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Survivor: One World – Ep 6 – The One With All The Karma

I am not big on the whole karma thing on reality shows – I don’t believe the Amazing Race Gods punish teams for Yielding or U-Turning other teams, for example. However, it is hard to disagree that the Survivor Gods wrought some serious karmic vengeance this week – if you spew bile, we’ll mess with your innards.

That’s exactly what happened – we had ourselves a medical evacuation this week. No immunity challenge – that will likely become next week’s reward challenge, as next week’s reward took place at Tribal Council. The 12-person merge. We will have a Final Three, with a nine-person jury this season as a result – unless the show does something super goofy. Probst pointed out a growing Survivor curse – joining the Car Curse which wrecked havoc on car challenge winners for the first half of the series’ run. The Episode Six Curse – Season 2, Ep 6…Skupin falls in the fire. Season 16, Ep 6…Jonathan gets wounded in the crazy obstacle chase challenge. Season 19, Ep 6…Good Russell collapses during the challenge and almost dies.

And now…Season 24, Ep 6…the Evil Queen is overthrown.

Note to Snow White – don’t fight the Evil Queen, she’ll just be consumed from within by her evil.

That’s what happened to Colton. In a very surprising twist, the Evil Queen is out – Medivac’d by the Survivor doctors to have emergency appendix surgery. And how sweet for the viewers to see the comeuppance for this cartoonish villain? Very sweet.

Before getting into the details of the removal, just a bit on Colton as he departs pre-jury. I would like to believe that all reality show villains (maybe not Russell) are just edited that way. They are good people in their hearts and souls that just acted badly during a very stressful, very public game. I absolutely believe that is the case in 99 out of 100 cases. I am very hopeful that Colton has watched these episodes and is truly embarrassed by his behavior. I hope that he has made things right with Bill, Leif, Cha and anyone else he berated maliciously during his two weeks in Samoa. He is a very young man – younger than his years, due to his sheltered upbringing – and maturity can work miracles. I was an idiot when I was 19 – a raging egomaniac who thought he knew everything. There is hope for Colton and I really do want to believe that he will learn from this experience.

However, to quote Michael Corleone (to Carlo, not long before ordering the garroting of his brother-in-law), “you have to answer for Santino.” In this case, Santino is six episodes of Survivor. And the Evil Queen had a lot to answer for. In this episode alone, it started right away with the return back from blindsiding Monica. The Evil Queen and his Henchwoman are literally giddy over their move. So giddy that they transfer what malice they have left over onto poor Cha, who sits as an alliance of one in a group of six. They tell her that she’s gone either as part of Manamana or after the merge. She’s doomed. He tells Cha to make an alliance with a hermit crab. They call her a cockroach for surviving long after she should have.

It gets even uglier when they refuse to let Cha into the shelter – she has to force herself in. Alicia threatens to “whack” her if Cha touched her as she attempted to get shelter. The best thing that could happen would be for Alicia to strike her – I recall Fairplay admitting to goading Rupert into hitting him so Rupert would get forced from the game.

The Cha attacks continued later on. The Evil Queen rode her during the challenge for not running fast enough – even though she was running, and others were running at about the same speed. Cha tried to scramble by gathering Sushi Man and Leif to her side, targeting Alicia. However, she failed to follow the first law in talking about someone – look over your shoulder to see if they’re standing right there!

If his strategy was to deride her into submission and just brand her as persona non grata – it worked. But there are other ways of doing this – Boston Rob never thumbed his nose in the eye of his adversaries. It just seemed really unnecessary.

Ironically, when his illness began to manifest, it was Cha who began to serve as caregiver – even if it had some ulterior motives on her part. She massaged his head, she tried to help his ailing stomach and is the one who found him curled in the fetal position and helped him back to camp. Cha’s display of humanity despite the nasty insults provided a stark contrast to Alicia and Colton. Alicia was even focused on how her game got hurt by his injury, and pissed that he chose to keep his idol instead of giving it to her. Heck, he should have given it to Cha for actually caring about him!

Let me repeat again for emphasis about Alicia – she cares for special needs children as her profession. This woman on my TV who is mean and vicious is in charge of special needs kids. Stunning.

So, out goes Colton and we have a brand new ballgame. Sushi and Leif seemingly linked up with Cha before the Tribal merge, but who knows now. There remain six men and six women – do the gender lines reform? Personally, I don’t think so. My reason is from the pre-episode review of last week. For no real reason, we are treated to the formation of the Kim/Chelsea/Troyzan/Jay alliance last week. It appeared to be just a backup plan for the ladies, but then why add this to the recap? I sense that this group is going to form the power in the merge. They need only three others to wrest control at this point – and they can either choose to do that as the current Salami tribe by including Kitten, Sabrina and Mike, or they could import some Manamanas and do so.

I don’t see the men reforming – especially after the Sushi/Tarzan argument shown next week. I just don’t see how the men factions solve their issues. If I had to wager a guess, I see the Salami tribe take out Alicia first, followed by Sushi or Leif. Mike could be jettisoned next due to his physical skills. The remaining Manamana men go next, followed by Cha. That would leave the Core Four with Kitten and Sabrina at the end, with all bets off.
I have not been spoiled or anything, so take that all with a grain of salt.

So that’s the episode, for the most part. Oh, except for Kitten.