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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 13

Welcome back to the final week of the Survivor season. Since we now know that we may have to wait until late March for Survivor 10 to begin, my advice is to enjoy “Survivor Week” while it’s here.

I would like to thank Aurora for taking my place last week as I dealt with a family emergency. She did a great job and thankfully got everything right. Now I am back and ready for action one more time this year.

With Ami’s boot Thursday, Eliza takes her position as the most hated person remaining on the island. Although she seems to only be a loudmouth, Eliza can be very strategic and may be a big challenge threat as we near the end of the game. The ultimate reward challenge offers two castaways the chance to see a live active volcano. After observing the commercials it appears that Julie will win. The immunity challenge will test our contestants memory skills. Eliza should be the favorite. The two people being hyped as possible targets are Scout and Julie. Anyone who has been watching the show has to know that the 5’th jury member will be … JULIE.

I will see you Saturday for this years final predictions!

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