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Survivor: One World – Ep 4 – Squashing The Beef, Or Whatever That Means

But, just when the ladies were on a roll, someone ate the roll. And wrapped it in a puzzle challenge. In a scene that all but predicted the eventual end of the Elimination Challenge, Kat admitted to being puzzle challenge impaired and how she needed to be paired with someone who wasn’t. Alicia said she would, but Kat shook her off. Alicia went off about how she’s not stupid. Don’t call her stupid. She used her skills in putting together the four piece(!) treemail clue puzzle as an example of her ability. Of course, in the puzzle relay, Alicia and Chelsea could not figure out the first station. It took them soooo long to get it done, they were like Jamie and the Ropes in Guatemala. As Nelson Muntz would say, Ha Ha The guys just rocked this challenge. Yawn. I am sure there’s no way they can screw things up.

Anyway, on to the Top 10

Treemail Top 10
I wanted to call this episode “Leif in a box” after we watched Leif climb into the tool box to sleep!! Awesome. It’s a shame he became incredibly lame and spineless later on, because sleeping in a box is genius.
• Dumb move from the ladies early on – Jonas and Troyzan offer to go fishing using the ladies’ net. The same net the ladies can’t use properly. But Jonas knows how to lay it. They offer to go out and split the bounty 50-50. They turned it down. Really? Because that’s a great deal. When you are starving and can get food – worth it. Chelsea claimed that she can’t be in the business of helping the other tribe get strong. I’m sorry; I couldn’t hear her over all of the hypocrisy. Perhaps when she’s done warming herself by the guys’ fire, she can explain her point better.
• The only thing that Colton said that I agree with was that Bill was not funny. He’s right. However, he really went out with class and was the mirror image of the classlessness of Colton.
Did Kat do a strange Arrested Development version of the chicken dance?
• Worst excuse for losing a challenge – from the boys, “We didn’t have time to learn the game? And the ladies apparently got the home game to practice.
• Best part of the guy’s challenge blowout? Alicia and Chelsea went over to copy the puzzle solution. And they STILL couldn’t get it right. Maybe that’s why Alicia was laughing. Both she and Cha can thank the dumb ass boys for saving their behinds at Tribal.
• Of course Cha has more troubles – there are likely tons of freeze frames of her with her legs up in the air during the challenge. That can’t be good. For her.
• I like how Tarzan and Troyzan have joined together – that’s loads of fun for me – but they need to get their heads out of their Zan (yeah – that’s a new word). Tarzan can’t go on defending the Madness of the Evil Queen , and Troyzan has to stop thinking that Leif telling Dead Man Walking Bill that he was in fact a dead man walking was the breaking of some cardinal sin. This is Survivor – the only cardinal sin broken this week was this one…Don’t Voluntarily Go To Tribal Council, Dumb Ass Rule.
• Loved Jonas’ slow burial of his face in his hands as Tarzan ranted about how racism is gone in our world because Obama got elected. I still think Jonas has potential as a player – but he needs to step it up. Stat.
• Lastly, Bill said it in his exit, “My tribe is doing some very unorthodox things.” I said it in my notes a different way, “What the F just happened?!?!?” Strange, strange season, my friends.

Votes – Bill 7 (Evil Queen, Tarzan, Troyzan, Leif, Mike, Jonas, Jay), Leif 1 (Bill)

Next week – All hail to the queen. And a twist. And if it isn’t a drop your buffs moment, I will be very, very surprised.

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