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Face Off, March 14 – A Finale of Epic Syfy Proportions

For the season finale, it has come down to three, the magic number of contestants left, but only one will take home the coveted prize of being Hollywood’s top-notch new movie magic extraordinaire. The final three are Rayce. a tattoo artist from Idaho, Ian, who just got out of school, and R.J., who has been teaching high school in West Virginia for eight years and wants this more than anything. I think they all do. They started off as an amazing large group and now only number three, as the moment of truth comes to fruition. It is time to put each person to the test.

The one thing they all really miss and may need to see is family. Every once in a while you just need that extra bit of motivation. Rayce, Ian and R.J. each get to talk to their family members via the computer. It was some justification for them to see what they have at stake and who loves them and supports them. May the best effects win.

This is the last challenge of the season and the contestants all have that spark in their eyes. There is only one challenge standing between them and winning the season finale of Face Off. McKenzie introduces them to their last challenge at the lab which will be a live prosthetic for a live choreographed moving character that will be ready to dance at the Alex Theater and they must choose a film genre. R.J. chooses Fantasy, Rayce chooses Fantasy and Ian picks Horror. McKenzie realizes they will need some help, and in walks all of this season’s past eliminated losers who are winners in their own way.

The three men choose their team and begin intense preparation. They choose who will best support their characters and begin to work on the concept. Ian comes up with a Lucifer-type character. R.J. is getting overwhelmed and needs to make decisions. He is in the final three and must step it up. Rayce iS choosing a very unique character.

Each person begins the sculpting phase. The chorographers, Craig and Lindsey, come in to talk to the three contestants, and R.J. decides on his concept after quite some time. The two dance instructors shoot his idea down like Clint Eastwood in a Western.

Each artist is given creative freedom. They are all confident they will be ready for application day, but Beki spots Athena’s sculpture, and it resembles a parrot. They are low on time and must move quickly; there can be no mistakes, and they may want to leave the second-guessing behind them.

It is day two of four and they only have ten hours to get everything ready. They are all working together to help Rayce, Ian and R.J. Jerry, of course, is still cynical. A special guest, McKenzie’s Dad, Michael Westmore, enters the picture. How cool is that? They will get the real deal help they need.

Michael lets McKenzie in on who he likes and who he is concerned about. They continue working as if their lives depend on it, and for one contestant their life does depend on it. Finally, Rayce calls time for the day.

The contestants return the next day and continue working. It is full on. AAs Beki would say “Let’s do this sh*t.” R.J. is the boss, not in a Soprano type of way, but he is taking this to the next level. Tara panics, because Ian’s hand molds are not responding properly. This is causing Ian to completely freak out, but he continues to work on the hand molds as Tara offers help.

It is day four, and the hand molds are a big part of Ian’s charcter. Finally they get the mold to open, but they are falling apart at a really bad time.

Time is up. The contestants leave and return for application day, the four hours to work on their models and one hour for last finishing touches. They begin working on everything, and the models arrive for the application process.

Ian picks up one of his pieces for the dancer and discovers it is too heavy. They must have full movement and be able to freely move along the stage with no interruptions, and everything must be perfect for these three magic makers. The effects and characters seem more elaborate and more twisted, freaky and cool.

Rayce, R.J. and Ian have a lot of help and are working with insanity to finish. When time expires, they arrive for the last looks and walk into their own make-up trailers as if they are on a real movie set. It is beyond amazing for each one of them, and of course each person wishes they could do more. There really is no time to think, so they just work.



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