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The Voice, Mar. 19 – Everyone Makes Mistakes Edition

So last week, I thought tonight was the last night of battle rounds, but I guess I was wrong. I know, I know, hard to believe, but it happens. Hey, everyone makes mistakes. I wonder how many our loveable coaches will make tonight, or if they’ll pick the artists I’m telling them to from my living room. Which they should always do.

Adam’s team is up first.  He gives what I guess counts as a pep talk to his team before setting Pip up against Nathan Parrett. He gives them You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse, explaining that he wants them to sing a new song with an old soul.

Nathan, who recently came out to his father, recounts how Pip and his trademark bowtie got all the judges to turn, but he only got one. Adam even mentions how Pip has not hit a bad note yet.

Pip gets to meet Alanis Morrisette as he rehearses, bow tie and all.  Alanis and Adam coach Pip not to oversing and put too many runs where they don’t belong. Nathan meets with Robin Thicke, and he and Adam try to help Nathan through his lack of self-confidence.

The battle begins. Pip gets the opening verse, and then Nathan takes the bridge.  They trade off on the chorus. Nathan does really well, but Pip does better, although it was hard to hear over Pip’s pants.

Blake liked them both, but leans towards Pip. Christina noticed the Broadway in Pip, which causes Blake to yell out, “it’s the pants.”  Christina wants to know why Blake is checking out Pip’s pants. (How can you not check out Pip’s pants?) Cee Lo thought Nathan stole it.

It goes to Adam, and he was impressed with both Nathan and Pip and confesses that he didn’t think it would be this close. Which means he thought one would win over the other. In the end, the bow tie wins. (Which is Pip, for those of you having trouble keeping up.)

Kinda reminding me of when you spend all afternoon building up toy blocks into a great big castle just to have an older sibling knock it all down. All that work to build up Nathan’s confidence. And Bam! All gone! Well, hopefully not. Nathan did do great and should be proud, but there’s no denying his competition was a real Pip.

Cee Lo Green, sitting in a giant chair likes it’s a throne by a creepy, giant white dog statue, pits Erin Martin against The Shields Brothers. Everyone seems shocked at this pairing.  Then to make it worse, he gives them What’s Love Got to Do with It by Tina Turner. Song seems to favor Erin just a bit, doesn’t it?

He brings them all in to rehearse, and Erin starts trying to get the song arranged to favor her. Different styles at work here. Babyface comes in to work with The Shield Brothers and thinks “Wayne’s World.” He tells them to show vulnerability, something that they seem confused about at first. Yet within minutes, you can hear the difference, and it’s pretty amazing. Ne-Yo comes in to work with Erin. He tells her he doesn’t believe her emotional connection to the song. In a way, these artists are coming from different areas. Erin is too reserved, and The Shield Brothers aren’t reserved enough. Erin is also dismayed that Ne-Yo isn’t getting turned on by her. Oh boy.

As they get ready to take the stage, we hear Erin say that “Power is not talent.” Wow. I think she best reign in the ego there. It may be two against one, but she’s got them outmatched on Chutzpah!  By the way, I love the Les Paul.

Erin starts. She sounds unique, but I think that’s only going to go so far. She’s also hitting some uniquely bad notes. The Shield Brothers sound dead-on and really, dare I say it, powerful. Gee, can you tell which way I’m leaning? My wife, who gets forced to sit through this each week, is saying that Erin sounds wretched.  Man, I hope Cee Lo picks the brothers.

Adam keeps saying that was “so weird!” He then adds that Erin has a unique approach, which is a polite way of saying that he agrees with my wife. Blake is just happy about Erin’s outfit and picks her, although I think he’s listening more with his eyes and other organs than his ears. Christina loved it, but gives it to the Brothers.

Cee Lo goes back and forth, talks about what he looking for is different. And then he chooses Erin?  Both my wife and I are dismayed. I have to say, out of all of the matchups, this is the one I think that the coach in question got the most wrong.

Christina announces her next pairing is between Ashley De La Rosa and Jonathas.  And she gives them No Air by Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown. They meet for their first rehearsal. Ashley seems to be getting overwhelmed by the song. Jonathas has more experience.

Lionel Ritchie helps coach Jonathas. He and Christina tell him to make it his own song. Christina sings with Jonathas and boom, Lionel tells him not to come out of character. On a side note, Jonathas really needs to stop swooning on tv for Christina.) Jewel helps out Ashley. She and Christina coach Ashley to make the song her own. During the next rehearsal, Christina catches Jonathas mouthing Ashley’s words.  Uh-oh.

Even before the song starts, you can see Ashley is more nervous than Jonathas. They start singing and both sound really good. They’re doing a good job of “playing the roles” of the song. She may have looked scared, but Ashley sounds great. However, so does Jonathas. I think I’d give it to Ashley, but I couldn’t say for sure and Jonathas would be a good choice.

Cee Lo thinks Ashley pushed farther and picks her. Adam also picks Ashley. Blake started off thinking that Jonathas was better, but then changed to Ashley. Christina was very pleased with them both and was surprised by Ashley’s chops. And Christina gives it to Ashley!