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Good News and Bad News – The Swan 2, Episode 7

by aurora

This week our two ducklings (who I’d never call ‘ugly’) are Sylvia and Marsha. Both have self-esteem problems, but for very different reasons.

Before we get into the details though, I have to make a confession. I can hardly pay attention to any of the opening sequences because of host Amanda Byram’s low-cut dresses. I’m a woman for goodness sake, and I can’t stop staring at this girl’s cleavage. What’s up with that?

Sylvia was deserted by her father at a young age, and went on to marry her high school sweetheart. After getting pregnant and losing the baby, her husband ‘changed’ and left her. She hates her ears and her body, and compares herself to her thin and attractive sisters.

Sylvia’s treatment will include:

Cheek and chin implants
Nose job
Fat transfer to face
Mole removal
Ear surgery
Brow lift
Liposuction in 5 places

Standard dental work (veneers, bleaching)
Braces on her lower teeth

The usual 1200 calorie diet and gym workouts, along with therapy

Marsha wants to be invisible. She goes to college and says that she’s not at all social there. She has some masculine features that make her very uncomfortable, the main one being a need to shave her chin every day due to coarse, dark hair growing there. She’s been asked if she was a man or a woman, which of course was mortifying.

Marsha’s treatment will include:

Nose job
Brow lift
Fat removal from her face
Lip augmentation
Eyelid reshaping

Liposuction in about 6 different places
Breast augmentation

Dental work (bleaching, cleaning, veneers)

1200 calorie diet, hitting the gym, therapy to build confidence

Marsha undergoes laser hair removal first, and the doctor says that she is an extreme case. She will have to complete 5-6 treatments altogether for the treatment to be permanent.

Both women go through their surgery with no ill effects. They’re both upbeat afterwards, giving thumbs-up and saying they can’t wait for this to be finished. Marsha also gets Lasik eye surgery.

In therapy, Sylvia does a role-playing exercise to rid herself of her disappointment in her father, and works on her trust issues with men. Marsha works, of course, on her self-esteem.

While she’s healing from surgery, Sylvia gets a surprise package from her boyfriend Mike. He’s sent a video tape of himself, asking her to marry him, and a small box containing a beautiful engagement ring. Sylvia is happy, but doubtful. She tells Nely that this is forever, and she doesn’t completely trust him yet.

With the good comes the bad of course, and later Sylvia gets a visit from one of the show’s producers, telling her that Mike has been in a car accident. She rushes to call him and worries that he might be terribly hurt. He’s okay, even though the car is totalled and he’s quite shaken. He tells her he wishes she was there with him, and Sylvia quite obviously feels guilty. She says that he’ll be fine though, and she’s sticking it out with the program.

Marsha, who has never been in a gym before, is having trouble keeping up with the workouts. She’s tired and discouraged. Rachel, the winner of the first Swan pageant, arrives for a little pep talk with Marsha. They show photos of Marsha and Rachel pre-surgery, and they look remarkably similar in size and shape. Marsha feels re-energized and has new enthusiasm for the gym.

At the reveal, I was pleased to see that there were no platinum blondes heading in to see themselves in the mirror for the first time. Marsha, who very well could have been wearing her own hair (that’s a switch), came out first, and boy did she look good! The dress was a bit strange and she was awkward in the heels, but the transformation was something to behold. She was very, very happy with the changes and said that she just wanted to go out.

Sylvia also looked great, but admittedly she didn’t have such a range of transformation since she looked pretty good to start with. She’s upbeat and eager to see her new self, and when she does she can’t believe it. She says that they should have put her hair up, because her ‘new’ ears are gorgeous.

Marsha was the lucky one to move on to the pageant, while Sylvia was reunited with Mike (she’s wearing the engagement ring, by the way) and her sisters. They’re all blown away by the new Sylvia.

Next week the final pageant spot will be filled by either Amy or Dore, women who will either have trouble staying with the program, get bad news while there, or discover some life-changing thing about themselves. Or all of the above.

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