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Wake Up, BooBoo! – The Amazing Race 6, Episode 4

by LauraBelle

All single women could learn a lesson from Rebecca – there are mama’s boys, and there are mama’s BOYS! Come to think of it, mothers could learn a lesson as well. Forget about not letting your babies grow up to be cowboys, don’t let them grow up to be Adams with silly sprigs of hair springing from their head.

Hayden and Aaron are the first to leave the pit stop in Stockholm at 2:04 AM. They will need to find their way to the top of Stockholm’s Town Hall Tower. Following right behind them, or rather with them directly are Kris and Jon. The four of them had actually all arrived at the pit stop within seconds of each other. Together they search for the tower, and are instead sent to City Hall by a local, which, it appears, is very close to where there are supposed to be. The sign says City Hall doesn’t open until ten AM, so the four check into the nearby Sheraton Hotel.

Gus and Hera leave next, with Gus saying they are reaching an understanding together, that if you’re going to lead, lead; if not, don’t bother the other one. Jon and Victoria leave in third place, and Victoria says at this part of the race, at times they feel like the want to kill each other, then they’re okay, then they want to kill each other, then they’re okay, etc. These two teams make the same mistakes as the first two teams, and find their way to a hotel, believing they have to wait until ten AM.

With those first four teams asleep in their hotel, Adam and Rebecca leave at 5:37am. Rebecca admits that when she met Adam, not only was he still living at home with his parents, his mother was still clipping his toenails. I don’t blame Adam here, I blame dear ole mom. At what point do you enjoy picking up your adult son’s feet and clipping his toenails? I am thankful my son picked up the clippers and did it on his own two years ago at the age of nine.

Freddy and Kendra leave next. She says he is beer and dirt; she’s champagne and flowers. As they and Adam and Rebecca arrive at the correct entrance to the tower, they wonder what happened to the first four teams as they find they are the first to pick up clues. In a moment that is surprising as it is not the only time Jonathon is peaceful during this episode, Victoria walks over to him in the hotel, and says, “Wake up, BooBoo …” The four teams at the hotel look out their windows, and seeing people in the tower, they realize their mistakes, and hurriedly rush to get ready and out there climbing the tower.

Reading the next clue, Adam and Rebecca, and Freddy and Kendra find they need to fly to Dakor, Senegal in Africa. Their next clue will be right outside the airport in Dakor. Freddy and Kendra are fighting over money in the taxi. She can’t figure out why he won’t spend forty dollars on a hotel, but will spend fifty dollars on a cab ride. Why is it only the teams in a romance with each other fight over money?

Lori and Bolo are just leaving the pit stop, and he feels the race is bringing them closer, and Don and Mary Jean leave shortly after. Don remarks that they got bloody in Round Three, but the fight isn’t over as they prepare for Round Four.

As all the teams get to the airport, they find there is only one flight with a stop in Paris that will take them to Dakor today. Jonathon and Victoria choose a separate first flight, but will connect up with the others in Paris. He wants to make the others wonder if they missed the flight or are ahead, when not seen on the first plane.

All eight teams rush off the plane to get to their clue. They open a poem, and need to find the author’s name (Leopold Senghor) and his gravesite in a nearby cemetary (Bel Air). All the teams talk to locals, asking the name of the author and where he is buried. Jonathon enlists the help of a local to ride with them and act as interpreter and guide, as he feels it’s necessary for them. Oh, where is Charla when you need her?

Adam isn’t enjoying himself, and says that Africa sucks. Kendra doesn’t like the looks of the taxi, and calls it a jalopy. My son that can cut his own toenails thinks the taxi is just shy of being a Flintstones car. The driver then stops to put air in the tires. It should have been Don and Mary Jean’s taxi that put air in, as they are now on the side of the road with a flat. It takes Don and the driver to hoist the car up without a jack while Mary Jean fixes the flat. Invoking memories of Laugh-In and dating himself and me, since I recognized the reference, Don says once again they were dealt the Fickle Finger of Fate, and it kept diddling them.

As their taxi arrives at Bel Air Cemetery, the smell makes Kendra ask if they are driving through sewage. She and Freddy have the driver following them around, asking for more money, which Freddy doesn’t feel he should pay, as it took longer while the driver had filled up their tires with air. Owning the complainer label this episode, Kendra says she feels like they’re in the ghettos of Africa.

All of this just to find the cemetery is closed until 7:30 am. Once inside the cemetery the next morning, Lori and Bolo are the first to find the clue in a basket next to the author’s gravesite. They will now travel to Kayar Fishing Village and look for the carpentry shop among all the storefronts. Lori and Bolo find themselves arguing over who has the most attitude, while Don and Mary Jean are enjoying the taxi ride, saying there’s a certain level of poverty there, yet the colors are dazzling, the children smiling and they find it all fascinating.

Adam and Rebecca are the first to arrive at Kayar, and find a Detour. They need to decide between Stack ‘Em Up and Pull ‘Em Up. In Stack ‘Em Up, the teams will need to carry baskets of fish to a stacking table where they will need to stack the fish on the table, positioning them correctly. Once a worker there declares it okay, they will move on to the next clue. In Pull ‘Em Up, the teams will board fishing boats and they will catch four fish with authentic fishing gear.

Gus and Hera and Don and Mary Jean are the only teams to choose Pull ‘Em Up. While getting his first basket of fish, Jonathon has his second peaceful moment of this leg, and shares his candy with the local children. It appears he has a soft spot for kids, and he has already picked out names with Victoria for their future children. While very endearing, I only see him verbally abusing them. Freddy has the taxi driver chasing him around asking for his $10, conjuring up memories of the paper delivery boy in the move Better Off Dead.

Don gets seasick, as does Hera who says she will never fish again. After they are on the water for quite some time, and still haven’t caught all their fish, I think I would have chosen to stack the fish. With fishing, you never know what luck you will have. Jonathon and Victoria are the first to finish stacking the fish, and find they will now travel to Loc Rose, a lake that is actually pink This is a Road Block, and one member of each team will harvest enough sand from the bottom of the lake to fill a twenty-five gallon basket.

Kendra, arriving at Loc Rose, wonders why the lake is pink, asking if it’s blood that is making it that color. Jon is busying ogling his partner Kris in the water, and Lori carries the heavy basket of wet salt on her head. Adam complains the salt water is burning his eyes, and says he can’t see. Seems he needed those sunglasses after all.

Jonathon and Victoria are the first to finish, and their clue brings them to Ile de Gorée, where they will ferry across the lake and walk through the streets to find what was once a prison for three-hundred years, but is now a tourist attraction. This will be the next pit stop.

Gus and Hera finally catch their fourth fish, and Don is still puking. He and Mary Jean catch their fourth fish as well, with Mary Jean noting every time Don puked, she caught another fish. Back at Loc Rose, Bolo notes watching the others carry the salt, that Lori is stronger than Adam. In the end, all the women there beat Adam.

The leaders who have already found their salt get caught in a traffic jam, and Adam finally finishes. He states the obvious and says apparently he is physically weak. Jonathon and Victoria’s bags are locked in the trunk of their cab, and the driver can’t get it open, as they miss the first ferry to the old prison carrying Kris and Jon. They catch the next one along with Lori and Bolo, Hayden and Aaron, Freddy and Kendra, and Aaron and Rebecca.

While onboard the second ferry, Adam tells Rebecca he feels she was being unsupportive back at Loc Rose. For her part, she says she doesn’t want to babysit her girlfriend anymore. Proving his immaturity, he offers to jump off the boat. Proving his maturity, Don weeps at Loc Rose as he is too ill to carry the salt, and Mary Jean must do it all on her own. Gus and Hera have finished, and Mary Jean keeps hustling. As he cries, Don says Mary Jean is one helluva woman. She eventually finishes to the applause of all the locals.

As the second ferry arrives, Jonathon and Victoria come in second, Lori and Bolo third, Hayden and Aaron fourth, Freddy and Kendra fifth, and Adam and Rebecca sixth. The third ferry takes off carrying Gus and Hera, but Don and Mary Jean just miss it, as Mary Jean’s shouts out “son-of-a-bitch!” Gus and Hera of course take seventh, while Don and Mary Jean take last place, but are happy to hear Phil say this is a non-elimination round, and they are still in the race, but need to give up all remaining cash at this point, and will endure the next leg of the race without being given any cash.

I am so glad Don and Mary Jean came in finding it to be a non-elimination round. That Fickle Finger of Fate keeps diddling them, but they keep coming back around. I wonder if they have clipped the nail on that finger, or if they are waiting for Mommy to do it.

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