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Interview with Maria Sampogna of the Amazing Race 6

You guys did a great job in the race, and were both entertaining racers. We are excited to hear some of the responses you have to these questions.

You guys had a bit of trouble with driving a standard car, why did you not switch drivers when Maria was having trouble?

[b]We actually did switch drivers. Meredith took a stab at it to no avail. Then we switched back– I did eventually get the hang of it. I hardly stalled the next day! It certainly wasn’t my intention to have a driving lesson on National TV, but we got through it!!! It was a nice truck to stall in… [/b]

The first two teams eliminated had good relationships with their partners. Do you think that friction and stress pushes people to excel in this race, or was it just a matter of simple mistakes that led to your and Avi/Joe’s eliminations?

[b]I am happy that Meredith and I treated each other nicely. I don’t think being disrespectful of your teammate is a constructive way of going about winning. It only makes you look horrible on the show. Granted, the “nice” guys seemed to finish last, but, in retrospect, I wouldn’t act differently toward Meredith–I don’t act like that in everyday life, and I don’t feel that this stressful situation should have changed that. Viking Games did us in, not us treating each other respectfully.[/b]

Was it uncomfortable for you to see how Jonathan treats Victoria?

[b]Sure, its uncomfortable to watch Jonathan scream and yell at his wife. When it comes to relationships, I’d pass on theirs, but they have been together for a while and they have found a way to make it work. I got really angry when he was screaming at Meredith in the Viking boat. [/b]

What were your impressions of the other teams? Any immediate likes or dislikes?

[b]Upon first laying eyes on the other teams, you couldn’t help but notice Lori and Bolo. Bolo’s arms are as big as both my thighs![/b]

What was your favourite task or location that you visited on the first two legs?

[b]Viking Games… PSYCH!!! No, really, I LOVED the Ice Climbing detour. It was hard on the arms and legs, but a lot of fun. Its something that I never would have tried.[/b]

Was any part of the race particularly challenging for the two of you?

[b]Driving in Norway–I felt helpless. And I stalled so much for extended periods of time. I felt like I was letting my friends, family, and worst of all Meri . That whole night was taxing.[/b]

If you could go back, would you change anything about the race that the two of you won?

[b]It’s always easy to look back and think about what you could have done.. I would have for sure chosen the roller skiing over the Viking games.. it would have been faster even if we crawled that 1.75 miles…BUT, when all is said and done, we had a great time. The night we spent up all night driving ended up being a lot of fun. We met some interesting characters on the way to the Viking Village.[/b]

What advice would you give to future Amazing Racers?

[b]Be in good physical shape-I mean, you don’t need to have muscles like Bolo or be able to run a marathon – success in the race does involve a clear head (which is hard to keep) and LUCK as well!

Also and the most important piece of advice is to enjoy yourself. Try to take it all in. It is such a unique opportunity, make the most of it!!![/b]

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Maria.

Make sure you tune into The Amazing Race 6 on Tuesday nights at 9.

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