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Monster Man, Mar. 21- Werewolves and Jenna Elfman

Cleve inspects the fur that is so shaggy, you will not be able to see the muscle suit; he can’t make it work. Constance believes she can make it work and fit it to the costume, but Thomas Churchill is not impressed with their werewolf so far. They must work quickly and come up with something to appease Thomas. Cleve prepares to show Thomas the muscle core, but he spots Constance’s designs and likes them.

Cleve is proud of her and in order to continue to make Thomas happy, Cleve needs his special werewolf fur to be delivered. (So much drama to be a werewolf.) The team begins working on the werewolf head by sculpting it out of clay. Before they can use foam latex, they must keep moving even though they are missing some intricate items.

Roy and Cindy are left to finish the Princess Polly mask. They make a mold of the mask and fill it with foam latex that is then pulled from the oven and removed from its shell. Roy opens it quickly tp see it came out perfect. Je believes that Richard will love it. Meanwhile, Cleve’s other daughter, Elora, is working on the werewolf’s teeth mold. She uses white resin and creates the werewolf’s mouth.

Elora successfully creates the teeth mold, and it was indeed worse than pulling teeth. Cleve attaches the muscle to the body suit and begins to add color. Just as Thomas arrives, the fur arrives as well, lucky break. Thomas arrives and asks about the fur, and Cleve begins showing Thomas the project. Thomas is mad, because the fur is silver, brownish, and red.

Thomas begins throwing a slight fit. Cleve and the team must fix this massive werewolf to keep the director happy. Cleve tries to make it work and puts every ounce of energy into making Thomas happy. He goes into detail and wants a brownish werewolf, so after Cleve demonstrates, Thomas changes his tune and now has to trust the Monster Man after he sees his ferocious werewolf. They begin stretching the fur onto the werewolf and it begins to come together.

It’s back to Princess Polly. The last part is to get Erin ready, and Richard is psyched. They prepare the Princess Polly mask and the werewolf with green screen and lights. They have these two separate projects going on, and the team works as much as possible to make everything work.

There is a problem with the lighting for Richard’s Princess Polly, and he is freaking out. The gold is contrasting against the green screen. Cleve decides to let Roy handle the director, because he understands Monsters, but people, not so much. So they send their team on a shopping mission for a royal blue bikini for Princess Polly. Now with her wild blonde wig, crazy mask and royal blue bikini, she impresses Richard and he is giddy with joy. He begins filming and all is well in Princess Polly land.

So far everything is running smooth, but Thomas is not so happy and there are two days left until he starts filming and needs his werewolf. They begin to assemble the werewolf, and Thomas wants to shoot before it gets dark, but Cleve doesn’t seem too concerned as the crew finishes the werewolf. There is now one hour until filming starts, and Thomas begins instructing his actors and is waiting on his “badass” werewolf.

They are fifteen minutes from their deadline, and Cleve is devouring a drumstick, while Roy’s blood pressure is through the roof again. Thomas is upset and does not have his wolf yet and is beginning to get irritated. Let’s hope Cleve makes this deadline. Back at Sota FX, Cleve is still working on the werewolf by adding hair and finishing the head.

Roy is freaking out, and Thomas is screaming about the wolf suit. He has to be out of the location in about two hours and has seven scenes to shoot. Cleve has one more magical step to do and when he finishes, they load up the wolf and head for the set. Thomas spots the headlights and doesn’t know whether to hug Cleve or kick him.

Cleve needs ten minutes to set up the wolf and get the stuntman into the wolf suit. The wolf looks awesome so far. Thomas is setting up scenes and spots the wolf and now that it’s on, Thomas loves it. They talk about the blood and get in position as the werewolf prepares to kill everything in sight.

The werewolf looks good onscreen, and the poor actress is about to get mauled by a killer psycho werewolf. Thomas decides to hug Cleve. They did an amazing job. Constance was very proud of her design, Roy was covered in blood with low blood pressure, and Cleve terrified several thousand people, so another job well done. Go Monster Man.

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