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Survivor: One World – Ep 6 – The One With All The Karma

If Colton was a cartoonish villain, then Kitten is a cartoon of a different kind. She shared her dream with us on Day 15 – she dreamed that Alicia killed her at the mall while shopping for clothes. I love how she added what was being shopped – thank goodness she didn’t go to Sunglasses Hut. She then shared that she hoped Alicia won’t really kill her. She won’t. Unless she is in fact Freddy Krueger.

Even better – Kitten has never heard of an appendix. How is that possible? Upon hearing of Colton’s removal and that others have also had their appendices out, Kitten was visibly nervous that hers could be in danger…whatever it was. She’s awesome – she’s like a dog, nothing but id and completely without a filter. I’m sure she’ll love being called a dog, but I actually mean that with affection. There is something endearing about not being burdened with any worries about anything other than exactly what you are doing in that very moment. I am also certain that the giant belch that blasted out at the ice cream parlor came from Kitten.

Reward Challenge – Probst said this was a backyard game, and I just want to know what backyards Probst played in. They had to climb up a series of crates and toss coconuts into a trampoline in order to have it bounce and break five targets. The winners get a massive amount of ice cream. Which is awesome – and as a world-renowned ice cream junkie, I wanted to join them.

Of course, Salami won this challenge. That’s what would have happened for weeks if these tribes held. The scoring went – Kim, Tarzan, Leif, Chelsea, Jay, Tarzan again, Kitten and Troyzan for the win. The best part was Probst lacing into Alicia for her bad play – calling her pa-thetic and that his nephew could do better. Why he singled her out, I don’t know, but I wasn’t complaining. Go Probst.

Treemail Top 10
• Update – in post-show interviews today, Colton said that he did not have appendicitis; he had a severe bacterial infection. So, no worries, Kitten. Your appendix is safe.
• What stunned me was that there was no product placement during the ice cream reward. How was there no Baskin Robbins product placement here? And who puts boysenberry on their ice cream?
• What was that wrap on Alicia’s head during her post-sneaking-up-behind-Cha moment? She’s like Cleopatra on her way down the Nile.
• Tarzan had a feather clipped to his head a la Philip. Don’t think we didn’t notice that, Tarzan! If you become another Specialist, well, I’m all for it!
• When your pee is brown…well, that’s the evil trying to escape.
• Alicia thinking about strategy and angry about not getting Colton’s idol…well, yeah, that’s a problem. She said call her a bad person, but all she thought about was strategy. Ok. Consider it done.
• If Sushi thinks that he’s got the power, then he needs to look up the definition of power. Because I don’t think it means what he thinks it means.
• I would be ok with this season if Leif never got a chance to speak again – it makes me sad when he does. Meanwhile, I’d be happy if we got an entire episode of Tarzan talking. But that might be sycophantic.
• The crazy amount of animal shots, and the many useless filler shots of fake strategizing, made it clear to me right away that there was going to be no challenge whatsoever. And the merge was coming too.
• The only smart thing that I have witnessed from Alicia was that she slyly planted a seed that perhaps, just perhaps, she did have Colton’s idol. I wonder if that will come to help her – however, I doubt it. Perhaps if she was alone with him when he left, but too many other witnesses will sell her out in a second.

Votes – None. Just some bad mojo.

Next week – Tarzan and Sushi yell at each other.

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