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American Idol, Mar. 14 – Controversy Hits Season 11

Ryan goes back to the contestant with the legal troubles and announces it’s Jermaine. The executive producers, Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick, sat down with him just last night. They called him into their offices to discuss it with them and brought the cameras with them. They mention the charges against him, two from just last year. He didn’t disclose those to them, and in fact he has four active warrants against him. Ken says they’re not judgmental, and if people are honest from the beginning, they can help them. And he wasn’t honest with any of it.

Jermaine denies the one fighting charge, saying it was just him and his friend fighting, but it wasn’t anything like fist fighting. He didn’t tell them because he didn’t want to get judged or penalized. He was hoping to just pay for them and have them go away. Nigel explains they aren’t allowed to have anyone on the show with outstanding warrants, so they’re sorry, but they have to let him go. Yet they admit they both love listening to him sing. He thanks them for the opportunity. As he walks out, we hear his rehearsal from yesterday afternoon. He was singing Somewhere Out There.

Ryan explains they will miss Jermaine’s talent and they wish him the best luck in his future. He notes it’s still business as usual and the person with the lowest amount of votes is still “at risk” of going home. Does that mean they won’t really make them go home, because they’re just at risk? Or does that just mean the judges could use their one-time save if they so opt? Good luck, Jermaine, and future auditioners remember to disclose everything. Nigel and Ken made it sound like had Jermaine done that, they would have helped him out of the charges, but now it’s too late.

Ryan announces in 1994 Aerosmith was enjoying success with their Get a Grip album, and Skylar Laine was born. Ryan mentions it being a tough night for the contestants, and Skylar replies, “Y’all are being mean!” However, she mentioned everyone seems to be taking the criticism with the intention given, just resolving to take it into consideration next week. She’s admits to being more nervous than normal.

Skylar readily admits she was a horrible child. Her parents back that up with her mom saying she was a mess and her dad saying she was a handful. When she was a baby she’d bang her head on the wall or sidewalk when she’d get mad. She wonders if that’s why she does it performances today. She wants to sing Love Sneaking Up On You, and once again Jimmy and will.i.am try to get her to change her pick. She doesn’t budge. Will compares her style to ghetto country, or ghountry. Singing tonight, I think she made the right choice to stick to her guns. Maybe others should have done the same.

Steven tells Skylar she has so much heart and soul. He hasn’t heard her sing a song that was bad yet, especially the country. It’s beautiful. Jennifer brings up Skylar saying they’re being mean today, and she’s sorry, but they’d be doing them a disservice if they aren’t honest. To keep it real, though, she really killed that. She didn’t love that the song didn’t have more of a chorus, but she still did her thing. Randy refers to Skylar as they’re rockin’ in-house country girl. He loves that she could have picked a country song, but good on her as they’ve been beating up on the song choices all night. Whatever, she just needs to sing it good. and she came out and rocked it.

Ryan mentions he was just in Louisiana recently, and brings up to Joshua Ledet about him telling Randy he misses the crawfish. They bring out a whole tub of it, and Joshua shows a group of young girls how to eat a crawfish properly. Ryan tosses one to the young girls who just let it fall on the floor, apparently scared to touch it. I get that.

Born in 1992, Joshua is the youngest of eight kids. He calls the big family fun, and his mom talks about him always wanting to sing, being such a rascal. Tonight he’s singing When a Man Loves a Woman and Will refers to him as the soulman and notes he felt his pain. He felt like Joshua took ’em to church. Joshua explains his daddy is a pastor. They compare that they both say “yes, ma’am” to their mamas, and Will shows that his mom chipped his tooth. He thinks Joshua will tear the roof down, in a nice way, otherwise his mama will whip his butt. As promised, he tears it down. It’s so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes. The judges give him a standing O before he even finishes.

Steven brings that up, saying it was so good, the judges were up halfway through it. He has no other words than that. Randy mentions they have some amazing singers this year, and he’s been saying all night they need a moment tonight and someone to come out and blow it out of the box. They needed someone to come out and regulate. “Joshua Ledet, that was phenomenal, incredible on every level. And I think …”

J-Lo interrupts him and tells Joshua it’s the best thing she’s seen on American Idol … ever. Randy’s theory is that what made the performance special is he and Ryan were in New Orleans and brought back the crawfish. Steven tells him he gave it up so big God came through his eyes. It was just the most beautiful performance he’s ever seen. Randy knows Percy Sledge would be proud. Ryan’s thinking it’s a moment to maybe just not go to commercial, just have an appetizer and stay there until tomorrow. They need the crawfish.

A bad sign for Hollie Cavanagh is that I knew we had one singer left, and couldn’t think of who it would be. Once I saw her, I couldn’t remember her name. That’s not very encouraging for her. She was born in 1993 and thought she was an angel.Her dad thinks she’s kind of goofy, but her mom thinks she has a great personality, which she gets mad at for some reason. Her dad can’t even speak, because he’s so broken up. She’s singing Power of Love this week. Will asks where the power is coming from in such a little body. He’s blown away. She knows it’s not the stage of the game to play it safe. I wouldn’t want to follow Joshua, that’s for sure. She sings it great, but does crack the last note a little.

Jennifer thinks between Hollie and Joshua, they really saved the best for last. There were one or two tiny little things, but for the most part to criticize them would be silly. Steven thinks it was beautiful, but adds it was a little pitchy here and there. The performance was great. He doesn’t know where her voice is from. “It’s Heaven above.” Randy was going to mention the one or two things, but Jennifer said it would be silly to mention it. Hollie was definitely in her wheelhouse. She has more swag than that, but she blew the song out of the box. This was yet another moment.

Just like last week, we’re ending on a great note, despite having the bit of controversy in there as well. It would have been terrible for the evening to only be remembered for someone getting kicked off, although it wouldn’t be the first time.

Naming off who is the safest and who’s in trouble, Randy goes to Joshua for the safest, and Heejun for the one who’s in trouble. Jennifer knows Joshua is the safest and also Hollie and Phil. She’s going to let America decide who is going home. Steven missed some songs tonight. He thinks Joshua is the jester this week. Jessica, Skylar, Elise, and Phillip did well too. He also refuses to name anyone in trouble. I don’t think being down two guys we’ll see another guy go home this week. I think it has to be a girl, if they send anyone home at all.

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