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Oops, I Did It Again – Rebel Billionaire, Episode 4

[i]by atarus[/i]

This episode starts off back in London. Good ol’ England! We are treated to Steve and Jessica flirting, or so it seems. Steve says that he really likes Jessica, and he thinks that Jessica likes him too. Jessica says that they have a forbidden love….Steve loves her, and she forbids it. Yowch! Buuuuurn. The group meets Branson at The Crypt, and Branson tells them that their next challenge is going to involve rock & roll, and they need to choose a leader. Steve is the men’s leader, and Jessica is the women’s leader. What a coink-i-dink! But then Branson pulls the ol’ switcheroo on them again, and Shawn says “even though he did it before, we still didn’t expect it a second time.” Steve says that even though he and the women have had their differences, they believe in him as an entrepeneur and he’ll lead them to victory.

We are then treated to Steve being a goofball with no shirt on. Erica laughs at him for “all of three seconds” while he strikes poses above her. Then the group goes out to eat, and Jessica and Michael are hitting it off. Michael and Jessica are *GASP!* talking and enjoying themselves, and Steve gets the “GET OFFA MY WOMAN!” look. Shawn says that Steve got visibly upset at Jessica and Michael, and when Jessica goes to the bathroom, Steve transforms into Stalker Steve! Jessica tells him off after they argue, and then she actually gets into the bathroom. The next day, Steve confronts Jessica and says that he doesn’t want her to be a weakness for him, and when Jessica brings up a point about how he wished ill will on her the night before, he says “I don’t want to talk about this anymore” and walks away.

Branson tells the two teams that they are going to be involved with the V-Festival. There are going to be four bands performing at a club that night, and the groups have to decide which band is the best band, get the band to approve them as representatives, and then pitch the band to a panel of judges the next day. Whichever band is chosen will perform at V-Festival, and that team will win, while the other team will face the dreaded (reverb)ELIMINATION CHALLENGE(end reverb).

The four bands perform and we don’t actually get to hear the bands play yet. The first is a woman, and neither group really likes them. Exit Ten is the second band, and everyone seems to like them. Sara says that normally she isn’t into the harder stuff, but she was tapping her foot to Exit Ten. Steve really likes Exit Ten, and I mean REALLY likes them. The third band is also lackluster, and so Steve tells the girls, if the fourth band sucks, we’re gonna go for Exit Ten right away to beat the other team. The fourth band, Red, is a group of three black women in lingerie and one has an afro. Steve says that “within six seconds I knew they had no musical talent whatsoever” and his group went and signed Exit Ten. The men’s group, however, thought Red had potential and signed them.

The next day, Steve gets the idea to get an endorsement from the producer of the All-American Rejects, hopefully giving their band more credibility for the judges. They play a tape for the producer, who gives his endorsement. The men’s team, under Jessica’s guidance, plans their presentation together, while Steve rehearses a very hammy production by himself in the bathroom. Shawn is confident that the panel of judges will see his team shine. The men’s team presents first, and in my opinion, they do an awful job. Gabriel presents them with “weapons” like high heels and sexy voices. I just didn’t feel it, especially with the way he presented himself. As Red plays, Erica says that the men’s team’s band looks great, but Jessica is disappointed in the performance, she said the performance at the club was much better. The judges tear into the men’s team, and Shawn is disappointed at how much negative feedback they got.

Stee then gives his hammy presentation, complete with endorsement from the AARs’ producer. Branson says that Steve’s presentation was over the top, but it definitely grabbed his attention. As the women’s team rocks out to Exit Ten’s performance, Gabriel says that while Exit Ten has more musical talent than Red, Red is more of the style of V-Festival, and he’s confident they’ll win. Steve still thinks that he signed the better band.

At the V-Festival, the teams show up to see who won….and the winner is Exit Ten! The women’s team and Steve cheer, and Jessica is sad because she’s going up against somebody, and that she lost to Steve. Steve, being ever the egotistical monster, says “I was a great leader, and there wasn’t anything else I could have done to win this challenge.” Way to credit the team there, Steve. Although, to his credit, his team really did do diddly-squat for this assignment. The question is, did he make them do nothing, or did they voluntarily let him take control? Who knows.

Anyway, Jessica chooses Shawn to face in the elimination challenge. Branson tells them that both are going to be facing public humiliation to a degree. One of them is going to streak in front of the concert audience, the other is going to sing a capella. Shawn, being Mormon, says there ain’t no way he’s stripping, but luckily Jessica agrees to be the nudist. (On a random note, I must say that Branson got really lucky here, the best-looking woman on the show was the one to strip.) Shawn finds out that he’s going to be singing Oops I Did It Again, and he has an hour to memorize the lyrics.

While getting ready to streak, Jessica gets painted with an advertisement. She thinks that her more private parts are going to be painted over, but…..nope, they aren’t! So Jessica and Shawn step out on stage, and the rest of the group doesn’t really know what they’re going to do. That is, until Jessica drops her robe and shakes her naked butt all up and down the stage. Well, I presume that’s what she was doing, as all I saw was a great big block of black over her body. Shawn starts singing and prancing about on stage, and the crowd boos and throws stuff at him until Branson drags him off stage. Branson congratulates them both on doing a hard task.

It’s time for elimination! Nicole thinks Shawn should stay, since Jessica is the least strongest of the women. Branson gives both the pleasantries, tells them what’s right, and what’s wrong, and he hands Jessica the ticket to the helicopter out of the country. He says in a confessional that Jessica was a sweet person, but she just didn’t have enough experience to lead a company. Heather is sad and wonderous that she’s so sad about losing a person she’s barely known for a few weeks. Steve looks choked up about Jessica going, and the men are confused about how Steve wanted her gone, but now he’s sad. Oh well.

Next episode, we are going to see the two losers rappel down a really tall building while the wind picks up and threatens their life. OOOOH!

In my opinion, there are really only three people left on this show that could possibly win it. Maybe four. From the women, I think Erica and Sara are really the only two that could completely succeed. Candida and Nicole have both failed and looked bad in front of Branson, and Heather just doesn’t seem like she has the strength to lead a multi-billion dollar corporation. On the men’s side, I think Michael and Gabriel have the best shot at winning. Steve I think is a bit too cocky and a bit too hammy for his own good, and as much as Branson may like Shawn, I don’t think he’ll hand over Virgin to a Mormon. It’s just a gut feeling. Anyway, comments or complaints, please e-mail me at atarus33@yahoo.com. Until next time!


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