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American Idol, Mar. 21 – Best Advice, “Stay individual.”

Elise Testone is singing Vienna this week, and I have to say I don’t think it will help her at all to be singing something more obscure. Jimmy admits he doesn’t know what’s going on for her to have a great performance and still end up in the bottom three last week. He echoes my fears of her singing a song no one is going to know, but she is 100% sure on it. Diddy asks her to just make it special. And she thinks she embraces it when she sings it for them the second time.

When Tommy first meets Elise, what he finds interesting is that she is very layered up and hiding her body. He asks her to take the scarf and jacket off. She mentions she likes the style of the 70s, but sees it as too baggy and doesn’t want to not fit in. He thinks she’d look incredible in high-waisted bellbottoms that would almost go to the floor in a shorter top or jacket. She’s been searching for a sweet pair of bellbottoms, so likes that thought. He wants her to pull off a Janis Joplin type of look. Instead she wears a low-cut dress with a long open light vest over it. She sounds amazing, and I really hope the unknown song doesn’t hurt her. The ending run is fantastically different.

With a standing O from the judges, Steven tells Elise she went all over the place and still stayed in the room. The melody was so fantastic and just brilliant. Great singing with a lot of heart to it. She picked her song and picked her dress. He thinks everyone knows what to do with their votes. Jennifer is so happy for Elise that she just wants to shake her. It was such a beautiful thing with all the beautiful things she did with her voice, and even the way she was moving. It’s like everyone got to see her personality for the first time.

Randy starts by saying taking on the songbook of Billy Joel was going to be tough, but he likes what everyone has done so far tonight, as they took it and made it their own. What we saw tonight is why Elise is in the competition, because she is unbelievably talented. That vocal performance is what he thinks the moment of the night is. He doesn’t know of any singers other than her who could have done that run she did at the end.

Two of Elise’s students come up onstage, and run up and give Elise such big hugs, it makes me cry. It’s obvious her students adore her. She only praises them, saying we should hear them sing sometime. I didn’t know I could like her anymore than I already did, but I do.

Phil Phillips gets non-stool chat with Ryan, and they chat about the pawn business. It’s picked up apparently, with people pawning alligators, clothes, babies, grandparents. Wow, interesting store. Tommy thinks he needs some help in the style department, but Phil tells him he’s a simple kind of guy who wants to bring the music first. Tommy sees him as timid and afraid of breaking out, and that’s a negative. Phil pulls out a gray outfit that Tommy says is the worst color to wear onstage. He explains Bruce Springsteen can wear jeans and a white t-shirt, but he pairs it with a jacket or something to stand out.

Wearing his drab clothes, Phil meets up with Jimmy and Diddy and debuts his version of Moving Out. Diddy asks to hear it without the guitar, as he thinks it’s a crutch for him. He thinks he needs to be willing to take the risks. He wants him to groove. Phil says he always will when he’s feeling the music. Diddy asks some girls to sit in and watch him. Tonight, Phil is wearing … grey and … has the guitar. He likes what he likes apparently. Like always, it’s a completely different version of this song, but it’s amazing. And he grooves … with the guitar. And that thing I’m always waiting for him to let go, I think he let a little bit of it out.

Jennifer felt like Phil was taking out a little bit of aggression on his mentors at the end. It comes down to you are who you are and you have to be who you are. And he ended up getting a great response for it. He says you can tell the guitar isn’t a shield for him, “it’s one with me.” She continues that it was the perfect rendition of the song for him.

Steven tells Phill he took the song and “Phillip Phillipsed it.” he did a really good job with it. People always told the Beatles to cut their hair and Elvis to not shake his hips. but you can’t listen to them. He was hoping he’d sing a song and blow them out of the water. Steven was glad he wore gray. He thinks his scarf might help him and tosses it up onstage to him.

Randy looks at it this way. Jimmy and Diddy said take the guitar off, and he didn’t. Tommy sayid don’t wear grey, and he wore grey. Those that do should; he just did because he does and knows who he is. He is an unbelievably talented artist. That’s one of the best renditions of the song ever. He needs to stick to his guns, as he actually knows who he is. He was really headed somewhere and going somewhere, and it was brilliant.On Ryan’s advice. Phil tosses Steven’s scarf to the girls in the audience.

Hollie Cavanagh gets non-stool chat with Ryan who mentions her dad getting emotional on the show last week. Tonight her brother gives her a special message. In a video, he says he’s not going to be embarrassing like their dad who should be ashamed. He tells her not to crack as the dog still has to be seen in public, and if she messes up, he won’t be able to leave the house. Tommy thinks Jimmy and I were right last week that they dress Hollie too old. She tells him she likes the sparkly dresses He suggests sequins, glitter, and sparkle. For her it’s every girl’s dream to get to look through racks of that type of stuff.

Jimmy and Diddy hear Hollie’s rendition of Honesty, and I can only think they are finally going to dress her older, but now she’ll be singing a song meant for a much older person. Teenagers don’t know the true meaning of that word. Jimmy tells her Billy had an interesting life with a lot of disappointments and looks like that when he sings, but she looked like she was bringing a bouquet of roses. Diddy thinks those words resonated with her. She thinks Diddy helped her understand the meaning much better. She’s dressed much younger, but it’s odd attached to this song. She still doesn’t truly understand the meaning. Shaking your hand and frowning doesn’t mean you understand it.

Steven tells Hollie she is one of their grand singers, as she holds the notes long and sings so beautifully and deep, but tonight she was a little pitchy. It seemed like she was over-thinking a little. She just hand’t sung it enough, but he thinks in a week or so she could kill the song. Jennifer makes note that Hollie aways takes on such big songs, and you need to do that in this competition, but you have to know every note of the song, especially with the big songs. The sound of her voice is one of her favorites this year, so she can’t distract them by going off.

Randy echoes all that, saying the truth is they give the Idols constructive criticism, because they think they can potentially be that great. She can be, and every time he sees her, he knows she likes those songs by the big singers, but she has to nail them. The choruses were great, but the verses had pitch issues, and he could feel her thinking in her head. She looks beautiful but needs to tune the vocal up a little bit.

How’s that poor dog going to go out side now? Seriously, it’s like they put in that bit ot humanize her to get more votes, but if you do something like that, then you have to perform the snot out of something, and she didn’t. She is too young to sing a song like that, and that’s what the judges and mentors should be telling her. Quit singing big songs because your voice can do it. You have to understand the lyrics as well, and she is clearly too young.