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Face Off, Mar. 7 – Go Big or Go Home

Dinosaurs, that is the objective for tonight’s episode of Face Off. The five remaining contestants – Sue, Rayce, R.J., Ian and Matt – head to the lab at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum to create a hybrid-dinosaur. Hey, sounds easy enough right? They meet McKenzie, who announces there will be another double elimination this week, and there is only room for three people in the finale.

It’s field trip time, Syfy style. McKenzie sends the contestants out to the Natural History Museum as they all get in the van, and Sue spots the museum and screams “that’s my favorite museum of all time!” Her enthusiasm is contagious, but her fellow contestants have yet to find their enthusiasm. They walk around the museum seeing dinosaurs galore. The contestants must choose a dinosaur and draw, sketch and think big hybrid-dinosaur.

The contestants head back to the lab and begin the sculpting phase. R.J. turns his sculpting moment into a storyline to help him create his character with more detail. Rayce explains to Ian that he needs more of a storyline for his character, thinking The Island of Dr. Moreau will not be enough of a back story for Ian’s dinosaur-hybrid. R.J.’s attitude changes. and he seems frustrated and overwhelmed. He decides that each design looks the same and scraps his sculpture altogether.

On day two the contestants have only twelve hours to create their characters. R.J. wants to create a new design that is not reminiscent of something he has done.

There are special guests to give them some advice, Cleve and Constance Hall, the stars of Syfy’s new show Monster Man. The contestants will get first-hand advice from Cleve and Constance as they go around to each contestant and gives them tips about fabrication, sculpting and their work.

Rayce wishes Cleve and Constance could stay longer so he could pick their brain, and Sue is last as she gets a compliment from Constance about her colorful dinosaur. Matt is working as fast as possible and can taste the one hundred thousand dollars, but wait …

Glenn appears for a walkthrough to check on the contestants and doesn’t look happy (does he ever?), but I digress as R.J. is waiting for positive feedback from Glenn. He walks away and R.J. simply thinks “Hmmm sh*t!” There is no way to change it now.

Glenn spots Sue’s colorful dinosaur and the eye-rolling begins. Sue is not backing down, but Glenn moves on to Ian and doesn’t look impressed with his idea either. He heads to Rayce and wonders why he keeps changing the design, as Rayce doubts himself. Glenn is concerned about R.J. and is impressed with Matt’s design so far. Ian’s work is right on track. He is not sure about Rayce and doesn’t like that he is scaling back, but does in fact like Sue’s colorful choice as she sticks to her Girl Power dinosaur character.

The contestants are under a lot of pressure and there are no quick fixes, as Rayce removes his character’s latex tail. It breaks apart with chunks and pieces missing. Rayce is disappointed but has to keep going. He is shattered. Matt finishes everything he needs to finish, as time expires. The contestants head home for the night and begin to talk and think about what they did wrong and what they did right. Matt is trying to think positive, because it’s time to “go big or go home.”

The contestants prepare for application day, which also happens to be R.J.’s birthday. They begin working with their applications and the model. Rayce feels like he is sinking and Sue has her model working on the skateboard that will go along with her girl power dinosaur. R.J. is working and painting his model, then stops and begins to reflect. It’s ot really the time. Do a kick ass job and move along. They have one hour to pull everything together as two people are being eliminated.

It is very stressful, and each contestant is feeling the pressure. They have one hour to put their last looks together. Each contestant has several things to do yet, and they work fast to bring their characters together as the dinosaur-hybrids are now showing. There is fear and emotion, and some folks feel as if they are heading into a firing squad otherwise known as the Face Off reveals stage.

First up is Sue’s creation. Her girl power, colorful dinosaur, human hybrid meets the Face Off judges Glenn Hetrick, Patrick Tatopolous and Ve Neill. R.J.’s human-dinosaur hybrid is next, and he is not sure what the judges are thinking. Matt’s human, gladiator, dinosaur comes out next, followed by Ian’s dinosaur. Rayce’s model gives his dinosaur hybrid a bit of a creepy effect.

The judges examine the dinosaurs up close. R.J. is biting his nails and looks petrified. The judges head towards Matt’s character and like it, then continue to examine each contestant’s dinosaur hybrids/ Rayce feels this is the most intense moment ever as he watches Glenn, Patrick and Ve look over his work.

The judges ask to speak with each contestant, starting with R.J. The judges like his character. Matt is next and feels he could have done more. Ve likes the paint job, but Patrick and Glenn feel he missed the dinosaur bit with the chest piece. Glenn would like to see underneath the piece. Ian is up next with his The Island of Dr. Moreau character, and the judges like it but Glenn wanted to see more of the body of the dinosaur. Rayce’s dinosaur was integrated together and some simple duct tape saved him. Glenn is impressed with the shape of the dinosaur and the tail.

Sue’s dinosaur is interesting because it is colorful and different. The vibrancy works. She chose to give her dinosaur matching shoes. Patrick likes it and loves the colors. Glenn enjoys the concept, but still doesn’t like it. Ve explains he is not a girl, so he doesn’t understand.  He winds up smacking Glenn several times; he should learn to duck.

It is fascinating to hear what the judges have to say about the contestants and who will be the three people left standing on Face Off and who will be sent home with their make-up case in tow. They’re preparing to eliminate two people as they discuss each contestant’s work. They deliberate and go over everything, every detail from head to tail.

The winner of tonight’s challenge is Rayce; he will make it to the finale. Congratulations to him and the second person joining the finale – Ian. It’s well deserved; he worked hard.

There are three artists left and only one spot in the finale. The spot goes to R.J. and it just happens to be his birthday. so Happy Birthday him. Sadly Matt and Sue were eliminated. The judges offer some inspiring advice to keep going towards the future. Ciao for now and bring on the final three in the world of movie magic.

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