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Tabby Goes Home – The X Factor, Semi Final

by Luke

The X-Factor show recaps are back. Where did they go? That, and lifes other
mysteries could probably be found lying in the murky depths of Simon Cowell’s
wallet but it’s probably best not to go there. Since the last update Verity,
Cassie, 2 To Go, Voices With Soul and Rowetta have been voted out of the
competition and we rejoin it at the semi final stage. If you remember from past
shows, the public vote to keep their favorite act at the end of the show and the
judges decide which of the bottom two finalists should leave. In the past few
episodes the situation has arisen where a judge has had to decide between two
of their own acts rather than being able to choose one represented by one of the
others. Louis Walsh has had to do this twice, rather reluctantly – and Sharon
Osbourne even refused to choose between her own 16-24 year olds. Simon still
has Steve remaining, Sharon has Tabby, and Louis has G4. Another act will be
leaving tonight and the final decision has now been taken away from the judges
and left entirely to a public vote ….

Tabby – Each act sang two songs during the episode and the young
Irish rocker chose U2’s “Pride” and “Sailing” originally performed by Rod Stewart.
This was to show his diversity, being able to perform different styles of song.
The U2 song seemed more the type of thing Tabby was used to and he
performed brilliantly. His choice of “Sailing” was criticised by the judges though,
especially as Sharon Osbourne had arranged for a Scottish pipe band to play
behind him. Simon thought it was a bit over the top, although it was revealed
later that Tabby actually had problems hitting some of the notes during
rehearsals and the pipers helped him get the right key.

G4 – As it’s nearly Christmas the Barbershop quartet style group
treated the audience to a carol – “Holy Night”. The judges were very unsure
about whether singing a hymn was right for a Saturday night TV show, the style
of the X-Factor is much more fashionable and funky. However they liked
“Bohemian Rhapsody”, the groups second performance although this was the
same song G4 had sung in the audition stages and were used to singing before
entering the show. Simon Cowell, as he had many times in previous episodes,
expressed doubt over whether this type of group would be a worthy winner for
the show because they are so different from usual reality TV talent show

Steve – This cheeky chap, who originally had to come back and
prove himself twice in the early stages because he seemed too lazy was accused
to being too cocky and sure of himself this week. This was put down to his
mentor being Simon Cowell, Louis thought his influence had rubbed off on him.
He sang Rod Stewarts “Have I Told You Lately” and also “The Greatest Love Of
All”. Both songs went down well, even with Sharon Osbourne who had started to
take a dislike to him in recent episodes.

As the tension mounted during the results show it emerged that voting had been
close and that Tabby and G4 had polled the lowest number of votes. It was
widely expected that G4 would be leaving the show as they had been underdogs
throughout most of it but when the final vote was announced it was Tabby that
had the least and would leave the show. Presenter Kate Thornton was shocked,
as was judge and Tabby’s mentor Sharon Osbourne. In the final moments Tabby
thanked everyone and said he had got what he had come for – recognition.
During interviews Sharon and the Osbourne family team had said many times
that it might be better for Tabby not to win the show as winning a reality show
would probably not be great for his rock image.

During the week various X-Factor news hit the media. Firstly that a second
season of the show had been commissioned for 2005, and the lines were open
for new entrants. Secondly, Judge Louis Walsh accused the previous weeks
evictee – Rowetta of hiding alcohol in her bag each week and getting drunk
before the shows. Rowetta, a former backing singer for group “The Happy
Mondays” responded by accusing the judges of searching her bags without her
knowledge at the show tapings. There were also revelations about Tabby’s
private life in the tabloids on the morning of the semi final. More would follow
as Simon Cowell’s “Steve” would meet Louis Walsh’s “G4” in the grand finale
next week. The prize? A million pound recording contract with Cowell’s “BMG”

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