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I Screwed You, Didn't I? – Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 12

[i]by atarus[/i]

We start off the episode with a huge catfight between Ami and pretty much everybody. Twila says that she did what she did for the little guys, but Ami said that you didn’t do it for the little guys, you did it for your own guy. A great conversation ensues.

Twila: “I screwed you didn’t I?”
Ami: “You didn’t screw me, I’m still here, I’m alive and kicking.”

The two continue to fight. Chris comments that he’s living with a bunch of wildcats now. Ami says that Twila “put herself down” and “she’s lost all respect for Twila.” Twila talks about how she dethroned the queen and her princess, and she loves that she has a great mind sometimes. Ami proclaims herself as one of the most loving and caring people, and that she’s got to compete with all her heart now.

Twila gets the treemail and it talks about food and a shower. Twila say she hopes Eliza wins it because Eliza is a little stick. We are then treated to a disgusting shot of Eliza’s back, very very bony. At the actual challenge, Jeff drives up in a car, a Pontiac G6. Jeff gets out and says that the winner of the challenge will get the car, along with the fact that 2nd and 3rd get to come along with the winner and go to a resort area and get a shower and dine at a restaraunt. The challenge is a race across floating platforms, canoes, etc., and then they have to dive for three flags and race back across.

The challenge starts, and Chris, Ami, and Eliza take a commanding lead, with Julie right on their tails. Scout and Twila are out of the competition almost immediately. Chris has trouble with the balancing (who’da thunk that?) and Eliza and Ami pull away from him and Julie. Eventually it’s Ami with a little bit of a lead over Eliza going into getting their third flag. Ami is ahead, but she slips and falls and Eliza takes over the lead. Ami almost catches up when Eliza slips, but then Ami slips again and Eliza takes home the car! Ami comes in second, and now it’s between Chris and Julie for the third spot for the shower. Both are treading water at the flags, and Chris asks Julie “do you really want this?” and she says “Yes.” Chris says “Me too.” And the two of them are off. In probably the closest race ever for anything in Survivor, the two are basically neck and neck the entire time, with Chris barely beating out Julie on the final race up the beach. So Eliza, Ami, and Chris are off to enjoy clean clothes and showers and food.

Eliza is ecstatic that she won the car. She drives her compadres to the resort, where their clothes are taken and washed, and they all get showers. Ami says she washed her hair twice, and Chris complains that the two women didn’t leave him any hot water. While Chris is showering, Ami tries to schmooze Eliza and get her on her side. Then some Vanuatu locals come out and play music for the trio, and Ami states this is the “best reward ever” (which I believe she said was the reward two weeks ago too). Back at camp, Scout and Twila are griping about the challenge. Twila says “every time there’s a water challenge, I drink half the damn ocean.” Scout is sad because five years ago she could have kicked anyone’s butt in any of the challenges. Twila is worried about Ami smoothtalking Eliza. Back at the resort, Ami graciously gives Chris and Eliza the opportunity to discuss keeping her around. Chris, in a confessional, says “does she think I’m stupid?” He’s going to keep tabs on Eliza, he is counting on the fact that Eliza is mentally strong. Eliza says it will be hard, as Ami has been like a big sister to her.

Julie states as the trio returns that it’s great to have new smells, especially Chris who stunk. Ami, Eliza, and Julie all sit together and play with their hair, and Scout is annoyed they aren’t working. She says that Ami is a control freak and needs to be in charge of everybody. Ami says that Scout is the “most jealous person she’s ever met” and we see her briefly change into Jenna Morasca as she says that it might be because she’s younger and has a body. Chris is having fun, as he says that the women aren’t even looking at him….also that Ami needs to go home, we knocked her off her horse, but she can still get back on.

It’s immunity challenge time! Survivor Shuffleboard!!! Everyone has five disks, and they have to land on the islands of Vanuatu to score points. The only way to stay for sure on the island is land in a volcano, otherwise other players could knock you off. The game goes, and Ami and Julie get two, then Chris and Twila and Ami have two and Julie only has one. Finally, Chris hits three on the last round, and nobody ties him or knocks him out…so Chris wins immunity!

Chris comes back saying today was my day, it took a not physical challenge to beat the women, but he’s glad for immunity. Ami, on the other hand, is annoyed that the challenge she needed to win the most was the one she was weaker in. Twila again says that Ami could control Eliza, and that Ami has been in control of this game since day two. Ami tries to guilt Eliza into voting with her (ugh….this was painful to watch) and then in a confessional Ami said that she thought she could play a fair game and not play dirty, but now Eliza is her only hope. Chris is confident that Eliza won’t risk a tie vote. He explains whatever would happen very weirdly. Eliza says Ami and Julie would take her to final 3, but not Scout or Twila.

At TC, Probst says that at the last TC, expressions went from smug to shock. Ami says that she thought Leann was going to be there that night to sleep with, but Leann wasn’t coming home. Scout has a wonky explanation on why it’s okay to turn against the women now but not before. Ami and Twila then get into an argument about how Twila swore on her son’s name, and Twila says that “I’m not the only one that’s lied in this game, grow up and get over it.” Ami says lying isn’t worth a gazillion dollars. We are then treated to a love-fest between Ami and Eliza, complete with tears from both parties.

It’s time to vote. Twila votes for Ami, says that she’s a “drama queen to the end.” Ami votes for Scout, saying “you’re pretty good at hiding.” Scout votes for Ami with the reason of something to do with lightning on a mountain. The votes are read, and Ami is gone in a vote of 4-2! (YAY!)

Next time, Twila lashes out at people, and Eliza and Twila get into an argument. In her final words, Ami says if she could hold Twila underwater for 2 minutes she’d feel better, and that at least her integrity is still intact.

My e-mail is atarus33@yahoo.com. Let’s go Chris and Twila.


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