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The Voice, Mar. 26 – Cee Lo’s Crying Edition

Ok people, here we go.  The last of the battle rounds! Next week, we start the live rounds.

Cee Lo is up first and he chooses Wade vs. James Mason and gives them True Colors by Cyndi Lauper, not to mention by a whole host of other people.  We get a quick glimpse of their journeys to this point, and I can’t help but notice how James’ hair seems longer than it used to be.  Wade’s doesn’t.

Cee Lo meets them for rehearsal. Even the piano player, who I think used to be on Rock Star INXS and Rock Star Supernova (And I think that band toured with Paul Stanley of KISS for a solo tour), helps out.  James is clearly nervous, and it shows.

James meets Ne-Yo, and the focus is definitely on James’ nerves and believing in himself.  Ne-Yo believes that James can do it, if only James will believe it as well. Wade gets together with Babyface who compares Wade to Al Green and Luther Vandross.  In their final rehearsal, Cee Lo is actually moved to tears.

They both start out with competing “yeahs,” then James takes the beginning verse, Wade the first chorus. James doesn’t sound bad and looks more confident.  I think they’re throwing each other off a little. Their voices don’t mesh really well, but it had its moments. Not sure how this is going to go.

Adam says James’ voice captured his attention more and recommends him.  Blake comments on James’ jacket.  He likes James better too.  Christina as well.  Cee Lo admits he was surprised how hard it was and how he cried during the day.  It seems Cee Lo was planning on going with Wade, but really feels James took it, and ultimately chooses him.

Adam pairs up Nicole Galyon and Mathai and gave them Love Song by Sarah Bareilles.  Adam gave them a song that goes with a piano that works for Nicole, but with swagger that goes better for Mathai.  Are they going to let Nicole play piano? Sounds like Adam is open to the idea and even entertains the idea of starting off playing piano, then moving to vocals only.

Robin Thicke really likes Nicole and advises her to bring her sweetness in there.  She’s still struggling over whether to play piano or not.  Mathai meets with Alanis Morissette who coaches her not to cut off her notes.  We get to see them rehearse together, and Nicole plays the piano until Adam pushes the piano off to the side and says it’s not working.

They take the stage looking spectacular.  Nicole starts off, followed by Mathai. They both do pretty well and Nicole moves around better than I thought she would.  I hear some bad notes from them both, especially that last one which actually hurt.

Blake says the battle comes down to breathing and Mathai gets it.  Christina agrees.  Cee Lo calls Nicole generic and gives it to Mathai as well.  Adam wasn’t happy overall, but the winner is Mathai.

On team Christina, we get a pairing of The LiNE, (Haley and Leland) and Moses Stone.  They’re going to be doing (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones.  So Christina put a country duo with a hip hop artist? Ok. She’s looking to challenge them all, especially Moses, wanting him to be more than just Hip-Hop.

Moses gets surprised by Lionel Ritchie. Moses and Christina duel, and Lionel Ritchie seems pretty encouraging.  Jewel works with The LiNE and compares them to a wedding band. That’s not good. We get a moment of all three of them working together.  Christina tells the LiNE that they need better stage presence. Moses seems to be in everyone’s personal space.

The show explodes with a back and forward of the “I can’t get no’s.”  Moses is working the crowd much more, but the LiNE is doing their thing as well.  It’s going much better than I thought. Here comes Moses with the Hip-Hop.  The LiNE sound amazing thought.  And Haley is really fighting her way through.

Cee Lo loved it and calls Moses a natural. He liked the LiNE, but gives it to Moses.  Adam, however, gives it to the LiNE. Blake thought it was weird, but good, and gives it to the LiNE.  Christina gives her take on how “The Voice” can be many things.  She gives it to Moses, and while I can’t say she’s wrong, I feel a bit disappointed the she didn’t choose The LiNE.  (Although I won’t miss having to type The LiNE like that.)

And Christina is done for the night.

We’re back with Adam next, and the only two singers left for him are Orlando Napier and Karla Davis.  He chooses Rich Girl by Hall & Oates. Orlando promptly announces that he doesn’t know the song. Really??? Personally, I’d have sent him packing right then and there.  How can you not know Rich Girl by Hall & Oates?

Neither Karla nor Orlando do well with the song initially, so Adam changes it to Easy by the Commodores.  (Too bad Lionel Ritchie is with team Christina.)  Both seem happier with this selection.  Except, of course, me.  But no one asks me!  I like me some Hall & Oates.

Karla meets with Alanis Morissette.  Somehow they decide to name Karla’s big voice Bertha.  I don’t know how this is supposed to help. Yet, to my surprise, it really seems to. Orlando gets together with Robin Thicke who calls Orlando a painter (in a good way) and compares him to Picasso. Robin gives a voice lesson, and now I’ll walk away hearing them in my head. Thanks.