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American Idol, Mar. 7 – A Night with Whitney and Stevie

Ryan takes the stage with Heejun Han and notes he has very entertaining tweets. Sounds like I’ll have to start following him. Randy shows one, and it’s a picture of him grabbing a bite of Holly, because he says he was hungry. Another is a picture of him doing something with Deandre’s hair, as he explains it makes him want to eat some noodles.

Heejun sings All Is Fair, and Mary admits he caught her offguard, as she wasn’t expecting him to sound like he did. She loves his tone, and while Stevie is all in their face, Heejun is more soft. She assks for a teeny bit more. Heejun gives them autographed pictures of himself, writing on Mary’s, “I love you more than Jimmy,” who had strong words against Heejun last week. Jimmy admits he finally won him over. What’s always so interesting about Heejun is that he’s such a nutty guy, but can put that all aside and come out with beautiful performances, just like tonight.

Jennifer opens with “I love you.” She follows saying she has loved him since the first time he sang for her and she still loves him now. Heejun had been doubting that as she hugged Jeremy Rosado last week and not him. She rebuts saying he didn’t hug her. Heejun thought she was playing hard-to-get. Steven wonders why he hugged him then. More seriously, he tells him he loves his voice and that there’s something about it that’s real special. Randy says it wasn’t perfect, but it was really good.

Hollie Cavanagh tells Jimmy and Mary she’s singing All the Men That I Need because she feels as if it has a lot of emotion. She’s definitely going to let her hair down this week. She wouldn’t say she hit every note in her session with Jimmy and Mary, and she’d be right. Mary tells her to feel it and not worry about it. When she does, Mary tells her her voice is sick. Tonight, Hollie takes the stage and does well as everyone just waits to see if she’ll hit the big notes … and she does.

Randy tells Holliel she loves taking on the big songs, and this another one, like Whitney’s prime joint. “Dude, you nailed it.” Jennifer tells her it’s the Hollie she remembers from last year and this year. She wonders if it’ll be a singoff between two girls this year in the final. Steven says Mary was right, if Hollie sang like that, she’d nail it, and she did.

Jeremy Rosado takes on an overdone Idol classic Ribbon in the Sky. Debuting the song for Jimmy and Mary, she says she likes him, and that there’s something about his voice that she loves. Jimmy refers to him as a great kid with a big heart who is very vulnerable. He has a lot to prove this week and it’s why he picked the song. He wants to prove to America he can do it. Jimmy tells him if he delivers, he’ll crush everyone, if his nerves don’t get to him first. There’s a few notes that he doesn’t hit quite on the mark, but he does nail the ending.

Steven tells Jeremy he has a beautiful voice, velvety, smooth and high. He loved his voice from the start. He had nice passion tonight, and while he didn’t get a chance to fly with it, it doesn’t matter, because it wasn’t in there. Jennifer loves to hear his interpretation of songs, where he’s going to go and how he’s going to sing them, and it was really beautifiul. For Randy it wasn’t one of Jeremy’s best performances, as it’s the type of song you have to put more swag into to be believable, so he didn’t quite believe it tonight.

Jessica Sanchez tells Mary she’s a big fan as she walks in for her sessoin with her and Jimmy. She’s singing I Will Always Love You, which we’ve been waiting for all night. She knows this is a huge risk. Jimmy asks her to calm down the vibrato, and Mary wants her to take the time, as it’s so perfect. Mary even screams out loud in enjoyment when she does it. Jimmy thinks she just nailed it. Let’s she if she can do it again tonight. She starts it a cappella, and it’s beautiful. She sounds so polished, it makes you wonder why she’s on the American Idol stage and not already out there with records of her own.

After a judges’ standing O, Randy says, “Jessica Sanchez is legit.” This is one of the hardest songs in the world to sing, and not only is she the best vocal of the night, she’s one of the best in the whole comeptition. This is what’s it’s all about, finding the best talents, and he thinks she’s one of the best talents in the whole country. J-Lo can only say “Just amazing.” She’s speechless and thinks even Jessica was surprised. Steven tells Jessica she may be the one, as she just made forty million people cry.

There’s one guy we haven’t heard from yet, Phil Phillips. He’s doing Superstitious and plans to put his own unique spin on it to make it different than all the other seasons of performances. He uses his acoustic guitar, as Jimmy says he’s simple. One, two, three, four, and off he goes, batteries included. Mary loves it. Jimmy does think the ending is anti-climatic. and Phil figures it out right then. Mary loves him, because he’s lost in his music, and there is no ending for him. Jimmy admits he’s the rare find of great singer and great musician. He sings it live tonight and it’s just really cool. I’m still waiting for that thing to come flying out of him though, whatever it is. He’s so unique.

Steven tells Phil he’s a very interseting character, and he has a lot of “forget about it” in his voice. There’s no words for it, he just is. Jennifer says she was worried about him and Colton this week, but he took this just like he did with Thriller and the other songs he’s interpreted and made it his own and killed. Randy knows Jimmy is right about one thing, that they need him there, because he’s probably the most different artist they have. He loves this whole indie spirit going on, and he waits every time to see how he’ll reinterpret a song. He drives his own car in his own lane, and Randy loves it.

Ryan asks the judges to name two who won the night and two who should be worried, and Randy wusses out, only naming his top two, Jessica and Joshua. This means Ryan forces J-Lo into a bottom two, and she names Elisa and Shannon, as for her top two, she seems to name off nearly every other person there. Steven’s top two are Jessica and Jessica. No, that’s not a typo.

I agree that Jessica and Joshua have nothing to worry about. What we usually see at this point is the people who are in danger are the people who performed earlier and the people who were more forgotten about. Elisa went early enough to be really worried. Another one I think should be worried is Hollie. They thought she sang great, but she sang in too much of the same style as Jessica, who blew everyone away, and could have made them forget about Hollie. Jeremy might be in trouble for the guys. The viewers didn’t vote him in to begin with, and I don’t think he showed enough tonight to change their minds.

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