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Monster Man, Mar. 14 – Monster Madness

Monster Man takes viewers behind the scenes of one of Hollywood’s most respected and creative prop building workshops. For more than thirty years, when Hollywood has needed a bizarre top-notch creature or an out-of-this-world alien or a really awesome shark they turn to Cleve Hall and his very creative family business. Cleve works alongside his equally talented and creative daughters Constance and Elora Hall, as well as his ex-wife Sonja Maddox-Hall and a few of his best friends, Roy Knyrim and Johnny Saiko, and office manager Cindy Miller.

The family that creates together stays together, and Cleve and family invite Syfy viewers to watch as the most dramatic creatures on the big screen start with Cleve’s creations. Tonight, the premiere episode, Cleve is driving to his shop in his hearse (doesn’t everyone do that)? Cleve is meeting Sean Cunningham, legendary director of Friday The 13th. Sean and his son Noel Cunningham are working on a new project (a ghost story), and he needs Cleve to create conjoined twins. As Sean explains his project, Cleve’s wheels are turning, and he is already planning ideas.

Cleve says he will create a suit for the twins to wear, and it will be made of silicone, pure awesomeness for blood, mucus, sweat and horror. It’s all good in Cleve’s world. He is going to rig two silicone appliances together. To get started they must make a mold of the two twin actresses starring the film. They start off wrapping saran wrap around both actresses and then make a plaster mold of their torsos where they will be conjoined.

While the rest of the crew works on the conjoined twins, Roy of Sota XF and Cleve meet with Chris and Val from The Asylum and need Cleve and Roy to create a two-headed shark. Cleve’s first impression is that it is not good. He was not impressed with the design and decides to come up with something better. He wants to see real sharks in action, so heads to the marina to board the Sea Watch. He brings his daughters to “I.D. the body” in case something goes wrong.

Cleve decides to become the prey. Here’s hoping Cleve does not meet JAWS. Cleve gets so involved he mixes the chum up for the sharks while his daughter looks like she is going to throw up. Elora and Cleve are going to swim with the sharks in a shark cage; Cleve wants to see exactly how sharks move and how they approach their prey. Cleve gets in the cage with his daughter and immediately a shark approaches, inspiring Cleve.

Cleve heads back to the shop and decides the best way to create a two-headed shark is to start with a shark with two separate jaws so they could kill equally. Cleve shows the client the new design, and Roy is slightly concerned. Cleve is happy with his design and wants the client to change the design. He explains the whole affect and the clients like the idea. Now the challenge Cleve faces is creating a huge two-headed shark that is a killing machine, and it must be waterproof.

The guys are back at SOTA XF working on the conjoined twin’s assembly. They work on the torsos and completely assemble the twins while back on Cleve’s side, they are looking at sharks that Constance had delivered to pattern the two-headed sharks off a real shark.

They are back to the conjoined twins for Sean Cunningham’s new film and nearly finished with assembly Cleve is back to work with his daughter Constance on the two-headed sharks. Constance and Cleve are outlining the shark to create a pattern piece to put the shark back together. Constance has been working with Cleve since she was little and has gotten to the point of where she could build a monster herself.

Sonia says Constance and Cleve are very stubborn, and their arguments can turn into an all-out war, but despite the slight bickering, the two continue working, and the rest of shop looks as if they want to run away. Constance is trying to show Cleve a shortcut, but he wants to do it his way. Sonia plays the middleman and talks to Constance and then heads back to talk to Cleve. There was no time for discussion, and Cleve just wants to work.

They head back to the conjoined twins, and they invite Noel Cunningham, Sean’s son, in to see the almost finished project when Noel drops a time bomb on Cleve and tells him Sean wants to start shooting on Friday. He wants to start shooting the hospital nightmare on Friday, and Cleve has to make the mold, prepare the blood tubing and not freak out. They will get it done, but Cleve is hesitant and unsure.