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Endurance: Hawaii – December 11th

[i]by Kairio[/i]

Last time on Endurance: Hawaii…

The super team of Yellow (Bryanah/Monroe), Purple (Reece/Sarah) and Gray (Lindi/Chris) won out over the weak team of Red (Kareem/Rachel), Brown (Tom/Vanetta), and Orange (Demian/Nicole). The friendship that Orange had with Gray and Purple saved them, and Red and Brown went to the Temple. Red was eliminated, and the game goes on………..


JD walks in, greeting the teams. He has a letter from the Red Team, as well as their Piece (Trust). He asks Bryanah to read the note. It basically states that Yellow is an untrustworthy team, and Tom needs to focus on the game, instead of on other things (“you know what we mean”.) It also says that Gray, Orange, and Purple should keep the alliance alive, and Purple receives their piece for being the most trustworthy.

OPINION: Ummm… hello? Yellow wasn’t in your alliance, and why are they untrustworthy instead of Gray and Purple?

JD ceremoniously entreats their piece to them. Tom thinks that Kareem and himself were very tight, and he conveniently forgot to tell him that he wasn’t leaving the piece to him. “So he’s really trustworthy (makes a face).” Bryanah and JD obviously find this funny, as they both laugh. He says that Purple leads with 3, Yellow and Orange are in second with 2, and Gray and Brown have 1.

He then explains that they will be playing for a Samadhi. This is the first Samadhi in Endurance history that won’t be giving a handicap. This will actually help the team who receives it. The team who wins can either keep it for themselves, or give it to someone else. He wishes them luck.

Sarah: The purple team has 3 pieces which puts us in the lead (DOI!). Opinion: Does anyone else think that Sarah is kinda strange?

She thinks it feels really good to be ahead.

Nicole: She says that Tom was getting ready to grab the piece, and then when JD passed it down to Purple, he looked like what?

Tom: He’s ticked because he thinks that it was low of them to give it to Purple.

Monroe thinks that it was really vindictive to point out that Yellow was untrustworthy, when it wasn’t only their decision to send them up.

Bryanah thinks that they never actually gave Red any reason to stop or start trusting them, so why did they write that?

Lindi ( :heart: ) speaks for the alliance when she gives the reason for their targeting of Yellow. She says that they’re a powerful team that isn’t to be trusted.

OPINION: If you don’t like Lindi… I’m sorry, but this is a very biased column towards her and the alliance (although I like Bryanah as well). Lindi has been my favorite person since Day 1, and I guess that you can see why.


Side note: Does anyone else think that Spiderman commerical is hilarious?

*we’re back*

The teams walk in to the Mission. JD once again makes retarded comments, and points out that Purple is pretty beat up, physically.

Then he describes the challenge. They have to take handles, and push a ball across a track that’s above them, into the basket. The first team to 3 wins the Mission, and that special (and quite humongous) Samadhi.

(By the way, Lindi’s looking quite hot in her outfit)

Brown basically falls after 5 seconds, as well as Orange. Then Purple falls.

Gray (woohoo!) makes their first ball. Gray is totally wooping the competition, as Yellow, Purple, and Brown fall, as Gray makes their second ball.

Orange and Gray get close, however, they both fall. Brown once again gets close, although they fall.

GRAY WINS!!!!!!!!! :whoohoo:

JD and the Gray peeps then have a conversation. They then walk away for a minute and then they decide to keep it.

Chris then smashes the Samadhi, and finds a piece and an idol. If they pick the piece, they get to steal all of one team’s Pyramid Pieces. If they pick the Idol, they can switch teams. (But hahahaha, why would they? They just won a mission based on teamwork!)

Sarah doesn’t know what she would do if she was in Gray’s position, because she could start drama.

Lindi’s gonna go strategucally, and they need to accept that this is just a game.


*we’re back*

It is raining again. Lindi thinks it’s weird, and she’s scared that people wil get mad. Nicole and Lindi talk, and Nicole thinks that it would be retarded to switch partners, because they steamrolled the competition based on teamwork (thank you, Nicole!). Vanetta thinks that they’ll steal Purple’s pieces, because it would be smart, although Nicole thinks that if they were smart, she wouldn’t be here still (gee, ya think?). Vanetta thinks that they need to strategize. Nicole thinks Yellow will be taken away, because Chris is just a guy, and Bryanah’s thing with him is just because she’s pretty. Bryanah thinks that she now has a chance to be Chris’s partner (drama from the first episode).

Monroe thinks that everything bad happens to Yellow, therefore they will be the ones to be taken away from. They all think that strategically they should take Purple’s pieces, even Reece.

Nicole says that there’s a Purple/Gray/Orange alliance, although she’s playing nice with Brown and Yellow just in case. Then she talks with Bryanah, and Bry fries her with “don’t go back on your word and wanna keep Lindi.” Then she talks about how Nicole sent her to the temple once, and she’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Chris then says that he can’t send Orange and Purple, and he doesn’t wanna send Brown and Yellow because they’re cool. Then he says that he wants to see the weak teams to the Temple, and sit out along with Purple.

IRONY: Didn’t Yellow win like 3 in a row? And aren’t Demian and Monroe outside talking about sending Gray and Purple? 😆

Orange and Yelllow have an alliance, because the guys shook on it.


*we’re back*

The teams all walk out to the island. Monroe kisses his pieces goodbye (lol).

JD says that everyone’s real nervous.

Reece then says that they don’t really have alliances (liar, liar). Nicole smiles, and her face turns red, and she says that she’s one of the only people without alliances.

JD then says “Does your face always turn red when you’re not telling the truth?” (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Purple’s worried about their pieces, and JD remarks that everyone’s worried about pieces, while they still haven’t made their choice yet. Bryanah doesn’t think that there’s any chance of anyone switching partners. JD asks if anyone’d like to switch partners, and everyone looks at Nicole and Demian. Nicole’s face is red again, and Demian’s smirking.

Nicole’s happy although they’re really different. She thinks that she’s more outspoken than Demian, and he says that she speaks her mind. A lot. And everyone laughs. Gray (no surprise) takes pieces. From Yellow. Wow. I’m shocked. /endsarcasm

Gray and Purple have 3 pieces now.

Bryanah thinks that it wasn’t a good decision to steal their pieces, because it was a safe way out.

Chris then explains that it doesn’t make sense to take Purple’s pieces, because they’re gonna get them if they’re eliminated anyways. Orange is the same way, and Brown only has one, so it makes sense to steal Yellow’s.


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