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The Voice, Mar. 26 – Cee Lo’s Crying Edition

Orlando begins the song and sounds in his element.  Karla does background on the chorus and sounds nice, but his voice is like butter.  Karla takes the second verse and nails some really nice notes.  Orlando returns the favor at the chorus. At least at first. I’m waiting for Bertha to really make her presence known, but I don’t hear an over the top note from her.  I think it’s going to Orlando, despite his not knowing Hall & Oates, but I could easily be wrong.

Blake doesn’t think there is a clear winner.  He likes the tone of Karla’s voice, but thought Orlando did a bit better overall.  Christine was underwhelmed, but gives it to Karla.  Cee Lo preferred Orlando.  It goes to Adam who calls Orlando very specific and says Karla is blooming.  He gives it to Karla.  (That’s what you get for not knowing Hall & Oates!!  Okay, enough of that.)

And stick a fork in Adam, he’s done for the night. 

Back at the ranch, Blake partners Jordan Rager with Naia Kete to sing I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.  He gave them a song that lends itself more to Naia and hopes Jordan can steal it away.  I think Jordan is one of the singers we didn’t hear from. I’m not liking Jordan’s chances here.

They start off rehearsal, and Blake throws Jordan another curveball by telling him to sing harmony.  It’s starting to look like Jordan may have a big problem.

Jordan gets to meet Miranda Lambert and mentions how hot she is. Dude, do you see how much bigger Blake is than you?  He can squash you like a bug! Miranda thinks Jordan has a lot of work to do.  It doesn’t sound good.  (Does that mean he’s going to shock us and sound great? I hope so.  I’m kinda rooting for the kid.)

Kelly Clarkson seems to love Naia and is really impressed with her.  Blake tells her to save the tricks until the end.

During the rehearsal with the two singers, Jordan sounds better.  Blake remarks that Jordan’s performance is like night and day from when he started.

It’s country vs. street as the two take the stage.  Naia starts off and sounds at home.  Jordan however is doing really well.  They circle each other.  I get a few hints of Jordan’s country grind, while Naia takes a nice run.  We get a ‘y’all’ from Jordan at the end.

Christina says Blake looked like a nervous papa, and Blake says he’s trying not to throw up.  (Thanks for the visual, Blake.) She calls Jordan steady, but picks Naia.  Cee Lo remembers Jordan and also picks Naia.  Adam applauds Jordan for being outside his comfort zone.

Blake gives his thoughts and admits to being surprised that Naia missed some notes.  He’s impressed with how Jordan stepped up, but feels they were both off.  I’m ready for him to pick Jordan since he had to work harder for this, but he picks Naia.  Oh well, at least the kid got to meet Miranda Lambert.  (Anyone wonder if Blake heard Jordan call Miranda hot?)

And now Blake is done as well. 

Cee Lo gets to finish his team with a battle between Tony Vincent (Gotta love that last name!) and Justin Hopkins singing Journey’s Faithfully.  Amazing song.  My favorite of the night.

Justin is aware of Tony’s range, but Tony isn’t taking anything for granted.  Cee Lo is crying again. What’s up with that?  He’s going to make me cry.  I don’t want to cry.  Babyface meets with Tony and coaches him on how to improve the notes.  Justin meets with Ne-Yo who likes his natural growl. I’ve got a feeling that they saved the most awesome for last.  I’m going to love them both, aren’t I?  Then Cee Lo will send one home and I really will cry.

It’s the battle between the family men.  The cool hair vs. the no hair. The tie against whatever the heck Tony is wearing.

Tony starts off nicely, then Justin comes in and sounds just as good.  Tony definitely has the moves, the attitude and the voice as he wraps the first chorus.  Justin then takes the bridge and sounds soulful heading into the chorus.  The song explodes into the whoa part.  Justin does some runs, and Tony ends it.  Wow.  Ok, I give up on this one.  Can he save them both!

Adam says there’s a dirtiness in Justin’s voice that he liked better.  Both were great, but he’d choose Justin.  Blake says once again this has Cee Lo written all over it.  He says Tony is more versatile, but thinks Justin was more solid and gives it him.  Justin made Christina go wow, but she gives it to Tony.

Cee Lo feels that Christina mirrors what he’s thinking, (almost).  He goes into how wonderful they both are.  He was moved by Justin, but he sees how good Tony is.  He struggles, then gives it to Tony.

And that’s it!  It’s over! We have our teams!!  Who was your favorite?  Got anyone you’re rooting for?  Drop me a line and let me know.  See you next week when it’s on to the live shows!

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