was his baby, she so understood. He’s singing Lifehouse’s Everything. He explains that music found him through church. Stevie tells him that the line “how can I stand next to you and not be moved” really goes into the heart of a woman, and it’s what she wants someone to sing to her. Jimmy believes in him more this week than he has so far.

Onstage tonight, Colton has strings backing him up and starts off the song very quietly and sweetly to go with the strings. The song then picks up momentum and when he sees the crowd enjoying it, he lets out a sly little smile.

Steven Tyler tells Colton he is a dream come true for a judge on Idol. He has towed the line, sung songs they way the should be sung, make them bleed, has perfect pitch, and has that star quality that puts him over the top. Jennifer thinks it was a great way to start the show. It was so emotional, she can say she was really moved. It wasn’t about vocal acrobatics and was just about hearing his song. He sang it beautifully, with emotion, yet so much composure and control. He’s a performer and is amazing.

Randy Jackson likes the white coat and calls it fly. He’s been a fan since they first met Colton last season. One of the most important things an artist can have is believability. He believes him in every song he sings and all the lyrics. He loves that song and that band and can see him doing Switchfoot as well. He feels his heart and passion in everything he does. He doesn’t hide it and lays it all out there saying this is what I do. It was an unbelievable performance, and Randy thinks he could be looking at a contender for the title.

Ryan mentions Colton’s tears, and he tries to not cry again as he says it’s his favorite worship song of all time. As emotional as he is and was, seeing his grandfather in the audience just made the whole experience for him. It kind of reminds of when Crystal Bowersox broke down at the end of People Get Ready. Yeah, he just picked up a few more female votes, just in case he didn’t have enough yet.

Laine’s idol is Miranda Lambert, natch. She thinks she exemplifies the type of artist she wants to be. Skylar debuts her version of Gunpowder & Lead for Jimmy and Stevie, and Stevie mentions the harmony and the chorus as she pounds the arm of the chair to the beat as Skylar sings. She then joins her singing along, and I have to admit I would pay to hear this duet. She wants Skylar to remember she’s telling a great story. Jimmy thinks she’ll have to be on her game to pull this one off.

Starting the song from the stairs, Skylar comes out singing with every bit of energy this song needs. She has a great outfit on. Tommy did great with her this week. I’ll admit, I’m not a big country music fan, but she’s making me want to download this one from iTunes this week.

What Jennifer likes about the Skylar part of the show is that it’s “unbridled can’t-keep-it-in-the-can energy.” That’s what she always brings with her. She sang it originally in her audition and won over the judges, just like she won over the crowd now. Steven tells her it was over the top. It was like she was singing to her old friend. It had so much Galveston in it.

Randy heard more Dallas than Galveston. Someone yells out it had some of Skylar’s home state of Mississippi in it. Randy agrees it had some dirty south, Mississippi and Louisiana, like where he and Skylar are from. He loved it. He wants her to remember what Stevie said to her, as all country songs are about telling a story. When she comes out with the energy, she’s a great performer, but she goes up and shows her range at the end, and he hasn’t seen a country artist other than Carrie Underwood lately with that type of range.

It’s our first trio of the night, with Colton, Elise, and Phillip Phillips. They’re singing Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide, one of my favorite songs of all time. Colton singing it is amazing, by the way. These three blend well on the chorus. I wouldn’t have put the voices together, but they’re amazing. Elise then launches into Edge of Seventeen. Phillip takes over singing Don’t Stop. Oh man, it’s another one I want to download. These three sound absolutely fantastic together. Final three?

Steven tells these three it was “most excellent.” He recalls on his birthday recently, he had dinner with Mic Fleetwood, and they spoke about Stevie all night and how great it was to sing those songs the three Idols just sang. They are top of the line songs, and they nailed them.