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The Amazing Race, Mar. 18 – “Two Dudes Running a Race”

Border Patrol are still working on the beard-styling, with J.J. noting he’s not ashamed to admit to his abilities. He can craft a man’s facial hair really nice. Joey and Danny are still working on it as well, while the beard models who haven’t been chosen yet are toasting each other with beer after beer.

Border patrol claims they are done, and they get a passing grade. Their clue tells them to find the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Neuschwanstein Castle, and make their way into the bedroom of a past Bavarian king. Border Patrol stops to ask for directions and finds out what they’re looking for is in the next village. J.J. thinks first place is right at their fingertips again.

Kentucky is still yodeling, and this time get a passing grade. As they change back into their normal clothes, Brendon and Redhead Rachel arrive, followed by the Federal Agents. Rachel suggests styling a beard, but when Brendon questions her on it, she admits she doesn’t even know what a beard is. What? They leave to do the gingerbread, with her asking if it sounds hard. He doesn’t care. The Federal Agents decide to style a beard, and Mississippi finally arrive as well and decide to do Gingerbread. Kentucky decide the same thing, and now can’t stop yodeling.

Blonde Rachel and Dave finish styling their model’s beard and get a passing grade, as Rachel tells him he looks sexy. Danny bemoans the fact that they’re behind again. They try to get their model passed, and are told “No, no, no.” Perhaps they won’t be taking him to a club. Vanessa and Ralph arrive, and she seems to know what she’s doing.

Driving to the gingerbread Detour, Redhead Rachel asks whatever happened to going to Bolivia. Brendon corrects her that she means Bavaria. Again, she really isn’t a stupid person. With snow falling, Mississippi mentions that the show outside is frightful, and there is no delightful fire waiting inside for them. Big Brother arrives first, with Mississippi right behind, and they start looking for the trails. Kentucky arrives just after them. They find the gingerbread pieces right away.

Joey and Danny are still working on the beard and fail again. Joey explains their choice of going with the guy with the longest beard was obviously a bad one, as they can’t get it to stay up. Back at the gingerbread trail, Big Brother and Mississippi finally start finding the clues laid out for them. The Federal Agents arrive and start working on a beard that looks like the most difficult one yet. Joey and Danny finally get a passing grade, but it doesn’t look that great. No club-hopping for them today. Vanessa is teasing away, and Ralph tells her to stop and just let the judge look at it. They get passed.

Kentucky arrive at the village and eye the witch and the gingerbread house. They start decorating the house right away. The other two teams arrive right behind them with Rachel asking how they keep choosing the hardest Detours. Brendon wants her to just keep a positive attitude. Bopper cackles like a witch while he works.

Border Patrol approaches the castle and take a horse and carriage up to the door. They believe they are still in first place. Blonde Rachel and Dave arrive at the wrong place. He asks her “Now what,” and she tells him he read the same instructions she did, “So please don’t get mad at me.” He wasn’t paying attention, though. He tells her it’s ridiculous, as they’re just killing themselves.

Vanessa and Ralph arrive in the area, and he points to the right castle and says it should be that one, but he thinks it’s a different one, the wrong one. Joey and Danny arrive as well. Vanessa wants to take the horse and carriage, but Ralph insists on hoofing it. She tells him if they’re going the wrong way, she’s going to kick his ass.

The Federal Agents are still styling the beard, as Nary mentions it’s a lot of work, and asks the model if he does this all the time. Thankfully, he doesn’t. They get passed, but frankly their creation looks nothing like the picture. I don’t think he should be going out to the club either. Over at the gingerbread houses, Mark tells the witch she’s pretty, even though he thinks she’s “uglier than a mud-rail fence.” She laughs, and Redhead Rachel thinks she’s tormenting them.

Border Patrol arrive inside the castle and start looking for the king’s bedroom. They find it and the cluebox. Their clue tells them to drive themselves to the town of Füssen to search for the Bundesleistungszentrum für Eishockey und Curling, then make their way to Halle 2. It’s an ice hockey and curling rink, with one of the guys noting the name has about seventy-seven consonants in it.

Mississippi asks for their gingerbread house to be checked, and tell her they’re going to attract some children with it for her to have for dinner. She passes them and gives them the next clue.

On their way back down from the castle, Border Patrol see Vanessa/Ralph and Joey/Danny, but feel good to know they’re still team number one. Ralph wants Vanessa to hurry knowing they are now in third place. He gets mad and throws her jacket at her, telling her to carry her own jacket. She throws it back at him and it lands on the ground. He’s also carrying the backpack and the gnome. He asks what else he can carry, and she suggests a little bit of class and dignity. After he refers to her as a princess, she calls him a “Juiced Up Hothead.” He explains later the best part of his day was watching her run up the hill, as he knew her legs were on fire. Y’know, I started out this season liking them.

Joey and Danny make it up to the entrance of the castle first and get their fairy tales mixed up, thinking it was Sleeping Beauty who let her hair down. They get the clue and take off. Vanessa and Ralph finally reach the king’s bedroom as well. He asks if he can talk to her, and for her it depends on what he has to say. He tells her he could care less anymore.

Kentucky gets their gingerbread passed as Bopper gives the witch a hug and a kiss. This leaves Big Brother in last place. She complains that they’re freezing and their hands are sticky. She asks to be judged, gets passed, and also gives the witch a hug.

Blonde Rachel and Dave are arriving at the castle and find a few of them and aren’t sure which one to choose. They ask for directions, but because of her bad pronunciation, they get pointed in the direction of the wrong one. They sit outside and wait for the next tour in English. The Federal Agents have also found this wrong castle and join them on the tour. They actually buy tickets.