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You Don't Belong Here – ANTM 3, Episode 11


It’s down to the final four. Ann, Eva, Amanda and Yaya. Tonight’s episode got right into the competition with Tyra Mail. The girls made their way over to see Sawa, a Tokyo-based ‘style’ guru. She shows them Japanese Street Style. The girls are very put-off by it. It looks like Japanese anime on crack. It’s Salvation Army Meets “Sailor Moon”. Very, very strange to those of us in the US.

The ladies are then told to use the clothes rack that Sawa put together and make their own street style. Ann has trouble ‘cuz she’s so tall. Amanda tries to help her and even donates the shirt off her back.

The girls show off their style. Ann hears that she should ‘use more color.’ Eva notices that Ann was “pissed.” They’re still not on good terms, but I think it would be hard to miss the mark on Ann’s reaction.

Now for the challenge – – the ladies have 2 hours or so to pull together an outfit in the theme of “Babydoll Lolita” (Hey, that could be an interesting movie starring Hillary Duff, Lindsey Lohan and … Okay…need to go to a different place now. One that’s not so scary>>>)

The rules: they need to be at the Milk/Milkboy designer’s press room at 6pm. They have $200.00 US dollars worth of yen to buy an outfit and they can only go to 4 specific stores to buy their wares.

Amanda decides that ‘since she’s blind’ she’ll just go to one store, look around and go to the press room. It’s a great strategy because the other girls run around like chickens with their cute heads cut off. Ann and Eva run into each other by accident and are so thrilled. The angst of the past week or so dissipates so they can concentrate on the challenge at hand.

Yaya goes around looking for a kimono. She finds one and changes into her street style clothes. She ends up making it to the store front by 6pm, but …not to the pressroom. Amanda, Eva and Ann meet with Shingo and Hitomi, the designers.

They wonder why there are only 3 girls, not four. Yaya bursts in a few minutes later and they tell her to please leave. Lateness is not tolerated. She huffs off and tells the cameras that it’s a good thing because she gave one of the other girls a chance to win. (What a b***h! I hate such pridefulness….Someone needs to knock Miss Thang down a notch…)

Amanda looked cute, but was told she was too “old” to rock the street style. Meeee–ouch! Ann was asked if she had trouble finding clothes in her size. At 5 ft 11 inches tall she’s bigger than the average Japanese lady. She did.

Eva won the challenge. She told the cameras her strategy was to find clothes that looked really stupid together. She chose Ann to share the reward with her. The next day they go and eat breakfast with Jewelry-man…Toyohiko Mikimoto. After breakfast, they go to his high-end store and are treated like royalty. He gives them each the gift of a gorgeous pearl necklace. Ann and Eva are so excited.

Tyra Mail arrives and they can’t decide if the “FAST LANE” means the street or a runway. Ann hopes it’s the runway because that where she shines. It’s so not. When they get to the shoot, Jay Manuel teases Ann that she’s lucky to even be there especially after last week. Ann gets hurt and can’t handle the criticism. She almost crumbles.

The ladies are wearing anime style clothes and have to show themselves in motion while sitting stationary on a cool, motorcycle. The backdrop of their shoot — a busy Tokyo street.

Amanda looks like anime barbie. She’s cute. Yaya looked good, but had trouble nailing her poses. Eva didn’t bring the “Grr” “grr” and Ann was ‘dead and lifeless’ as usual.

The girls go back to their place and Tyra drops in with her mom, Carolyn London. Each has a two-on-two with Tyra and mom. She’s so sweet. A very special lady, Ms. London is…

Then, they all eat dinner with Tyra’s ex-sister-in-law and her children. Tyra’s brother was married to a Japanese lady and lived there for a while. Tyra says it’s nice to have family in Japan because being so far from home can be very lonely. The girls agree and are grateful that Tyra shared her family with them.

Next day…it’s judgment time. The girls get there and are administered a test by Shingo and Hitomi. They must use the rack of clothes provided to prepare their own version of “extreme street style” in 15 minutes.

Amanda was told to take off everything black and yellow. Then she was praised for her pic. Now, for Ann. Nole asks her to give him different looks, but they all look the same. Ann beings to cry. Hitomi says, “Sad. Beautiful” when Ann shows the emotion. The panel was mixed on Yaya’s look and Eva had to have her shorts altered for it to work.

Tyra served notice to all 4 of the remaining girls. She told them that none of them were presenting America’s Next Top Model and they better ‘up their game’.

She asked Amanda to tell her why they think this about her. Amanda said, in pictures I look like a model, but not in person. Tyra said, “Yes, that’s exactly it.”

Yaya was safe from elimination. Ann and Eva were the final two. The girls had just had a huge fight while waiting for the judges to deliberate. Ann seems to take out her frustrations on Eva. Anyway, in the end, Ann went home.

She hugged Yaya and Amanda, but not Eva. That was harsh. I felt sad for Eva, but…I’m sure she’ll prevail.

Next week is the finale. I wonder who’ll win.

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