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Monster Man, Mar. 21- Werewolves and Jenna Elfman

On tonight’s episode of Syfy’s Monster Man, the moon is full and the werewolves are coming to life, Cleve style. Cleve Hall and his insanely talented family and team take on werewolves and Jenna Elfman. At SOTA FX, Cleve is singing a random song and meets Thomas Churchill, who needs Cleve’s and Roy’s assistance Cleve uses his high tech calling device to bring in Roy and proceeds to scream ROY at the top of his lungs. Thomas Churchill is putting together a killer werewolf film called Hallow Point (wasn’t there a film called Hallow Point with a dude that played a vampire in a John Carpenter film? But I digress, moving on …), and he will be relying on Cleve to create this massive monster.

As Cleve talks about the process of creating a massive, monster werewolf, his own glowing contact lenses make him look a little wolf-ish. Thomas wants to go old school with no CGI, so he envisions the werewolf to be like the body of a lion: big teeth, mean and badass. The face will be very aerodynamic. Cleve wants it to be as realistic as possible, because it will be a guy in a suit and Cleve does not want to see a guy walking around in a Halloween costume with carnage, yet wants carnage. Did I mention he wants carnage?

Roy approaches Constance to sketch and design the werewolf. As Cleve’s daughter, she should be able to handle it. She works on it, and Johnnie approaches her and informs her that he is really into werewolves. He begins twenty questions and back seat designing.

Constance seems a bit annoyed, but continues working. Her father brings in Thomas’ stuntman Cody to start the measurements and begin the build of the werewolf. The inside will be all spandex and extra comfy according to Cleve. Thomas asks Cleve how long he has been in the special effects business and begins telling a super long story. Constance cuts in by informing viewers that his story is like the monster effects version of oh I had to walk twenty miles in the snow.

As Cleve chats away, he manages to finish the stuntman’s werewolf spandex garment while everyone is waiting on Constance to finish the design. Legendary filmmaker Richard Elfman is preparing for Forbidden Zone Part 2. His brother Danny Elfman did all the music for the first film. Richard presents Cleve and Roy with quite the challenge; he needs an insane mask for his lead actress Princess Polly, and she has an attractive body and a cartoon-like head.

Richard goes into clear details, and his vision is incredible. He heads straight to Cleve and Constance to do the sketch and put everything together. Richard wants the mask to be as crazy and monstrous as possible, but he also wants the actress to be able to move, breathe and function while filming. Constance went to cosmetology school, so facial prosthetics and make-up are right up her alley, and it is a dark alley.

The mask will be made out of foam latex in order for the actress to sing and dance. Richard brings the actress in to get ready for her monstrous mask mold; Erin the actress gets a life cast done and sits patiently as they cover her entire head to make the mold except for her nostrils. Sounds like a blast, but once they remove the cast from her face they will have the perfect platform to build the cast.

Now back to that mean, nasty werewolf. Constance is struggling with the design; she is happy with body but does not like the head. Cleve is looking for an inspirational place to visit. where is “Going to the woods.” No, he heads out to find the meanest attack dog he can find… a poodle. No, not at all, a German Shepard named MoMo. Is there a method to Cleve’s madness? No, just his madness, and it seems to work.

Cleve and Constance go on some pretty interesting field trips, and MoMo shows them how it’s done. MoMo is in full attack mode. To create his werewolf, he needs to create a MoMo times one thousand. The dog trainers bring out an extra dog bite training suit for Cleve to be MoMo’s next victim. Sonia says there have been many times she wanted to throw Cleve to the dogs; now is her chance to watch it happen.

Note to Folks: Don’t try any of this at home; MoMo and these folks are trained professionals, and so is Cleve Hall. Now, let’s hope Cleve does not get eaten alive so he can finish the werewolf. His werewolf inspiration trip finds Cleve quoting Reservoir Dogs. He believes now that he has been attacked by a dog knows now why he is a cat person. He will do anything for his daughter. Constance realizes what she is missing – massiveness, including teeth and the ability to glisten in the moonlight.

Cleve and Constance figure out how to make him into a hulking, killing machine, and the final stamp must be the fur. They create the huge muscular body and make the molds, and it takes everyone in the shop to make the suit. Sonia is very proud of Constance as she is in full Monster mode. The team continues working, then it’s back to the Princess Polly mask as Richard shows up to check on it in a vampire-inspired car.

Richard is joined by his son Bodhi Elfman and his daughter-in-law Jenna Elfman, who arrive to check out the Princess Polly mask. Bohdi is going to be in the film along with Jenna, or at least Richard hopes so. He is trying to entice her with something freaky and cool; so far she is game and ready to go.

Go ahead, prepare to howl at the moon, but not until the fur arrives. The team ordered fur, but it has not yet arrived, so Constance heads up the semi attic and finds a box of fur. You thought you had weird things in your attic.