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Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ep. 18 – “Fresh Princes”

Country music, divorce, twelve cakes, and a repaired friendship.Dedication, confrontation, and all around awkwardness.

Phaedra plans an extravagant dedication for Baby Ayden. The coronation will have bell ringers, flower girls, planned reception afterwards… Yes, by now we expect nothing less than lavishness from Phaedra Parks.

Sheree helps her potential son-in-law shop for an engagement ring. They are not cheap either. One ring that catches their eye cashes in at about $7,000. “Whatever Tierra’s taste is, Damon should be able to provide that,” and Sheree will make sure he obliges. This guy’s pockets might be light for some time if they leave with the perfect ring for Sheree’s daughter.

NeNe tries to have a conversation with her younger son about the living situation, separation and divorce, asking if he’s okay with how things are. “Awkward silence,” Brent says. Yes, it is. I can understand his indifference towards what’s going on with his parents. What kid wants to talk about that with said parents?

Camp is finally over! Kim and the family anxiously wait for Kroy’s arrival from football camp. Wings and microwaves don’t really go together. I don’t think so, but Kim places one of her many wigs wrapped in plastic in the microwave. And guess how that scenario ends? Hmm. Where’s Sweetie in all of this commotion?

Kroy returns after a month at football camp, and Kim welcomes him back with some home cooking … prepared by a private chef. She happily shows off the house; it’s finally clean for one thing. And we can’t forget the family portraits lining nearly every wall.

Everybody’s excited to have Kroy back. Kim finally lets us all know that Sweetie is fired. She’s gone. We find out she burned the baby milk, had a bad attitude, yelled and cursed at the girls, and was just overall unprofessional — as we’ve seen. She’s still a friend, but I doubt Sweetie will get as much screen time anymore, if at all.

Mr. Dwight is back to coordinate Ayden’s royal dedication. “If Dwight is in charge of everything, it is going to go as smooth as my baby’s bottom,” Nicely put, Phaedra.

Cynthia and Peter arrive for the royal dedication and — gasp! — they are actually early, which is “on time.” Or at least, earlier than everyone else with plenty of time to spare until the big event.

Cue the music for Baby Ayden’s royal entrance. Sippy cup in hand, he’s carried down the church aisle presented to everyone and God. Peter puts it best comparing Ayden’s arrival to Coming to America. I don’t see any of The Smalls at this event, or even news reporters for that matter.

Damon lets Sheree know that there will be no proposal. C’mon, the guy has to step his game up a hell of a lot to meet Sheree’s standards. But seriously, other considerations come into play like the actual commitment. Sheree’s actually relieved. She’s been through divorce, and it’s no walk in the park.

It takes Kim an hour and a half to get to Ayden’s dedication, but at least she’s there. Unlike the other Smalls. What up with that, ladies? Parties seem like the best background for things to go down. Of course Phaedra’s planned event has assigned seating, but since Sheree and Kandi never show up, Kim and Cynthia are placed at a table together.

Conversation is kinda awkward. Kim and Cynthia exchange compliments over Baby K.J. Kroy and Peter have nothing to say to each other. Remember Kim’s baby shower? Also, remember what happened at the baby shower, specifically between Peter and Apollo?

Peter excuses himself from the table with some kind of lame excuse, and Cynthia’s left to brave the awkward tension alone. That marriage is one to envy. Soon, Peter and Cynthia decide to leave the dedication after party. While they’re standing outside the building chatting, Kim and Kroy walk by and head to the car to leave.

Hold on a minute, Kim’s got something to say. “Cynthia, I wanted to ask you something real quick.” And quick, it is.

Cynthia dismisses Peter for a confrontation with Kim, who marches over like she’s on a mission. Because she is. Even on sacred church ground, their issues are going to be discussed. South Africa comes up. AGAIN. As well as the forever-going “holding a black baby.” That must have really angered Kim.

Cynthia can’t even remember exactly what she said, but she’s being the bigger person by apologizing for insulting Kim with that fuzzy statement. Apology accepted. The women head their separate ways. Kim needs a cigarette — like quick. Cynthia’s like “it’s hopeless.” Most definitely. While they’re far from friends, I think it’s safe to say they are on some sort of civil ground. For now.

On the next episode:  NeNe takes a trip to L.A. It appears Kroy may be popping the big question to Kim. We’ll see!

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