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Tokyo Ho's – ANTM 3, Episode 10

The first thing I notice this week is that Pink Positive – the cutesy name that Ann, Eva and Norelle called their “alliance” – is not quite so positive anymore. Eva made a mistake. She told Ann that she wanted Norelle to leave before she did, after the Campbell’s Select commercial mess-up.

Ann now feels she can’t trust Eva. “She’s not the person I thought she was.” Ann, grow up! This is a competition. You should hope that other people leave before you do. Loyalty is great and friends are nice, but would you rather be ousted before your so-called “friends”? Last time I checked there was only room for one Top Model. One! That leaves room for NO ONE ELSE! It’s a competition. GAME ON!

I’m not going to express a popular opinion here. I like Eva. This episode was all about the girls ganging up on Miss Eva the Diva. What about Miss Yaya — the pretentious snot? And if Amanda says she’s blind one more time…I’m gonna scream. The girl even figured out how to say it in Japanese tonight. If you don’t want to be known as the “blind one”, then why are you always the one pointing it out? Just a thought!

Before I get comments on MY insensitivity. I will tell you my mother is legally blind and has been since she was in her 20s. I have a chronic condition that’s very painful, but I don’t want to be known as the writer with fibromyalgia. I’d rather be known as the cranky-ass bitch of a reviewer.

Anyway, the girls got to move out of the “capsule” hotel. They moved into a home in Tokyo. Poor Norelle is having such a hard time adjusting to the culture. She said she only eats Japanese food at Panda Express (lol – that’s a chinese food place, sweetie! Isn’t it the one in the malls like an “Orange Julius”?)

The girls have a special challenge this week. They are to take part in a Japanese tea ceremony. OH GOD! The ceremony, I must admit, is very intricate. I couldn’t have done it. However, not one of the girls nailed the ceremony. Yaya won the reward competition…again. This does nothing to help her superiority complex.

She takes Amanda with her to the hot spring. They are roommates and have sort of bonded because they are “more mature”. Hmmm. To me, if people have to announce their maturity level, it’s usually not as high as they think it is. Now, I am a mature person. Oh yes. Very mature.


I’m thinking…

Hmmm…..oh yes, now I remember. Amanda and Yaya eat fresh fish and say it was soooooooooo yummy. They enjoyed their reward thoroughly. After they returned, the ladies hit a Tokyo hot spot. Tyra shows up and talks to them about sisterhood. After she leaves, there’s a huge catfight. The ladies proceeded to turn on Eva, one by one. Ann started the onslaught, of course.

Basically, it’s war between Ann and Eva now. Ann figures she has to stick up for Norelle. Norelle’s not nearly as upset at what Eva said as she is at the prospect of losing friendships over one comment. She’s showing much more maturity than the others would give her credit for.

Yaya has to get in on the conversation and tell Eva what she thinks of her. Eva had a good point — when did the argument become Yaya’s problem?

Eva tries to apologize to Norelle and Ann steps in again to say she just can’t trust Eva anymore. I bet the room they all share is pretty chilly now.

The next day, the ladies get to go on a photo shoot with Miss Tyra. She’s going to coach them on how to pose for the camera. This is an awesome experience. It’s like learning how to box from Muhammad Ali (when he was still at the top of his game, of course!)

Then, when the girls have to try out their poses, some imitate Tyra, but miserably. Eva had a great picture, however. The girl may not be tall enough to be a supermodel, but she’s got the presence of a giant! During the shoot, Norelle and Eva made their peace, although Ann’s determined to knock Miss Eva out of the competition now.

(If you haven’t guessed, she’s my pick to take the title home this season. I feel it’s hers to win or lose and she better not lose it 🙂

The judging happens and the girls must walk in komonos created by the guest judge. Only Yaya is graceful enough to carry the walk off. Eva let the whole Ann issue get to her and almost cried in front of the judges. Tyra said in the judging process that she lost a lot of love for Eva when she saw her crumble like that.

In the end, the final two were Ann and Norelle. I wanted to see Ann go home because Norelle’s pictures were prettier. Ann always looks like she just swallowed some ume-boshi or something. Her mouth is twisted and open. Gross.

Norelle was ousted. She admits that she’s determined to be a model now and feels bolstered by this experience. She never expected to get this far.

I wonder if Ann and Eva will make up next week! Who knows? Pink positive is black and blue negative now. (Okay! That didn’t work!)

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