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The Amazing Race, Mar. 18 – “Two Dudes Running a Race”

Border Patrol spots a cluebox and finds a Roadblock. One person from each team must use their gnome to compete in a sport on the ice. They’ll slide the gnome across the ice and must land it on a bullseye. J.J. works on this one, but keeps giving it a little too much oomph.

Blond Rachel/Dave and the Federal Agents are still on their tour and glance in the king’s bedroom, but don’t see a cluebox. Someone tells them if they’re looking for the real bedroom of the king, they need to be in the other castle. They hightail it out of there. While they’re doing this, Mississippi is running up to that wrong castle. Kentucky arrives and heads up to that one as well. Mississippi asks which castle is the Sleeping Beauty one and are told it’s the other one. Big Brother is arriving at the correct castle. Kentucky asks a local and also find out they’re in the wrong castle.

J.J. is still trying to land his gnome in the bullseye. He finally gets it. Their clue tells them to head to the next pit stop, the Landhannes Farm, along with their gnome. Joey and Danny arrive with Danny deciding to play the ice game. He overshoots it as well.

The Federal Agents and Blonde Rachel and Dave finally find the king’s bedroom in the correct castle while the other teams are hiking it up that hill. They take off as Brendon and Rachel are the next team to find it.

Joey is still working with his gnome and finally lands the bullseye, then slides in to home plate on the ice. Vanessa and Ralph arrive, with him deciding he will do this task. She tells him she’s mad at him, but loves him. He just tells her he has a challenge to do right now. She does work in a kiss. He undershoots his bullseye.

Border Patrol lands on Phil’s mat and have their gnome. They are pronounced team number one, once again. Their prize for winning this leg is a trip to Thailand on behalf of Travelocity. Phil Keoghan feeds their ego and asks them to withdraw from the race to give other teams a chance. They tell him if they give them a million, they’re out. They figure the million is theirs anyway, and they just need to go get it.

Ralph works on his gnome sliding and eventually gets it in there. Joey and Danny land on Phil’s mat to be named team number two.

Mississippi finally make it up to the king’s bedroom and get the next clue. Kentucky is still hiking up. Bopper thinks he is going to have a heart attack. Inside, he drops to his knees and asks the good Lord to give them another week. Normally, I’d say God is too busy to help you win a reality show, but this is for his daughter’s health, so maybe he has time for that. They get the clue and feel they are probably out of the race, but are going to give it their best effort to try and win anyway.

The Federal Agents arrive at the Roadblock and Nary decides to play the ice and gnome game. She also overshoots. Big Brother arrives next with Brendon deciding he’ll do it. Blonde Rachel and Dave arrive, and he asks her to do it. Brendon puts a little too much on it as Nary continues to work on it. Blonde Rachel overshoots it as well.

Vanessa and Ralph are named team number three and have their gnome with them, wearing a little bandana. Phil asks what their toughest moment was, and she recalls their “little bit of a spat.” He admits he was frustrated with her, but she says she can be mad at him but still love him. She thinks they’re good at letting things go. But if this all starts again, she’ll kill him.

Back at the gnome hockey, Blonde Rachel finishes and they take off. Brendon and Rachel finish just after her. They might not have their gnome with them. Jamie knows they have to get a move on as Nary continues to overshoot it. Mississippi arrives with Kerri volunteering. Nary still struggles. Kentucky arrives with Mark volunteering since Bopper nearly had a heart attack. He undershoots it.

Blonde Rachel and Dave arrive to be named team number four. Mark gets the gnome in, and they take off for the pit stop. Big Brother lands on the mat in a moment I am sure will be played over and over on The Soup. Brendon slips and falls in the cow poop. They are named team number five.

Basically it comes down to whether Nary or Kerri will get this. Finally Kerri gets it, and they head to the pit stop. Nary is feeling badly and like it is all her fault. She finally gets it by a gnome’s whisker, and they head to the pit stop.

Mississippi has to stop to ask for directions, and this could be the break the Federal Agents need. Kerri still isn’t sure where to go as Stacy yells at Kerri, telling her the next time someone is giving them directions, she needs to actually listen to him. She fires back that Stacy has ears too.

Kentucky runs onto Phil’s mat, without falling in the cow poop, to be named team number six. They came back from last place and Speed Bump and are still in it. Mark says they put everything God gave them into this and it’s while they’re still sitting there.

Mississippi and the Federal Agents are both approaching the pit stop as Mississippi does a quick prayer. The team to walk in first are the Federal Agents. Somehow they pulled it off. Mississippi walks in and hears they are the last team to arrive and are eliminated. Stacy says it was nail-biting and they messed up. Her only regret is wanting to make their families happy. She shows a picture of her kids and hopes they learn a lot from them. It seems from the edit Mississippi has been getting that their elimination has been coming since the beginning. They’ve been showing them barely hanging in there and making multiple mistakes. Then again the edit on the Federal Agents is nearly nonexistent. We haven’t heard boo from them. In fact I had to wait for their names to be splashed on the screen tonight, as I wasn’t sure what Jamie’s name was. That either means they won’t survive much longer, or they’ll last until the end, but not win.

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