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The Amazing Race, Mar. 18 – “Two Dudes Running a Race”

I’m still riding on an emotional high after the great ending to last week’s Amazing Race. To have Kentucky team Bopper and Mark saved by a non-elimination, and to have Border Patrol agents Art and J.J. share their first place money bonus with them so that Bopper could use it for his daughter’s medical care was just the best ending. Hopefully they’re not too far behind and can catch up, after not making another boneheaded flight-planning mistake, of course.

The first team to leave Turin, Italy, are of course Border Patrol at 8:57 AM. Their clue tells them to travel by train to Ehrwald, Austria, where they will drive across the border into Bavaria and to the Gasthof Zum Rassen restaurant to look for the Travelocity gnome and their next clue. They once again brag about their positioning, and point to what they claim is a huge difference of two dudes running the Race as friends than a husband and wife. J.J. claims Art’s an idiot most of the time, and he’s going to let him know. Their goal is to win another leg today.

Blonde Rachel and Dave leave much later at 11:33 AM. Joey “Fitness” and Danny leave at 12:11 PM and discuss their funny hats. They’re the animal face hats that are all the rage with the teen scene. They decided to dress like this in the colder climates. It’s a little hard to take them seriously, not that it was really that much easier before. Fitness likes the tongue hanging out, thinking it’s kind of flirty, but Danny questions who he wants to flirt with. They make the same train as Rachel and Dave.

Vanessa and Ralph leave at 12:27 PM, and she makes mention of cream in relation to Bavaria, with pastries obviously on her mind. He mentions being married three times previously, with none of them successful, and she’s been married once, and is now divorced. She believes they are more apt to vocalize what they want after their other failed relationships. She thinks it will help them, but it’s also a big problem of theirs, not that that makes a lick of sense. She’s trying to find the train station, and he saw a train and yells that out, as if that’s helpful.

Federal Agents Nary and Jamie leave at 12:56 PM, and Big Brother team Brendon and Redhead Rachel leave at 1:18 PM, and reading the clue, she wants to know where the Roam is, which he points out is the gnome, and they need to find him. Really, she’s not that dumb. He mentions how horrible their last leg was, and that he wanted to quit, but now they’re coming to grips with wanting to win the million, yet also wanting to enjoy their time. They make the same train as Vanessa and Ralph and the Federal Agents. Rachel and Vanessa are going to really enjoy their time together.

Mississippi team Kerri and Stacy leave at 3:58 PM and are excited, reenergized, and ready to jack up some other teams. Stacy mentions being away from their families, and explains her husband is a professional basketball player, and Kerri has two kids. She wants them to know you don’t have to be an athlete to be a champion. Stacy says when they have on their hot pink lips, they’re ready to go. Good to know.

Kentucky leave so much later than the others at 5:54 PM. Maybe they’ll be helped by something being closed all night. They call themselves down but not out, realizing they’re in last place and also have to complete the speed bump. They need the money worse than anything out there and they will just do whatever it takes. Despite not seeing anyone else, Bopper is positive they’ll run into others and catch up.

Sure enough, when Kentucky gets to a planned train stopover in Innsbrook, they see some of the other teams. Mark asks what everyone is sitting there waiting on, and he’s told they were all waiting for them. He mentions the adrenaline flow going on now that they’re not solidly in last place anymore.

Border Patrol leaves Ehrwald, and mention they haven’t seen any of the other teams. They get in their car and head to the restaurant, but know it doesn’t open until 8:30 AM. The next train arrives carrying Joey/Danny and Blonde Rachel/Dave, and they also grab their cars and head to the restaurant.

Border Patrol lands at the restaurant and see the other teams show up while they wait for 8:30 AM. They enter at 8:30 and find the gnomes sitting at a table holding a Detour – Fairy Tale or Champion Male. In Fairy Tale, teams will follow a trail of gingerbread, picking up the pieces as they go, and arrive at a village based on a fairy tale to find a witch. They’ll use the bread to complete the roof a gingerbread house and decorate it properly. In Champion Male, teams will choose a man with a long beard and style his beard to match a “winning look” using haircare products. All three teams decide to style the beard.

The bulk of the other teams arrive in Ehrwald and all take off in their cars. Bopper warns Mark to stay calm and focused, since they still have a Speed Bump coming up. Mississippi’s strategy is to stay with the pack, as they know they can compete like that. Kerri mentions she can just about navigate herself to the mall, and that’s about it. That could be a problem since she’s not driving and in charge of navigating.

Blonde Rachel and Dave are the first to arrive to style a beard. They choose a beard and get to work. Dave mentions she has experience styling hair, and she believes she knows how to do it. Dave decides to also give him a mohawk, or at least that’s what he calls it, but it looks more like a faux hawk.

Joey and Danny are the next to arrive, and pick the guy with the longest beard, meaning he needs the hardest design. Danny feels a little weird doing this, but figures it’s okay, as it’s for a million dollars. He thinks it’s a little like what he does at home. … To himself? Border Patrol arrive next and pick a beard right away. J.J. says it’s weird to curl another man’s beard with a curling iron.

Mississippi is looking for the restaurant, and Stacy tells Kerri to keep her eyes peeled as she’s just driving and doesn’t see any teams in front of them. Kerri them gets them to a spot that she thinks is wrong and asks Stacy, who isn’t very happy, to turn around. Yet, throughout this, Kerri says if they get straight to the place, she’ll feel very empowered.

The beard-styling is going on, and Dave believes his and Blonde Rachel’s beard model looks like a jovial man, like Santa Claus. Joey and Danny play around moving their model’s mustache up to their faces to try it out. Art thinks J.J. knows what to do, explaining J.J. has a whole backpack full of hair products. Danny wants to take their model out to a club afterwards.

Kentucky is on a roll and the first of their bunch to hit the restaurant. Before nabbing a gnome, they find their Speed Bump. They will need to yodel after listening to an expert yodeler. Vanessa and Ralph are the next to arrive, and she says it smells like heaven in there. They decide to style a beard.

Before beginning their yodeling training, Mark says they had no choice but to have a ball and just transferred into a kid playing in a candy store. They learn the routine fairly quickly and yodel away. The expert mentions the American way of yodeling, with Bopper pointing out it’s the country version.