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The Voice, Mar. 12 – Blake in a Heart Shaped Box Edition

Adam’s turn. He pairs up Whitney Meyer and Kim Yardbrough and gives them No More Drama by Mary J. Blige.  Both are powerhouses, but Whitney says Kim’s house is bigger. They meet to rehearse with Adam, who makes it clear that he wants them to connect emotionally with the song.

Alanis Morrisette surprises Whitney the next morning.  Adam and Alanis both advise Whitney on starting strong. Whitney seems a bit in awe of Kim and asks how to compete against her. Kim gets to meet Robin Thicke who actually takes off his shades for Kim.

Kim starts the song and sounds great. Whitney joins, and quite honestly, does not. They also sing together, more or less.  Whitney gets better and better, but I’m sorry, Kim wipes the floor with her. By the way, the piano riff in this song sounds like the one from the Young and the Restless. It even has the words Young and Restless in it. (Shut up, my wife watches it!) They’re in the climax and Whitney sounds much better, but not, in my opinion, anywhere close to Kim. Kim should win.

Blake declares it awesome. He says he doesn’t know who to pick, and picks Carson. Christina says Whitney had the higher end, but gives it to Kim.  Cee Lo agrees.  It goes to Adam. He knew it was a challenge. How is this hard? He wants them to know it’s not easy. Finally, he picks Kim. Good thing too.

Christina decides to have Lee Koch and Lindsey Pavao take on Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana.  Who else here is surprised Christina even knows Nirvana?

They start to rehearse with Lee playing guitar. Lindsey is far more comfortable with the song than Lee is. They’re trying to figure out the parts.

Jewel gets together with Lee. She tries to tell Lee how the lyrics “I want to eat your cancer” meant something to Kurt Corbain. (Me, I love Nirvana, but I never could figure out what Kurt was talking about and often wondered if Kurt knew himself.) Jewel tells Lee to pronounce the words better.

Lindsey gets to meet Lionel Ritchie. Which is kind of funny; Lionel Ritchie helping someone to sing Nirvana? Wow. They both talk to her about getting into the song.

The song starts on the quiet side and Lee takes the beginning. Christina gives a nod of approval.  Lindsey takes over.  When they start together, both Cee Lo and Christina are grooving it. Adam throws Christina a knowing smile. I think Lee is resonating more with Christina, but that might just be the camera shots they’re showing.  Blake seems more than a little lost, like he’s never heard this before.

Cee Lo says Lee looked a little like Jesus and gives it to him for that. Adam calls it delightfully creepy which Christina likes. He picks Lee as well. Blake admits that he feels stupid, which I guess means I know what I’m talking about. (Hey, no one’s more surprised than I am!) And says if he wanted creepy, he’d pick Monster Mash. (Really?) I think Adam tells Blake to get out of Oklahoma.  Blake picks Lindsey, but doesn’t give a reason.

Christina says she’s a fan of them both, but I think she’s gonna pick Lee. Oops, I’m wrong. Guess I don’t know what I’m talking about.  (That’s more like it.)

Cee Lo pits Jamar Rodgers against Jamie Lono, singing Foreigner’s I Want to Know What Love Is. These two aren’t happy to go against each other as they’ve become friends.  I like the song a lot, but I love Jamie’s red glasses.  They remind me of Sally Jessy Raphael. (Google her!)

We see them start to practice.  Jamie’s on edge and gets help from Babyface.  Cee Lo gives him a hand singing, but Jamie’s voice continues to crack. Jamie gets a sitdown with the coaches about his nerves.  Jamar gets Ne-Yo and Cee Lo also sings with him.  He seems further along and is urged to show the emotion.

As they take the stage, Jamar’s jacket is as red as Jamie’s glasses.  They give each other a sincere hug as the song starts. Jamar starts it off, with Jamie backing him, and then they switch it up.  Jamie takes the lead in the first chorus, but Jamar isn’t singing background here. Jamar then bursts through.  I think this is going to Jamar who sounded better to me. Besides, Jamie had an awfully ugly sweater.

Adam thought Jamar owned it, and Jamie lost it on the big notes.  Blake agrees. Christina makes it unanimous. Cee Lo says he wants to help give Jamie confidence, but he gives it to Jamar.

Well, it looks like Jamie won’t be making sandwiches for Cee Lo. Both break down a bit afterwards. Jamie seems happy for Jamar, his friend.

And that’s the end of this week’s Battle Round. We’ll see you next week for what I think is the last week of duet battles.  And then it’s on to the live shows!

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