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The Voice, Mar. 19 – Everyone Makes Mistakes Edition

Blake’s back at the ranch and pairs up AlyX (Man, that’s annoying to write like that.) and Jermaine Paul, and gives them Billy Ocean’s Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car. AlyX thinks her youth is her advantage. Blake wants them to not be so serious.

At the first rehearsal, Jermaine seems to have the advantage. Blake keeps coaching her to have fun, which she says she is, but Blake isn’t buying it. However, she get’s lucky in getting coaching directly from Miranda Lambert, Blake’s wife. Blake gets up and sings with her. Miranda tries to get AlyX be sassy and wonders if she knows how to cut loose.

Jermaine gets Kelly Clarkson, who wishes they had battle rounds on American Idol. She wants Jermaine to come work for her. Blake tells Jermaine not to underestimate AlyX.

Right off the bat, Jermaine works the crowd as he takes the lead.  They both sound really great. Jermaine takes the first chorus and rocks it. AlyX is doing wonderful and seems to be having fun, but Jermaine is just killing it. When the song is over, AlyX yells out, “Sometimes you just gotta say, ‘What the Hell’.” Yeah, like I’m doing at that line. (That’s not part of the song, is it?)

Christina says, “C’mon,” and gives it to Jermaine, as if it’s a foregone conclusion, which I think it should be. Cee Lo agrees. That’s three of us. Adam makes it four and says Jermaine kicked the song’s ass.

Blake makes sure to give AlyX props for having fun, but in the end it goes to Jermaine. No mistake there.

Adam’s up and gives it to Katrina Parker and Angel Taylor and assigns Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. Adam coaches them not to embellish too much and to show the vulnerability.

Robin Thicke comes in to coach Angel and sings along with her. Adam warns her about hitting the right notes and Robin tells her to physically connect with the song.   Alanis Morrisette meets with Katrina. She and Embelish seem to spend their time shoring up Katrina’s confidence.

They’re both dressed in black as they take the stage. Katrina starts off, sounding pretty good. Angel then takes over and holds her own. It’s hard to pick one over the other. Katrina seems a bit more at ease, but Angel is getting the job done. If I had to choose, I’d give it to Katrina because she seemed more in control.

Blake remembers that he wanted Angel, but gives it to Katrina. Christina thought the song didn’t fit Angel, and gives it to Katrina. Cee Lo also gives it to Katrina. Adam says it’s not clear cut. The crowd calls out for Katrina. He seems to really struggle, but gives it to Katrina.

Blake pairs up Gwen Sebastian with Erin Willett and gives them a phenomenal song, We Belong by Pat Benatar. Blake tells them to tap into their tender side. They meet to go over the song and divide up the parts. Gwen explains she’s become friends with Erin.

Gwen gets to meet with Miranda. She is going to combat Erin’s power with emotion, but also doesn’t want to take away from Erin. Both of these plans impress Miranda. Erin is introduced to Kelly Clarkson who really coaches her on not just going through the power notes, but hitting some falsetto.

Then we hear that Erin’s dad, who is dying, isn’t doing well and may not make it through the next day. He wants her to stay and compete. She has an emotional meeting with Blake.

Gwen starts off and her twang is on full display. She takes the first verse and then they come together on the chorus. Erin gets the second verse. They’re both doing great, but I think Erin fits the song better. I don’t think I heard that amazing falsetto thing Kelly coached.

Christina really enjoyed it. She gives it to Erin more for style. Cee Lo gives it to Gwen on the last note. Adam loved them both, yet gives it to Erin, but not without making sure they know how close it was.

Blake wishes it wasn’t as good as it was. He seems to have a hard time deciding, but gives it to Erin. Gwen goes out with an amazing amount of grace and throws it to Erin. Here’s to them, and I’ll send a prayer their way and hope after the battle round, Erin got home in time to say goodbye.

Well, the only mistakes that I think we made tonight were Cee Lo’s picking of Erin Martin over The Shield Brothers, her yelling that line after the song, and maybe even Pip’s pants.  Other than that, the judges all got it right.  I’ll see you next week for what really should be the last of the battle-rounds.  At least I think so.

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