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American Idol, Mar. 14 – Controversy Hits Season 11

Deandre Brackensick was born in 1994. His dad says as a kid he was all over the place and crazy and running himself ragged. At 2 years old he would try singing everything he heard on the radio. His mom liked to listen the Music Man musical, and he memorized every word in the movie. He gets angry at her for showing the video of him performing 76 Trombones. When he was 4, they knew he could sing and people started predicting they’d see him someday on American Idol.

Originally Deandre chose to sing Can You Feel the Love, but will.i.am isn’t feeling the love with the choice. He’s worried Deandre will be one of the guys that goes home because he can’t pick the wrong song. He compares it to choosing the right tool for a job. Jimmy suggests Endless Love instead, and Deandre makes the switch. will.i.am says he killed it last week with Master Blaster, so this week he needs to be the master and blast through the competition. I’m not feeling it tonight until he goes into the falsetto and he finds a way to make it beautiful, but he doesn’t seem altogether comfortable with it.

Jennifer tells Deandre he can sing anything and he sang it beautifully. However, she thinks Jimmy and Will steered him wrong, even though they were on point with everyone else. She didn’t think it was the right song for him. She didn’t feel he felt it was the right one and hopes America sees past it. For him to be able to sing it that well, despite it not being him says a lot about who he is as an artist.

Steven loves Deandre as an artist and loves what he can do with his falsetto, but he also doesn’t think it was the right song for him. He loves his voice, and he knows he’ll find it. Randy agrees it was definitely the wrong song for him. Mariah and Luther sang the “I don’t know what” out of the song. What happened was it paled in comparison, and was boring and safe at the wrong time. He needs to have excitement every time and songs to show what he can do. It was way too boring and Jimmy and Will were wrong with it.

Shannon Magrane is another born in 1995. Her dad says the first song she sang that was in heavy rotation around their house was Thumbelina. There were a lot of time he was pitching on the mound and he’d have that song stuck in his head. Jimmy puts in a request to hear her sing Don’t Speak and shows her a video on an AT&T Vivid Phone (Plug!). However, she chooses One Sweet Day.Jimmy notices something with her voice, so Will advises her to practice singing laying down for breath control. She still seems to be running out of breath as she sings it tonight, though. If you don’t have the breath for a song, don’t sing it.

Jennifer knows it wasn’t an easy undertaking, to follow on the heels of Mariah and Boys II Men. She was terrified for her, but she did a beautiful job with it. She deserves a little happy dance at the end, as she had some beautiful little runs in it. Steven thinks she does her best when she doesn’t try so hard. Something seems to be wrong with Steven tonight. He’s unusually quiet and his comments seem slightly more negative than usual.

Randy was terrified too, because he worked with Mariah, and knows she and Boyz II Men “sang the I don’t know what” out of it, and it was one of the biggest songs of Mariah’s careeer. They like Shannon, America’s falling in love with her, and she’s fearless. The front of the song was cool, but the three of them looked at each other and thought, “Yo, this girl got somethin’ goin’ on.” Ryan thanks her for wearing flats tonight.

Colton Dixon gets stool chat out of the stools. He talks about being a big Daughtry fan and meeting him the other night for dinner. Chris started following Colton on Twitter and direct messaged him, saying he keeps killing it on the show. He found out he’d be in town for a performance on the show tomorrow night, so they hooked up. Chris’ advice was to be himself and choose songs people know … which he’ll put into effect next week.

Born in 1991, Colton’s mom admits he was a great baby. He loved sports, and baseball was his favorite. He asked his dad if he could quit ball to do music, and his dad told him he didn’t care what he did, as long as you put 100% into it. Colton thinks it was a good choice. HIs song choice this week is Broken Heart. The band doesn’t even know the song, but Colton promises to put his own twist on it. Will thinks he did such a great version of it, it will now be Colton’s song. I admit, I’m sitting here with my iPad, and I’m absolutely jamming with him.

Jennifer didn’t know the song, so it was a Colton song to her. She loved the beginning and thought he delviered it really well. She watched it and thought Colton is a lover. The best singers to her are the ones who fall in love deeply, get their heart broken and then are traumatized and sing about it. She feels that from him. Plus, she thinks he looks pretty when he sings.

Steven, the rocker, thought it was the wrong song for Colton’s voice and passion. He’s heard him sing other songs and didn’t feel it going anywhere. Again, something seems to be wrong with Steven. Randy thinks it’s a case that the song doesn’t matter, because he performed it dope, and he was paying attention to him, and couldn’t care less about the song. Plus he likes the fly jacket/vest thing and the hair.

Erika van Pelt was born in 1985, and her mom thinks she was born with music in her. She was just always … loud. They wanted silence in the house sometimes. She was always the alpha. She didn’t want to play softball and wanted to play hardball. The town asked her to sing the national anthem, and she would, then would play the game afterwards. She wonders how many parents are as lucky as she is. Erika is singing Heaven, and Jimmy thinks it’s a good fit and puts a break into the song. She has a shaky start tonight, but she gets over that really quickly. She does have one pitchy moment, but all-in-all it’s good.

Steven tells Elise it’s a good song, but to be honest, he thinks she was too busy with it. It’s a beautiful song, and when that’s the case, you have to stay with it and stay with the melody, but he still likes her voice.

Jennifer understands what Steven means about the arrangement, as it’s such a powerful song. and she has the chops to really rock it out. She’s this year’s Janis Joplin and has the vocals to give them all that stuff. But the arrangement left them wanting more. But what she loves about her journey and others is seeing their image shape and form in front of them. She looks amazing and has always had the voice, and J-Lo feels it’s all coming together. Randy kind of liked it, calling it an 8 out of a 10. She does look amazing, but tells her to be careful not to do too much with a great song, and not to let anyone tell her to do that.