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The Amazing Race, Mar. 11 – “Run Her Hard and Think Deeply”

Redhead Rachel is feeling good about this Roadblock, as she’s rappelled before and found it fun. Danny’s never done it before in his life, but is looking forward to it. Rachel and Danny take off, and she grabs a clue easily, as does Danny, who claims to have the biggest wedgie in the world. TMI, Dude. The clue tells them to drive to the Museo Nazionale Dell Automobile, where they need to park on the street using the Ford Focus Park Assist Feature, and search for the 1916 Tin Lizzie in the museum.

Mississippi is still trying to get to the Lingotto. Kerri seems to feel like she’s falling apart on the inside while she’s trying to still be cutesy on the outside. It’s good news for Kentucky who have just arrived. Mark claims to know a little of Italy … “Italy.” That’s all he knows.

Blonde Rachel and Dave arrive at the Roadblock, with him telling her she needs to do it. Hmm. Maybe he figures that’s why she was resting in the backseat while he drove. He then makes a bonehead move, deciding that he wants to do the Fast Forward since it’s about being a helicopter pilot, which he is. She tells him it’s the stupidest thing she’s ever heard with all the other teams there and Border Patrol nowhere in sight. They keep fighting over it, with him saying if she continues to act the way she is, he’ll just meet her down at the bottom after she rappels. Well then.

Vanessa is fretting over the rappelling. She does it very slowly, as Ralph mentions if she doesn’t get it done in two minutes, she has to come down and run back all the way to the top to try it again. Dave is calling it an extremely frustrating personality conflict, and he hopes she changes her demeanor, otherwise it will be an extremely long leg, if not Race. Vanessa fails getting it done in two minutes, as does Jamie. They both have to go all the way back up. Rachel manages to get it in time.

Brendon and Redhead Rachel arrive at the museum and need to use the the parking feature on the Focus. Joey and Danny are doing the same. I think I need one of these. It parallel parks the car perfectly for them. They get into the museum and start searching for the Tin Lizzie. Rachel and Brendon start arguing over the parking, which is unclear why when the car does it all for you. She tells him he can’t talk to her when he gets under pressure and that it’s not worth a million dollars. He just asks her to stop yelling.

Border Patrol are still working on the Fast Forward. J.J. asks Art if he thinks he’ll get the helicopter landed sometime in the next thirty minutes. The reply is “eventually.” Vanessa and Jamie try their rappel again. This time Jamie gets it right away. Vanessa gets it as well. The person taking her out of the equipment does something to her face as she asks, “Do you know how much that nose cost?” Ralph is hoping Border Patrol don’t get the Fast Forward. Of course, just as he says this, Art lands the helicopter. They receive a clue telling them to head straight to the pit stop, Piazza Castello.

Mississippi is finally arriving at the Roadblock, and Kentucky don’t seem too far behind. Joey and Danny are still searching for the Tin Lizzie, as are Big Brother, but they’re too busy arguing, as he complains she just cussed him out. She says she’ll stop and get last place, she doesn’t care, but he has no right to talk to her like that.

Blonde Rachel/Dave, Vanessa/Ralph, and the Federal Agents are arriving at the museum to park their cars and see some type of Santa Claus convention. Vanessa is impressed by the car-parking, comparing it to Knight Rider. “Well, Michael, I think you should wear your leather pants today.” Stacy is trying to do the rappelling, but still has the same fear she had when she jumped out of the airplane. Kerri knows she should have just done it. Somehow, Stacy gets it done in two minutes. Kerri does have to ask if Stacy is trying to cancel out her fear of heights on the Race by doing all those challenges.

With Country and Western music playing, Kentucky is still driving along looking for the building while in last place. They stop and ask for directions and can’t understand the local’s pronunciation of Ligotto. Mark makes note that, “They don’t speak no English either, my brother.’

Big Brother are the first team to find the Tin Lizzie, and discover the clue is on a coin that looks like a penny. They building they need to travel to next is printed on the coin, the Mole Antonelianna. There they will ride the elevator to the top to look for the next clue. Rachel thinks they need to put the coin into something to release the next clue. Brendon starts discussing all his Physics education, and they keep searching.

Joey/Danny, Blonde Rachel/Dave, Vanessa/Ralph, and the Federal Agents all find the coins in the Tin Lizzie as well. Big Brother are still trying to figure out how to use the coin as the clue. She tells him to check the year, and it’s 2011. Blonde Rachel asks one of the Santas where the building on the coin is and he shows her. They other teams all seem to have figured this out.

Big Brother is still wandering around inside the museum, then head outside to see if others have left. David wants to take a particular road figuring it will take them back where they came, and Blonde Rachel makes a comment about following directions that people give you. He asks if she’s going to be supportive, and she says she will be after he follows directions.

Big Brother realizes everyone has left and knows something they don’t. They continue their fight as he asks if she wants to quit, and she says no, but points out all the times he has like his PhD and the marriage. They finally realize maybe they’re supposed to go to the building imprinted on the coin.

Mississippi arrive at the museum, letting the Focus park the car for them, and head inside. Kentucky arrive at the Roadblock, with Bopper trying to rappel, but he’s trying to work the lever like a ratchet. Regardless, he gets it figured out and finds the clue, as they head to the museum.

Border Patrol land on Phil’s mat and get a huge welcome to Italy. They are of course team number one. And they have won $5000 each as winners of this leg. After winning the previous leg as well, J.J. wants to win three in a row, noting he says that humbly, because the Race is “gnarly,” taking you from the highs to the lows.

The first group of teams are arriving at the Mole Antonelianna. Danny is scoping out the women in the elevator. He and Joey get to the top of the building and find the next clue, a Detour – Clean That Statue or Name that Salami. In Clean That Statue, teams will clean statues to a pristine state. In Name that Salami, teams will travel to a store to learn how to identify fourteen different salamis, then travel a street vendor to identify them all by their correct names.