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Face Off, March 14 – A Finale of Epic Syfy Proportions

Time is up, and it all boils down to this, this one day, this huge prize and extreme bragging rights for one of these gentlemen. This is what all the hard work has led to, an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We will see who wins, who will be the next movie magic creator to work alongside some of the greats.

The contestants finish their last looks. McKenzie enters the final Face Off reveal stage in the Alex Theater to a full-on sold-out crowd along with judges, Ve Neill, Patrick Tatopolous and Glenn Hatrick. McKenzie prepares the audience for their Face Off  reveal as she introduces their final challenge.

*Gasp* I think I saw Glenn smile; don’t tell anyone. Tonight the studio audience will have the chance to vote for their favorite creations. The first contestant is Ian who had Horror, and his characters looks beyond sick and amazing, insane and crazy. They look awesome; he should be truly proud. The demons are creepy and really disturbing, as the audience gets a full-blown look and they come alive.

R.J. is next with the Fantasy genre and brings forth a full-on red effect with what appears to be warlocks and strange fairies. The crowd looks a bit confused, and he is not happy that he did not hear the applause from the crowd he was expecting, but is happy with his final work.

Finally, Rayce’s characters are from the Sci-Fi genre and look incredible with all the detail. The audience is feeling them with a superb round of applause. They each look different, but as if they belong together. It is incredible to see.

Now they must perform a complete choreography by Craig and Lindsay and put all the make-up to the test. They move, glide, dance, twirl and Gene Kelly themselves around the stage, and pay a little homage to Michael Jackson and Thriller. They pretty much bring the house down, and each model moves with ease despite having all the make-up on.

A big round of applause and a standing ovation is given, as the dance was very cool. Rayce got a big boost of confidence and looked very happy, but several of them spotted places where the prosthetics came undone. This is not good, but we shall wait for the audience and the judges.

It is time for the audience to vote (is this American Idol?). The judges will consider the audiences, vote but this is Syfy; the real judges will decide who wins. Glenn, Patrick and Ve have the say. They closely inspect every inch of the characters. R.J.’s blood pressure has gone through the roof.

The judges each like the designs and concepts and would like to speak with each person individually. Ian is first and fully explains his work. Glenn is not sure how it came together, but he does love the sculpture. Ve likes the work, but thinks it was missing something. Patrick likes it because it is original.

R.J. is next and looks panicked. He must explain the backstory and goes over all the information, explaining that these characters represent the life he always wanted to have. Ve wanted to see Mother Earth more pretty and Patrick liked his work, believing he has style and panache. Glenn likes the small details, thinking it is cool from the front, but even cooler from the side.

Rayce is last but not least and must explain his backstory. Glenn states they looked very closely at the characters and their flaws to see if they began falling apart, but he enjoys the work. Patrick finds his work very effective; Ve loves the work and the three-faced character.

The judges must deliberate and decide who will be the winner of Face Off. The audience picks Rayce as their favorite. The judges deliberate and are excited. They have enjoyed all of their work. Ian’s kindness p*sses Glenn off, so bring on your mean side folks.

The judges chose the winner of Face Off, Rayce. Many congratulations. It is well deserved for all his hard work, and he is now the newest movie magic maker in Hollywood. A good job to Rayce and all the amazing contestants.

Rayce is grateful and as always Face Off was awesome. He would like to see his new car and his family and begin his new life as one of the great artists in Hollywood and hopefully for Syfy.

Congratulations Rayce and that is a wrap for Syfy’s Face Off. Until next time, may your nightmares inspire you all. Check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.



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