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Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ep. 17 – “The Error Apparents”

Country music, divorce, twelve cakes, and a repaired friendship.

It’s a quiet and peaceful morning, with hot tea ready on the stove. And Cynthia wants to rehash the previous night of the anniversary party. Peter doesn’t know what Mallory’s beef is with him, but he’s pretty much done with her.

After causing a spectacle at her sister’s anniversary party, Mal attempts to apologize to Cynthia. It doesn’t seem very genuine, but I guess she’s trying to smooth things over.

Kandi stops by Kim’s house to resolve whatever problems exist in their friendship without any instigators or outside hindrances *ahem* Sheree’ *ahem*. The situation about what was or wasn’t said in South Africa is finally cleared up. It all comes down to communication, which they are working towards getting better at. In the process of Kandi clearing her name, restoring her loyalty to Kim, Cynthia’s name is added to Kim’s hit-list.

“I miss you. I miss our friendship,” Kim says.

Well thankfully that’s settled.

NeNe’s a pen stroke away from finalizing her divorce from Gregg. She can’t quite bring herself to actually sign. They’ve been separated for over a year, but we know they’ve had contact in that time. What about John, the Italian businessman who seems infatuated with her?

Ayden has one of THE best 12-month birthdays I’ve ever been graced with. Baby Ayden is turning a year old and he gets a cake for each month he’s graced the face of earth. I’m quite jealous. It’s held at a waterpark, and as hot as it is in Atlanta, there aren’t many people in attendance. Maybe Phaedra rented the park out for the day.

Dwight, who’s been missing in action from the show, is something of a host for Baby Ayden’s birthday. This is definitely a Dwight-inspired party, even for a baby. He presents all twelve cakes and Ayden gets a sample of each. Yummy. That’s a heck of a lot of sugar.

We even get a teaser segment of Marlo apologizing to Lawrence about the F-word that rhymes with maggot. F-maggot-words are still dropped throughout in that sly Marlo way.

Kandi returns to Nashville, Tennessee, to take her country-music career to the next level. She meets with the country artist she’s been writing a song for, Jo Dee. The song sounds pretty good and I really like Jo Dee’s voice because, as Kandi mentions, it has a crossover appeal. Kandi’s taken aback that within country, the artists usually record the whole song in one recording, compared to pop or R&B, where you lay down a verse or hook, tinker with production and sound, and then put more verses down until eventually everything is put together in one cohesive musical track, or song.

Kandi later  joins Jo Dee onstage at an intimate venue. She’s pleased with her first step into country music, but feels she has a long way to go.

Sheree catches up with her oldest daughter, Tierra, who’s doing well and has a job in television production — my dream. Tierra’s relationship with her boyfriend is possibly getting serious when she brings up marriage. Sheree’s position on the marriage subject is not exactly enthusiastic since she’s gone through a dirty divorce. But she approves of this guy for Tierra so she plans to help him shop for a proper ring since a proposal is down the road.

NeNe is apparently seeing a therapist now. The decision over actually getting a divorce has driven her to sessions on the sofa. Conflicted with the possibilities of how life will be after the papers are signed, she’s seriously reconsidering this divorce. Just the sound of divorce sounds final. Hm, wonder what this entails.

On the next episode: Phaedra’s son has quite the baptism; he’s carried in on a royal seat while drinking from his royal Sippy cup. Kroy returns home. Let’s hope the house is finally cleaned as Kim wanted for his arrival. There might be a confrontation between Kim and Cynthia. Cannot wait for that.

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