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Monster Man, Mar. 14 – Monster Madness

To get the conjoined twins done by Friday, they must not sleep. Both projects have deadlines, so everyone is working to finish the conjoined twins and the two-headed sharks. Cleve continues work on the two-headed shark and is excited to use his new electric knife. The rest of the crew is working on the conjoined twins.

Cleve has been working around the clock and decides to take a nap when Chris and Val from The Asylum decide to make a surprise visit. Roy looks shocked. Chris and Val look a little disappointed and are searching for Cleve, but he is napping as Roy tells them not to worry until he worries. Then there are the conjoined twins, and they are not finished yet either, but they don’t quit.

Mike Del Rossa shows up to help finish the conjoined twins. Sean Cunningham is onset and waiting for Cleve and his crew to set up for the hospital nightmare scene. Sean decides to set up one shot for the film, and suddenly the killer appears. Oh wait, it’s Cleve in Sean’s shot, and he’s “killing him.”

Cleve did not have time to rig the bloodspray, so he is setting up the blood splatter onset. He is not happy about that, but does it anyway. The actresses arrive and have twenty minutes to get set up and into the conjoined twins silicone suit that already have a small tear. In order to properly get them prepared all the guys had to leave. Constance is now in charge of getting them ready. She decides to use baby powder to slide the twins into the prosthetic, and Sean needs them as soon as possible.

Sonia is trying to support Constance, and Cleve is freaking out. Sean is panicking ,and Cleve and his crew are requesting blood pressure medication. It’s a mess. Sean Cunningham looks stressed as they finally get the conjoined prosthetic. It looks cool, and Sean is happy. Cleve is thrilled and says that like him, Constance works best under pressure. They teach the girls how to tear themselves apart and set up the blood.

Cleve tries to not pull his hair out, and Sean is directing. They only have one piece so it has to be done right. The twins prepare to fight and then rip. Sean calls cut, and he prepares for his money shot, the twins being ripped apart. Everyone looks tense. Sean does the countdown, and the twins rip apart. The blood splatters everywhere, and Sean is thrilled with Cleve’s work. A bloody day’s work, but someone had to do it.

Now back to the two-headed shark, because there is no rest for the wicked. Cleve wants the pallet of the shark’s mouth to look ravenous. They begin doing a brushup mold of the shark’s mouth that now needs teeth. They have one day until shooting. Constance begins spray painting the pallete of the mouth. The colors of the actual sharks will be blue and grey to make it look realistic.

Cleve wants the teeth to be massive and killer. They will have people in their mouths and their teeth cannot fall out. Roy panics, because he is told there is no way they will get the sharks out the door and Cleve is ready to go. They arrive at Fantasy Studios with the sharks and must test them. The sharks were sprayed less than an hour ago, and if the sharks are not dry, they will sink, so Cleve jumps in the water and prepares for the worst.

Cleve is in the water with the two-headed sharks and all the blood-tubing. They need major chomping and lots of blood and two screaming actresses. There is an explosion. Cleve and one of his shop members operate this massive two-headed shark, and so far all is going very well. Finally the director yells “That’s a wrap,” on the two-headed sharks. Cleve is happy, Constance and Roy are relieved and despite all the stress, the team kept it together and accomplished a two-headed shark and conjoined twins for Sean Cunningham.

Cleve and Constance check on his two-headed shark monster as they pull the massive two-headed shark out of the water. That is a wrap for the Monster Man until next week. May your nightmares inspire you. Make sure to watch an all new episode of Monster Man, Wednesday at 10/9c.

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