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The Game Ended Up Playing Me – Survivor: Vanuatu Finale

[i]by atarus[/i]

It’s Survivor finale night! And as usual, we start off the episode with a huuuuuuuuge recap of the entire season. *yawn* Boring. Once the real episode starts, it’s night 36. Eliza says “I was so happy to cast my vote, because that’s where I thought my vote was going.” This, of course, is directed at Chris. In a confessional, Chris said that “Julie had it coming, she pulled a fast one on me at merge.” Of course, the usual campfire ritual occurs and Eliza and Twila get into a spat. Twila says that Eliza “has done nothing to get here” and “the only reason you’re here is because other people have used you.” That is kinda true, in my opinion. Anyway, Eliza calls Twila a dumb bitch, and then gets into an argument with Chris about why he didn’t vote for Twila. Chris tells Eliza “Julie was a player” and to “just have faith in your alliance partner.” Eliza says that it’s pretty clear who’s voting for who at the next TC, and she needs immunity, and she hopes that if she doesn’t get it, Chris does.

The immunity challenge is a very unique and new challenge, a vertical maze. The Survivors have to search through the maze to get ten groups of tiles, and then untie and unscramble the tiles to figure out two words and that will win them immunity. The Survivors start off, and it’s a close race. Well, at least between Twila, Chris, and Eliza. Twila gets two right off the bat, with Chris and Eliza one each. The race continues, and Chris catches Twila and takes the lead with six over the five that Twila and Eliza have. Twila is right on Chris’ heels though, and both of them get ten at nearly the same time. As they’re unscrambling, Eliza gets her tenth, but it’s too late as Chris unscrambles the puzzle and wins immunity.

Back on the beach, Chris says “I never give up, I’m the last man standing and Twila definitely gave me a run for my money.” He also observes that trust means nothing now and he has his work cut out for him. Twila just wants to gloat in Eliza’s face, and Chris goads her on. Twila is smarter than Chris thinks though, and says she knows that Chris wants her to piss more people off as they leave, make it easier on him in the Jury vote. Eliza confronts Scout and says if she can’t make the final 2, she hopes Scout and Chris can, and tries to get her to vote for Twila.

At TC, Jeff does the usual questioning. He brings up the balance beam incident with Chris, and Chris says that he “got off to a rough start.” Eliza is envious of Chris with immunity, but she’s happy for him. Scout says she’ll be surprised if she gets voted out. Chris says that he has a friendship with all three women, but he has to put friendship aside and play the game.

It’s time to vote. We are treated to two nasty votes, Eliza voting for Twila saying that she’s “like the cockroach that won’t die.” Twila votes for Eliza, saying “you drove me crazy, it’ll be the happiest day if you get voted out.” In the end, though, Eliza is the victim of a 3-1 vote. She gives Chris the alien death glare, a la Tom from All-Stars, before picking up her torch and getting it snuffed. She turns and gives another death glare, and Chris just shrugs like “Eh, whatever.” In her final words, Eliza says that “I didn’t have an ally this entire game” and she’s shocked Chris wrote her name down.

Back at camp, Scout says that “there is a merciful God, Eliza is not going to be running her mouth.” Scout is happy there’s no “Eliza noises” in camp, and Twila says she drove me nuts for so long. Chris points out how beautiful the stars are. Chris says the game is about lying, deceiving, and if you don’t play the game you’ll be sent packing. A million bucks will change your life.

It’s time for the torch walk! And Mark Burnett has decided for this particular torch walk, the final three are going to walk over an island that hasn’t been walked on for a long time. Yay for disgracing religious land! They’re going to the burial site of the chief from the story last episode, and they have to bring an offering.

The torch walk begins, and we start with Brook. Next up is Dolly (Twila says that she had the most beautiful eyes she’d ever seen….and I tend to agree. Dolly, I love you! Marry me?) and then John P. and Mia. Brady is next (he says it was hard because things polarized so quickly) and then Bubba. At this point we are treated to Chris’ original alliance, as he reveals that he and Bubba had planned to go to the end together. Whooooa. Lisa, John K, and Rory are all passed by with different quotes. Sarge’s quote is about learning about the younger generation. Good for him! The rest of the Jury is passed by in order, Chad, Leann, Ami, Julie, and finally Eliza, the last person voted out. At the chief’s grave, Chris leaves the spirit rock the men got on day one, and Scout and Twila leave the two staffs from the switch.

The final immunity challenge is a unique one. The three Survivors have to hold a bow and arrow taught, if they pierce the white area they’re out, or if their feet fall off the pedestals they are standing on. It takes very little time for Scout to be out of the challenge. After that, it doesn’t take long for Chris and Twila to start talking. Chris tries to make a deal with her, but Twila won’t listen. Scout cheers on Twila, and tells her to “hang in there.” Twila also delivers a great quote, saying “I may poke myself in the ass with this, but I’m not stepping off this pole.” The banter continues, as Chris asks Scout “are you dreaming of Twila winning this immunity?” Eventually though, Twila loses her balance, and in trying to right herself she pierces her white area. Chris wins immunity again and gets to the final 2!

Chris again says that Twila was stiff competition, but there was no way he was losing. He hugs Twila and says “you’re the toughest woman I know.” Twila, in a confessional, reveals that she and Chris had a final 2 pact, and she’s worried now that he’ll think that she and Scout had a deal. Twila says she didn’t stick in there to win it for Scout, she was in it to win it for herself. Chris talks to Scout about whether she had a final 2 deal with Twila, and Scout is honest and tells him no, they only had a final 4 deal. Chris is surprised that Scout is honest with him, and he says that he respects her for that.

At the final TC, Jeff asks the loaded questions. Scout says that there can’t be a bad outcome to this game, she likes both Chris and Twila. Twila says there will be a bad outcome, she won’t settle for third. Chris says that he respects how Scout got to this point, she mentally played the game strong and was willing to change the game for other people. He also respects Twila for doing everything she had to to get to the finals. However, Chris casts his final vote, and Scout is the last Juror. Chris and Twila are the final two.

Editorial note: :whoohoo: :whoohoo: :whoohoo:

(Chris and Twila have been my favorite since day one! YAY FOR THEM! CALL ME! I like watching NASCAR too!)

Scout’s final words are that she maintained loyalty and integrity as long as she could, and switched it up to make the game more fun, and she wishes Chris and Twila the very best.

It is day 39. Chris says this will be the last pot of mantioc he’ll ever eat. Twila says that she made it to the final 2, she turned things around and it paid off. She says that she pissed a lot of people off, but Chris says “I don’t have people kissing my feet either.” Chris states he’s going to use Twila’s outspokennness to his advantage, let Twila put the last nail in her coffin. He tells her that he isn’t going to take crap from them, and neither should she. The two sit in the hammock, and we have a genuinely hilarious moment, as Chris turns, and there’s this brief instant of him seeing the rope snap, and then both him and Twila are on the ground, laughing their butts off. Twila, in a confessional, says she’s apprehensive, she needs the million and she deserves their votes as much as Chris. Chris says at the beginning it was six women and him, I wasn’t the chief and things just happened, and that’s the opposite of what this game was about.

Chris and Twila step into the final TC, and face the Jury of Sarge, Chad, Leann, Ami, Julie, Eliza, and Scout. Chris’ opening statement is that he was the last man standing with six women, and he was loyal to the alliances he made. Twila says that she came into this game, her goal was to win a million dollars, she played the game hard, she worked for it and earned it.

Eliza is the first Juror, and she has some choices words for Twila and Chris. She calls Twila a “deceptive, lying bitch” and feels like she treated Eliza with disrespect the entire time. She then turns to Chris and says that she never expected Chris to be a deceptive lying bitch too. She asks for an apology from both. Twila refuses to apology, and calls Eliza’s “deceptive, lying bitch” and raises her a “rich, spoiled brat.” Chris, however, kisses Eliza’s feet and apologizes to her.

Julie’s next, and she starts crying before she speaks. She tells Twila that she doesn’t have beef with her, it’s with Chris, and she’s either going to vote for Chris or against him. She says that she helped him as a friend, and he was the one person she opened up and gave someone the opportunity to hurt her feelings. She wanted to know from him why he dolled up the story so much, why the story was so elaborate. Chris says that he lied to her, but he was just playing the game, and it was the hardest vote he had to cast because he viewed her as a little sister. He even was tearing up as he talked.

Leann is next. She talks about the turning point in the game was when Twila turned her back on the women’s alliance, and brings up the whole “swear on my son” bit that Twila did. Twila gives an excellent response to Leann’s question, and Leann looks satisfied. She then turns to Chris and asks why she should vote for him when she wants to see through the all women’s alliance to the end. Chris basically rehashes his opening statement, and Leann is through.

Ami is up, and she talks about irony and how both of them would lie for a million dollars, and she’s baffled by Chris who lied to two people for no apparent reason. She then asks them what qualities they have that she doesn’t have that put them in the final 2 and not her. Chris says that she let her guard down and put friendships into the game and that led to her demise. Twila prefaces her answer by saying that she’s sorry for the son lie and she hates that now she’s a low-life bitch that nobody likes. She answers Ami’s question with “I played the game harder and colder, and you didn’t have it in you.”

Chad asks them a boring question about experiences and something that’s changed them. Twila says she needs to watch what she says, she’s always felt like she had to defend herself and she’s quick to judge. Chris says that the game changes you, at some point the money starts talking and you do things you normally wouldn’t do.

Sarge is up next, and he reads them the riot act. He tells them “Touche to both y’all.” He says he holds truth to his beliefs and he nevers wants to see Twila again, but he’s going to vote for her because she needs the money. He then asks Chris that if he votes for Twila, would that affect their friendship, and Chris tells him no, he’ll still watch the race in Charlotte with Sarge, he can vote for Twila and they’d still be friends.

Scout is the last to speak, and she has no question. She tells Twila that they had an alliance from day one, and that she values the fact that Twila can’t be anyone but Twila and she can’t bullshit, and then turns to Chris and says he’s bullshit up to his ears and that got him where he was. And then she sits down.

Closing statements: Twila says that “I didn’t come into this game intentionally wanting to lie to anyone, back home my word is good.” All she thought about was bettering her life, and that was self-centered of her. People kill for less than what they are playing for. She also says she was hurt by what Sarge said, she respected him a great deal and she says that the “game ended up playing me.”

Chris individually addresses each person. He tells Scout that he’s a bullshitter, and she called him out because he can’t bullshit a bullshitter. He talks about mending fences with Julie and that he brought her her hat. He tells Eliza that he owed her an apology and that she’d be sitting here if it wasn’t for him. He tells Ami and Leann about getting to the finals through the backdoor, and he tells Sarge and Chad to vote with their hearts, as long as they feel good about who they’re voting for.

It’s time for the vote. Sarge is first, and he says “Sike!” He votes for Chris and says he was just testing their friendships. Scout votes for Twila, and thanks her for the experience. Eliza votes for Chris, saying “you definitely screwed me over, but I like you better, I just wish I was sitting next to you.” Ami votes for Twila, and says that her answers came from her heart.

We are then treated to Jeffy’s spectacular entrance to the reunion. He hacks through the jungle, parachutes from an airplane, and drives up on a motorcycle. He reveals the votes…..and Chris is the 5-2 winner of Vanuatu!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m extremely happy with this final 2 and winner, this has been a great season in my opinion…but wait, there’s more! Stay tuned for my recap of the Vanuatu reunion…..


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