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Real Housewives of Orange County, Ep. 7 – “Under the Knife”

Recuperation, thyroid trouble, and a restaurant business.

Tamra consults with her plastic surgeon about removing the breasts implants. “I don’t need these big breasts to define who I am.” Very wise, Tamra. It’s so hard finding bras to properly fit, the boobies keep growing, they’re hard to work out at the gym with, and just heavy. True, true.

Alexis is on the operating table and is going under. The time has come. Her deviated septum is removed and the doc confirms how obstructed her airways are. After the sinus and breathing conflictions are out of the way, the cosmetic part comes into play.

Doc breaks Alexis’s nose to fix that hump. “Poor Alexis. She’s going to be sore,” he sings.

At least she’s in a deep sleep and isn’t conscious of it. Still sort of zonked out, Alexis wakes up with a bandaged nose and a sack of ice on her face.

“Actress” Heather seems to have her hands full with four little kids. However, she finds it’s more straining being an at-home mommy than it is “working.” She “prepares” food for her family — but doesn’t cook — so don’t confuse the two. As a native New Yorker, she’s a foodie who orders meals. Wants that night-life, the sleepless city, and clubs. I’m thinking Sex & the City housewife-style.

Yes it’s hard work opening up a restaurant, but for Heather “it’s just a fun pet job.” Just awesome. Another bored, rich mommy-housewife. I suppose that’s the point of the show. What do I know?

Gretchen watches a rehearsal of the Pussycat Dolls in preparation for her Las Vegas debut. From the choreography, coordination, singing, and overall performance, Gretch is in over her head. She’s ready to kill Slade for booking this particular gig.

Vicki calls to update Tamra on her daughter’s situation. It’s really bad. Docs have told her to prepare for the worst. Brianna is in a lot of pain and her thyroid is in really bad shape. This all makes Vicki see what’s important right now in her life. She could lose her daughter. Brianna decides to recuperate at home, which hurts Vicki a little. It makes it a tad bit difficult to fuss over Brianna if she’s not around twenty-four-seven.

There seems to be a trend or pattern when it comes to so-called friends and surgery. Doesn’t this always happen? Gretchen hasn’t called or been by to visit Alexis while going through this nose job. Of course Lex is upset about this. What up with that, Gretchen? Alexis follows up with her surgeon and finds out all the gross stuff (mucus plug) that was pulled out of her schnoz . Looks like someone went a few rounds with her face.

This restaurant idea has Heather enthused. She’s taking the decent steps, going to L.A. to discuss options with a friend and receive advice. Who better to bring along than Vicki — businesswoman — and Tamra — who’s just a good ol’ time? Nobody wants to sit through hours of California traffic. Of course a helicopter is completely appropriate for the occasion. If only we could all live big like Heather.

Vicki thinks, “Run! Just be friends. Don’t get into business together. You’ll end up hating each other in about a year.” Not that she states this aloud. Heather has a plan for the most part and is going into her abstract restaurant business with open eyes. Whatever that means. The classy ladies arrive at their destination in L.A. Vicki thinks Heather and her friends just want a clubhouse to spend their husbands’ money. I can totally see that.

Pop the bottle of Cristal! Heather’s restaurant venture may or may not materialize. Vicki informs her “95% of restaurants do not succeed.” Even if it doesn’t fall through, it’s a good excuse for champagne.

A restaurant sounds good, and being on set (I’m assuming her famous acting career that’s slowed down now) for hours gives Heather the business experience for her pet project. It’ll keep her creativity alive. I feel like she hasn’t thought this through.

“This is something I could do while the kids are at school.” Heather’s bored. I get it. Personally, I choose to write. Others can choose to embark on a business venture in their spare time. Whatever floats your boat.

Tamra’s stunned by Heather’s relationship with her other girlfriends. “There’s no stabbing in the back. Who knew this existed?” Um, it doesn’t. “It was so nice to be around a group of girls who support each other,” Tamra admits to Vicki in the limo.

That’s right, they have to take a limo back to O.C. instead of the helicopter. It’s nice to see that friendliness on screen too. The cattiness can be draining for me just watching. I don’t want to imagine how it is for the person doing the loudest screaming.

Vicki’s perspective on life is changed with the possibility of cancer in her daughter’s future. So she’s beyond the Slade and Gretchen B.S. Emotions arise when Tamra gets notice her divorce is final. She sort of feels like a failure.

On the next episode: Alexis’s new nose is revealed! Tamra receives the document that’s going to dissolve her marriage and then goes into teas. We’ll see what that entails.

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