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The Voice, Mar. 12 – Blake in a Heart Shaped Box Edition

We’re back for part two of the battle rounds! 12 more take the stage, but only 6 move on.

Christina Aguilera is up first. She’s pitting Geoff McBride against Sera Hill, who will duke it out over Aretha Franklin’s Chain of Fools.  I have to remind myself that Geoff is wearing those glasses for medical reasons. We get our quick recap of how they arrived here, and then it’s in the studio. Geoff is hoping his experience pays off, while Sera’s plan is to pull out her inner diva.

The next day, Geoff meets Lionel Ritchie who is really impressed with his power and lets Geoff know it. They try and bring out his swagger.  Can he out-diva Sera?  Jewel is there to help her try. They’re worried about the power and volume that Geoff brings and tell Sera to bring the emotion out.  Well, here we go!

Standing in the middle of the boxing ring stage, Carson Daley introduces Geoff and Sera as the song starts. They start the chorus together.  Trading lines, Geoff circles Sera. Lots of play acting going on back and forth. Wow, these two sound great together.  Sera gives a high-pitched run that gets Christina’s attention.  They really go all out at the end, and Sera gets in one last run after the song is done. My guess is Christina will pick Sera, but what do I know?

Cee Lo Green loved them both, but says Geoff had better control. Blake Shelton is equally impressed, but forced to choose, he asked himself which singer turned him on more. (If you’re thinking, ‘Oh God’ you’re not alone. Christina uttered that as well.) However, before Blake can, um… expand on that, Adam Levine interrupts to say it was a great show, but he’s leaning towards Geoff.  Blake says, “It turns you on.” Adam doesn’t disagree.  Blake stumbles and bumbles and says Sera. (Color me shocked!)

Christina talks about how wonderful both Geoff and Sera are and how they each gave as good as they got, but she’s gotta go with her gut and her gut tells her … to go to a commercial break. Dang it!

Back from break, Carson prompts her again, and Christina gives it to Sera.  And Blake is happy! (So is Sera.)

Next, we’re back at the ranch and Blake is on a rock and picks Charlotte Sometimes and Lex Land to sing Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.

Blake starts going over the song and dividing up the lines. At one point, Charlotte mentions how Lex has better boobs, which makes everyone else speechless.  (Thank God Blake didn’t chime in.)

Charlotte meets Kelly Clarkson. Blake seems to be telling her not to look likes she’s trying to take over the stage from Lex, who is much shyer.

Lex meets Miranda, which is good for her. Here, they tell her to not be intimidated by Charlotte. Blake doesn’t want to be distracted by Charlotte trying too hard to entertain. Is there such a thing? Getting ready to go in, Charlotte says she wants to destroy Lex. Very different from the “I so love and respect my opponent” like the last battle round.

The battle begins. Charlotte starts strong before Lex takes over. So far, no major stage antics. They both sound good, but neither are blowing me away.  They begin circling each other. Lex didn’t look at ease, but they both sounded good.

Christina calls Lex sexy, and Charlotte sassy. Mentions how Charlotte looked very comfortable. Cee Lo also liked them both, but he would have picked Charlotte. Adam would have picked Lex.

Blake was shocked by how Lex sounded, in a good way. However he feels that he couldn’t take his eyes off Charlotte.   Lex had a little pitch issue, while Charlotte had perfect control.  Lex, however pushed herself further.  Blake picks Charlotte.

Cee Lo is up next and decides to give Stay with Me by Rod Stewart to Juliet Simms and Sarah Golden. Juliet says she’s been called a female Rod Stewart, but Sarah says she’s so different she’ll be able to hold her own. They start to practice with Cee Lo and both go at it. Juliet is bringing her rocker edge on, and Sarah just wants to be herself and sounds good doing it.

The next day, Sarah gets the advice from Babyface. She does a yodelish type of run that they both like. Juliet gets to perform for Ne-Yo.

Juliet and Sarah couldn’t look more different as they take the stage.  Juliet in leather and stockings, Sarah in a jacket and tie. The opening chords ring out and Juliet starts off sounding gritty and powerful as she prowls the stage. Sarah sounds very different, a little old school, but in a good way, and works the crowd. They join together on the chorus. They both sound fantastic. Part of me thinks it’ll go to Sarah, who just sounds more unique.

Adam admits he liked Juliet from the beginning and would pick her, but Blake starts talking about the cool things that Sarah can do with harmonies and gives a big endorsement to her. Christina thinks the song favored Juliet and gives it to her.

Cee Lo starts rambling, and then shuts up as he has to choose. Is he really undecided or is he just playing it up? He picks Juliet.